Grey Classic Style Bathroom Cabinet

4 Key Points for Quick Selection of Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is an important part of the bathroom decoration. If you choose the wrong bathroom cabinet, you may face problems such as unreasonable space division, difficult to clean the blind corners, easy mildew, disordered wires, and poor appearance. The selection of bathroom cabinets needs to start from a variety of aspects. George Cabinetry has picked four important points today, hoping to help you. 1> Consider what style the bathroom is, and then choose the color Different bathroom cabinet colors bring different visual effects. Bathrooms of different styles should be matched with bathroom cabinets of different colors and materials to make the bathroom look harmonious. – Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Common wood colors are original wood and teak, original wood color is more suitable for minimalist style, and teak

Modern Kitchen Style

Is Kitchen Storage a Problem for You?

Thinking over some corner positions is a good idea when designing kitchen cabinet dimensions. But when discussing the design or layout of the cabinet’s interior, many owners still need to learn how to use those dead corners or places they usually don’t notice to make kitchen cabinets storage. Open Shelving Opening shelves and kitchens are a great match, and it’s practical for storing and displaying items. Things are just within easy reach, so you don’t have to open and close the cupboard doors whenever necessary. In short, they maintain a very airy and open feel, which is a good thing. Besides, it can: show your beautiful tableware increase the style of your home without obscuring the wall tiles display artwork to add decoration to the kitchen

MDF Kitchen Cabinet Grey Cabinet

Want Cheap and Durable Materials to Customize Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet can be said to be an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen. Without cabinets, many kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and cooking ingredients have no place to store them.  In addition, the needs of each family are different, so the kitchen cabinet is a kind of customized furniture, and the price will be slightly high. This is a costly expense for ordinary families. There are many kinds of materials for making kitchen cabinets, and the price range is vast. MDF is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials. MDF is composted by the by-products of the wood mill, mainly sawdust and shavings, which are ground into a fine powder, dried to remove water, mixed with resin and wax, and then pressed into flat rigid

Bedroom Wardrobe -4

Should You Choose a Walk-in Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is an essential part of the furniture in modern home decoration. Many owners are conscientious when purchasing wardrobes; the wardrobe needs to be not only practical and beautiful but also not occupy too much space.  Besides, many people will worry about choosing a walk-in wardrobe or other types of wardrobe when decorating the bedroom wardrobe, there are many factors to consider.  Whether in functional design or budget, walk-in closets and other closets have their advantages. Before learning how to incorporate walk-in closets into your bedroom, you may need to have an understanding of walk-in closets and other ordinary closets. Walk-in closet The walk-in wardrobe belongs to customized furniture, it is an independent room for storing clothes and changing clothes, which can store family clothes, shoes

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A Design to Make Full Use of Balcony Space — Balcony Cabinet

As people pay more and more attention to the balcony area, for many families, the balcony can also play the role of storage, laundry, leisure, office, etc., in addition to drying clothes. To achieve these functions, the balcony cabinet is essential.  When customizing the balcony cabinet, we must do it according to the needs, think about the design style, plan the size, and understand the precautions in advance to meet the specific needs and extend the service life of the balcony cabinet.  Here are some suggestions on the design of balcony cabinets from the perspective of cabinet manufacturers. The common way to make a cabinet on the balcony is to make a laundry cabinet. The laundry cabinet is arranged below, and the wall cabinet is

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Here’s How You Deal with the Clothes Storage

With the growth of our age and the passage of time, our clothes are also changing constantly. If we do not store the changed clothes, the room will become cluttered and even affect our health. Some families will set multiple wardrobes in the main bedroom, while others will just separate a space as a cloakroom.  For home decoration at this stage, many friends want to set up a cloakroom at home and use the cloakroom to replace the traditional wardrobe.  So why is it popular for many people to set up a cloakroom when decorating their house?  What are the differences between it and the traditional wardrobe?  The two have different audiences but is the wardrobe better or the cloakroom better?  Which can bring us

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All You Need to Know about PVC Door Panel

PVC door panel cabinets have become more and more popular among owners. Because of their great color and texture selectivity, they can meet the diversified needs of the market. PVC door panel is a common door panel in people’s daily life.  Compared with the traditional door panel, it has many advantages and has a wide range of uses. However, there are many kinds of PVC door panels.  People can choose according to their own needs when purchasing, but there are also several points that need to pay attention. Next, George Cabinetry introduces PVC door panels from the perspective of kitchen cabinets supplier. What is PVC door panel? The PVC door panel is also called molded door panel. It originated in Germany, so it is also called German

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How to Choose a Good Oven?

Oven can be said to be a rare thing for ordinary families. But with the improvement of life quality, the oven has become one of the necessary household appliances for a family. Even not cooking, it is basic to prepare an oven to bake cakes and egg tarts. So, today we will share some experience and talk about how to purchase an oven from the perspective of custom cabinet maker. Oven Classification There are mainly two installation methods of the oven, desktop and embedded. The specific installation method should be selected according to the kitchen space at home. Whether there is a place to install the embedded oven, if not, only the desktop oven can be considered. (1) Embedded oven If you are preparing to

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Here’s the Reason Why You Choose Stainless Steel Cabinet

With the development of traditional wooden cabinets for decades, the majority of users who have used wooden cabinets have a deep understanding of the drawbacks.  The market has gradually appeared some new materials of custom cabinets, such as stainless steel cabinets, so what are stainless steel cabinets? Let us explain in depth all aspects of stainless steel cabinets from the view of cabinet company to help clients make their own judgments. In fact, when you actually use it for a period of time, you will completely change the view of stainless steel cabinets. A friend who has used it for two years said, in addition to the hard visual sense, which gave people a cold feeling, there are still many advantages of stainless steel cabinets. Such as ⭐

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5 Minutes to Quickly Understand the Important Component of the Cabinet – Hardware

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email Since we started to share some common sense about customized products, explaining a lot in detail from the aspects of panel materials, design layout, surface finishing, electrical appliances and accessories. Many friends have reported to George Cabinetry that it is very useful! In addition to the above, there is a very important part of customized furniture! Today, George Cabinetry will tell you about the hardware that seems inconspicuous but is crucial in customized furniture from the perspective of custom cabinet manufacturer. When it comes to furniture hardware, the first thing that comes to our mind is slideway and hinge. But in fact, hardware is also classified very accurately, which can be roughly divided into basic hardware, functional hardware and decorative

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Throw Away Your Messy Kitchen, This is What You Need!

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email For the cabinets installed in the kitchen, the most traditional way is to install drawers or storage places. We usually store some items of our kitchen, such as pots, pans and bowls, in drawers or in storage bins. However, due to the change of usage habits, especially the increase of items in the kitchen, there are new requirements for the storage space of our kitchen cabinets, so there is kitchen basket. Is the cupboard basket really useful? George Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet company specializing in customization, we will introduce you to the pull basket in a comprehensive way. The subtle application of the basket In many owners’ kitchens, the most troublesome problem is that there is no

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Here’s How to Choose or Customize a TV Cabinet

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email For the living room, the TV cabinet is an essential artifact for the storage of the entire area. Now when considering installing the TV cabinet, more attention is paid to its storage function. Therefore, even if there is no need to watch TV, it is recommended to keep the TV cabinet. A s a cabinetry manufacturer, George Cabinetry recommends that the design of TV cabinet can choose the appropriate type for layout according to the actual storage needs and space structure of the family! Type Introduciton 1> Basic simple type If you have a separate storage room at home, or live alone, the storage needs are not large, then choose a minimalist TV cabinet can be.

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