Cabinet and door material

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In interior decoration, custom cabinets are a very important thing. The price of cabinets is not cheap, and it is not like changing tables and stools when they are not suitable. Therefore, the cabinets must be selected correctly, otherwise the follow-up will be very troublesome. So, do you know how to choose cabinets? To choose a good cabinet, the most basic knowledge of cabinet body, cabinet door and countertop must be understood. If you just don’t understand this, then you can gain a lot of useful knowledge today. Next, George Cabinet will introduce the materials and characteristics of the cabinet body and cabinet door of the cabinet!

white custom cabinet

I. What materials are the cabinets made of?

Commonly used cabinet materials are solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, particle board, MDF, and stainless steel.

1. Solid wood cabinet


Solid wood cabinets production process: solid wood kitchen cabinet is a board made of logs, and the requirements for construction technology are relatively high, so the price is relatively expensive.


1) The solid wood cabinet is made of pure natural wood, which is made after cutting and subsequent processing. The surface texture is natural, and different woods will show different textures, and the decoration is very good.

2) The solid wood cabinet material has the advantages of sturdiness and durability, natural texture, health, and environmental protection. Free of formaldehyde, you can use it with confidence if you have children at home, and it is green and environmentally friendly.


2. multi-layer solid wood cabinet

multi-layer solid wood

Production process: solid wood multi-layer board is made by hot pressing of three or more layers of veneer or thin board.


1) The solid wood multi-layer board cabinet retains the activity of solid wood, which can adjust the indoor humidity and temperature. The touch is very close to some natural textiles such as cotton, and it can also absorb harmful substances. The surface texture is the same as that of solid wood, and the decoration is also very good.

2) The solid wood multi-layer cabinet has high strength and toughness, good seismic performance, good corrosion resistance and steam bending performance and other comprehensive physical properties. It is one of the commonly used materials for making cabinets.

3) The solid wood multi-layer board has the characteristics of small deformation, high strength, good internal quality, good flatness, and strong stability. The cabinets made of solid wood multi-layer boards also have the characteristics of not being deformed, and the excellent performance of regulating indoor temperature and humidity. It has good moisture resistance, so many people choose multi-layer solid wood as the cabinet.


multi-layer solid wood cabinet

3. Particle board cabinet

particle board cabinet

The production process of particle board: particle board is to directly pulverize logs into particles, and then add a certain proportion of glue to the pulverized granular raw materials. Finally, a specific process is adopted, such as a plate that is finally pressed at high temperature and high pressure.


1) Particleboard cabinet has strong decorative performance. Compared with natural board, particle board has a wider layout, smoother plane, and no natural defects such as knots or insect eyes formed by trees, which is very conducive to decoration.

2) Because of its unique structural characteristics, the particle board cabinet has a good fixing force for screws and round nails. During processing, it has a strong nail holding force and good reprocessing performance. The particle board has a very high strength after being processed by various processes, so the particle board is not easy to deform and warp.

4. MDF cabinet

MDF cabinet manufacturing process: MDF is a board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers as raw materials, after fiber preparation, then adding synthetic resin glue, and finally pressing under heating and pressure conditions.

MDF cabinet

5. Stainless steel cabinet

stainless steel

Stainless steel cabinet production process: first melt the raw materials to remove excess carbon elements, and then process other details, then cast the molten steel into shape, and then perform hot rolling, the stainless steel can be pressed into the shape you want.

Features of stainless-steel cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets have the advantages of environmental protection, no radiation, no deformation, no rust, anti-corrosion, and easy cleaning. Recyclable and environmentally friendly.


stainless steel cabinet

The above are the common cabinet materials of 5 cabinets. Next, let’s introduce the materials of cabinet doors!

Cabinet door material

Common materials for cabinet door panels on the market include acrylic, paint, plastic, crystal steel, solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, and particle board.

1. Acrylic door panel

Acrylic door panel production process: It is made of polymethyl methacrylate material. The acrylic blank is cut, softened by heating, and then pressed to make it close to the surface of the mold.

acrylic door panel

The advantages of acrylic cabinet doors

1) Acrylic cabinet doors have good acid and alkali resistance, can be used for a long time, and are cost-effective.

2) The acrylic cabinet door can also be dyed, and the surface can be painted, and vacuum coated.

3) The acrylic cabinet door has good light transmission and excellent weather resistance. In the natural environment, even if it is exposed to the sun or the wind and the sun, its performance will not change. The impact resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass, with good performance, strong plasticity, and easy processing. Good stability, rich colors, and other advantages, and widely used, low production cost, very popular with consumers.

2. Painted Cabinet Doors

Production process: Painted cabinet doors is made of MDF as the basic material, which is then polished and baked at high temperature in the later stage.

painted cabinet door

Advantages of lacquered door panels

1) From the appearance, there are many shapes, the color is very bright, and it has the texture of a piano, so the surface is very smooth and has a mirror effect

2) The anti-fog ability is also very strong, there is some dust on the surface, just wipe it with a rag. Moreover, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is also very prominent, and the environmental protection is good.

