Do you know how to choose a kitchen sink?

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The sink is something that every household has, and it is also indispensable in daily life. It is important whether the sink is good or not. The sink is mainly used for cleaning items and draining water. It is one of the most frequently used devices in the family, and even our commonly used stoves and electric kettles have to be used below it. Therefore, you need to pay more attention when purchasing it, and you may choose a defective product if you are not careful.

       Before buying, you need to know the relevant knowledge of sinks, so do you know how many types of sinks there are? What should I pay attention to when buying a sink? After reading this article you will know!

1. How many types of sinks are there?

According to the basic shape of the water tank, the water tank can be divided into single tank, double tank and three basin water tanks. Many people don’t know how to choose a sink when buying a sink. In fact, whether to choose a single sink or a double sink depends on their actual situation and usual habits.

(1) Single slot

single slot

Single slot is divided into two types: small single slot and large single slot. The size of small single slot is generally below 650mm, and the size of large single slot is generally above 850mm. The common single tank on the market is generally a large single tank, such a sink basin is larger, and the comfort is stronger when using it, and you don’t need to be tied. Most of these basins are rectangular and can be used with a drain basket. The large pots and pans at home can also be easily cleaned. Single-slot kitchen countertops are suitable for all sizes, especially if there are many people in the family, single-slot kitchen countertops are more practical.

(2) Double slot

double slot

The double-sink is the most popular type on the market at present, and it is very practical. Most of these sinks are of the mother-in-law type, that is, one large and one small. The main basin and the auxiliary basin are two-pronged and can be used on both sides at the same time. One for washing and one for flushing. The other one can be used to drain water when washing vegetables. Double-slots are suitable for kitchens with large countertops, especially for families with dishwashers and families with small populations. It is better to choose double slots.

(3) Three basin sinks

The three-basin is more practical than the double-basin. It is composed of three basins. It has a larger volume, more water capacity, and a large space for use. It is very suitable for families with many family members.

three basin sinks

2、sink material

1. There are many materials used to make sinks, but the more popular materials on the market are stainless steel, artificial stone, granite, and ceramics.

(1) Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel is the most common sink material on the market at present. Its color and style are quite versatile, and it can be easily integrated into various kitchen environments. Moreover, the price of this type of sink is not very high. Preferred. The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of stainless steel are very good, and the quality is relatively strong and durable.

stainless steel sink

(2) Granite sink

The granite sink is very strong and wear-resistant, and its material and craftsmanship are relatively advanced, generally not scratched by knives, and the granite sink can withstand high temperatures, and it will not hurt at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. It can be used for a long time.

granite sink

(3) Ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks have high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and high appearance, and are deeply loved by young people. Although sinks made of this material are also relatively scratch-resistant, they should try to avoid direct contact with hard objects and sharp knives in daily use. Ceramic sinks are very heavy, so if you install this type of sink, you must choose a cabinet and countertop with better support in advance.

ceramic sink

(4) Artificial stone sink

The color of artificial stone is richer, which can improve the appearance of the kitchen to a certain extent. Artificial stone is more convenient than natural stone. Avoid scratching the knife when using it, and clean it regularly, otherwise it will easily cause stains to accumulate and affect the appearance.

artificial stone sink

3、The craft of the sink

The process of the sink mainly includes two kinds of production process and surface treatment process: one-piece stretch forming and manual welding.

One-piece stretch forming: It is a water tank punched out by a machine, with no welds, less consumption, smooth surface, relatively simple process and relatively cheap price.

Manual welding: The appearance is high-end and elegant, and it is made by manual cutting, welding, grinding and other processes of steel plates. The thickness is thicker, more durable, and the peripheral angle of the hand-welded sink is relatively small.

Surface treatment processmainly refers to the treatment of stainless-steel surface, mainly including wire drawing, sandblasting, sandblasting, polishing, and embossing.

1)The brushed sink has a glossy surface, is easy to maintain, and is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it more practical, and it is the first choice for most families.

2)Frosted sinks are not prone to ageing and can last for many years as long as the overall quality is not bad.

3)Sandblasted sinks don’t get oily easily and look like a matte finish.

4)The polishing process is very beautiful, the surface is smooth and delicate, the surface is easy to clean, and the performance is good.

5)The embossed material is more wear-resistant, but the cost is high, so the price is also higher, but the performance is very good.

double slot-2

4、Sink installation method

The most common are the three types of above-the-counter installation, Taichung-style installation, and under-the-counter installation.

1) On-bench installation

The countertop installation is the easiest one. When installing it, you need to make a hole on the kitchen countertop. This hole must be larger than the basin of the sink, but smaller than the overall size of the sink, which can make the sink easier. Put it in, but it won’t fall out easily. This installation method is simple and elegant, which not only facilitates the construction personnel, but also ensures the aesthetics of the countertop.

on-bench installation


The sink is directly put into the hole, which is more convenient to install; if necessary, it is also very convenient to replace the sink; because the sink is directly placed on the countertop, the countertop plays a load-bearing role, so the load-bearing capacity of the sink is relatively strong.

2) Taichung-style installation

Taichung-style installation, also known as flush-mounted installation, is to make the side of the sink flush with the countertop of the cabinet, so that the sink is not easy to generate dirt, and it is better to clean it up. When installing, you need to dig a pit on the table, and the process is a little more.

3)Under-counter installation

Under-counter installation is also a popular installation method. When installing, first make holes according to the size of the inner edge of the sink. The sink is installed from the inside of the sink cabinet below the countertop, and the sink and countertop are connected by bolts and fixed with lining strips.

under-counter installation


The edge of the sink is below the countertop, and the water stains and other dirt on the countertop can be easily cleaned into the sink; because the sink is connected to the countertop by bolts, and reinforced with lining strips, its load-bearing capacity is strong; the sink is fixed by bolts, it will not There are shifts.

5、Precautions for the purchase of sinks

1. Do not pursue excessively thick plates

Although the thickness is very important, the thickness of the board cannot be blindly pursued. In general, a 1mm thick sink board is enough. If you choose too thick, the hardness of the sink is too high. If the tableware accidentally falls into the sink, it is easy to smash the tableware due to the high hardness of the sink.

2. The depth of the sink is determined according to the cabinet space

The depth of the sink is different, and the price is also different. You can buy it according to your needs. When you buy it, you need to pay attention to the space of the cabinet. In addition, the larger the internal space of the sink, the higher the utilization rate and the better the practicability.

double slot-3

3. The size of the sink should be based on the kitchen area

Although the sink is larger and more practical, it should not be purchased blindly, but should be selected according to the actual size of the kitchen.

The above is the introduction about the kitchen sink. I believe you have learned a lot. Buying a sink needs to be combined with your needs. The one that suits you is the best. Thank you for reading!


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