3) Painted door panels that are heated and dried in the drying room after spraying are divided into many categories, including uv paint, piano paint, wood paint, etc. In addition, the surface is divided into matte and glossy, whether it is matte or glossy. Smooth and very easy to clean.

3. Blister cabinet door panel

Production process: The basic material of the blister cabinet door panel is MDF. Various graphic patterns are designed through an engraving machine, then polished and painted, and finally made by vacuum blistering by covering the surface with a layer of PVC film. This process the final product is the plastic door panel.


Advantages of blister cabinet door panels

1) Various designs can be made through computer programs, and the final PVC covering can choose different colors and styles. The most important thing is that, through this kind of craftsmanship, the color is not easy to fall off, and the variety of varieties allows you to choose.

2) Due to the production process and materials, the plastic cabinet door has the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Another big advantage is that it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to be corroded even in a humid environment, and it has strong enough anti-aging properties.


blister cabinet

4. Crystal steel cabinet door panel

Production process: The plate is formed by two high-temperature treatments of selected quartz sand. The crystal steel plate has the characteristics of high strength, hard surface, smooth, light transmission, no peculiar smell, water resistance and high temperature resistance.

crystal steel cabinet door panel

Advantages of crystal steel cabinet door panels

1) The reason why most people buy crystal steel cabinet doors is because of its waterproof and fireproof performance, which is especially suitable for installation in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is the place where the indoor temperature difference changes the most, the performance of crystal steel cabinet doors is very suitable for use. In the kitchen.

2) The hinge of the crystal steel cabinet door panel abandons the use of traditional hinges and adopts the opening and closing of refrigerator hinges, which is quieter when opening and closing, and no noise will be generated during the period; With the door panel closed, no bugs can get in or nibble on the aluminum alloy.


crystal steel cabinet

5. Solid wood cabinet door

Production process: The solid wood door panel is made of natural logs or solid wood laminated wood in the forest, and is scientifically processed through drying, cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, and painting.

solid wood cabinet door

The advantages of solid wood cabinet door panels:

1) The solid wood cabinet door panel has natural wood grain texture and color, which is undoubtedly a better choice for families who advocate the decoration style of returning to nature, giving people a feeling of returning to nature. Solid wood doors have a kind of warmth since ancient times, not only beautifully carved, gorgeous in appearance, but also in various styles.

2) The finished door after processing has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation. At the same time, environmental protection and reliability, light and hard, strong, and durable are also the characteristics of solid wood door panels.


solid wood kitchen design

6. multi-layer solid wood door panel

Production process: It is made of three-layer or multi-layer veneer or thin plate through high temperature and high pressure of wood glue sticking. Or technical wood is the fabric, which is made by cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, health preservation and other processes.

multi-layer solid wood door panel

Advantages of multi-layer solid wood cabinet doors

1) The multi-layer solid wood cabinet door is made of glue and hot pressing, so the multi-layer solid wood is harder and more stable than other materials; it also feels very good to the touch; very environmentally friendly

2) The multi-layer solid wood cabinet door retains all the advantages of the natural solid wood cabinet door, including the natural texture and elasticity of the solid wood cabinet door, and has the characteristics of anti-deformation and corrosion resistance and easy to clean. Excellent value for money has become the darling of cabinet doors.

7. Particle board door panel

Production process: MDF is a board made of wood fiber or other plant fibers as raw materials, after fiber preparation, adding synthetic resin glue, and finally pressing under heating and pressure conditions.

particle board door panel

Advantages of particle board door panels

1) The surface of the particle board is very smooth, very easy to build, and has a high degree of aesthetics; it has the characteristics of sound insulation, mildew resistance, and heat preservation.

2) The particle board has good wear resistance, is not easy to wear, has strong nail holding force, and has good processing performance. The particle board density is in the shape of intersecting particles, and these particles are arranged according to certain rules, and the longitudinal direction is very good. Therefore, it can be processed by sawing, sanding, planing, drilling, nailing, etc. It is a relatively common decoration material in the furniture industry at present. The price is relatively cheap, and it is deeply loved and sought after by consumers.


particle board door cabinet

Tips for buying cabinets

1) Pay attention to environmental protection

When you buy, you should consider whether the environmental protection is good, and whether the formaldehyde meets the standard, because the formaldehyde will not cause harm to human health if it does not exceed the standard, but if it exceeds the standard, it will affect your health a bit.

2) Appearance

There are many kinds of appearances for cabinets, and the prices and styles of the cabinets are different. First, you need to understand the different characteristics of different materials. What style you like needs to be matched according to your decoration style to avoid inconsistency between cabinets and interior styles. After purchasing dissatisfied.

3) Look at the material characteristics

The material of the cabinet is best to be environmentally friendly and moisture-proof, so that it can be used in the kitchen for a long time. Note that the edge of the cabinet must be tight, if it is not tight or not aligned, it is not recommended to buy. Hardware accessories also need to pay attention to the poor quality may also be easy to rust.

modern kitchen cabinet design

The above is the introduction to the cabinet body and cabinet door, as well as the purchase advice. I believe that you now have a very comprehensive understanding of cabinets. George cabinet hopes that you can buy satisfactory cabinets. Thank you for reading.


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