10 DIY Hacks to Revamp Your Closet on a Budget

Facing the challenge of a disordered closet might initially appear overwhelming, especially with the high price tags on conventional organizing systems. However, achieving a streamlined, clutter-free wardrobe space is within arm’s reach using these ingeniously simple strategies that repurpose objects you currently possess.

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Tab-Enhanced Hangers


Pick a hanger, preferably one with a metal or wire hook. Plastic hangers won’t cut it for this trick, as they’re generally too chunky. Slide a pull tab onto your chosen hanger’s hook. Next, loop another hanger through the second hole of the tab – Just like that, you’ve doubled your closet space without shelling out an extra dime. 

This technique optimizes the vertical space, freeing up ample room on your closet rod for additional attire. Side note: This method is also a lifesaver when packing garments, ensuring you juggle just one hanger peeking out from your garment bag.

Recycled CardBoards

moving or shipping boxes can be upcycled and used to organize your shoes

Those often-dismissed cardboard boxes from your recent move or the packages you received can be more valuable than you think. Rather than immediately relegating them to the recycling bin, imagine transforming them into chic shoe organizers.

Begin by meticulously shaping a few cardboard sheets into long, durable strips. The goal? To construct a series of triangular alcoves, each meticulously tailored to nestle a pair of shoes comfortably. Whether it’s the slender silhouette of your ballet flats, the casual curve of sandals, or the robust design of your treasured boots, these cardboard compartments will provide the perfect abode.

Bin It, Don't Drop It

dirty clothes bin

It’s a scene many of us are familiar with: coming home from a tiring day and nonchalantly dropping our day-worn attire onto any available surface. Break free from this clutter-culprit by giving those garments a dedicated resting place. Convert any spare basket lying around into a catchall for these clothes. 

This designated drop-zone helps maintain a neat wardrobe and ensures a hassle-free experience when laundry day rolls around. The added benefit? Your space remains tidy, and your garments are conveniently gathered, ready to be refreshed.

Ladder Shoe Storage

Ladder Shoe Storage

Think of a ladder, not just as a tool to reach high places but as a chic and practical means to declutter your shoe collection. Every step offers a designated perch for several pairs, presenting them openly and artfully. This vertical showcase adds an aesthetic appeal to your space. It ensures that your desired footwear is always within sight and reach, especially during those hurried moments as you dash out.

Simple Tools for Accessory Storage Solutions


The challenge of storing scarves and belts neatly can be real, often ending in a tangled heap. Yet, the solution might be simpler than you think. Armed with a basic wooden hanger, sturdy card stock, and a couple of plastic snaps, you can craft an ingenious system that neatly arranges all your accessories. This neat display organizes your items and gives you a clear view of your collection, ensuring you always pick the perfect piece to complete your outfit. 

Alternatively, if card stock isn’t available, artfully drape your vibrant accessories through the hanger’s base, turning storage into display.

Shoebox Revamp

old shoeboxes recycled in the wardrobe

Please pay attention to your old shoeboxes; they’re versatile organizers. Perfect for hats, scarves, and seasonal wear, they become stylish and functional when adorned with fabric or paper.

Take it further by upcycling shoeboxes into trendy wall shelves. Customize them with contrasting colors or maintain a consistent theme. Secure the lid inside to create an interior shelf. Mount these shelves to display lightweight decor, from succulents to collectibles, blending organization with artistry.

Budget-Friendly No-Slip Hangers

It’s a surprising reality that no-slip hangers can sometimes dent your wallet. Here’s a cost-effective trick that could save you a pretty penny: Grab a handful of rubber bands and encircle them snugly around the edges of your standard hangers. This simple yet effective move transforms ordinary hangers into no-slip heroes, providing a secure grip for your beloved sweaters, delicate dresses, and those stubborn-to-hang clothing pieces.

Not a fan of rubber bands? No worries. Pipe cleaners can serve the same purpose when wound around the hanger’s edge. Alternatively, you can apply a bit of hot glue to the hanger’s top, creating a textured surface that clings to your clothing items. With these inventive solutions, you’ll never have to splurge on pricey no-slip hangers again.

Elegant Pegboard Organization

Pegboard in the closet

Pegboard, often associated with garage and basement utility, also has a surprising role to play in your closet. Picture this: a charming, wall-mounted jewelry storage solution. All it takes is securing a painted pegboard onto your wall and adding a selection of suitable hooks. 

The result? A delightful display that not only keeps your necklaces in impeccable order, preventing frustrating tangles but also showcases your entire collection in an organized and easily accessible manner. With this ingenious setup, you can swiftly browse your jewelry inventory with a glance, ensuring you never overlook that perfect accessory again.

Crown Molding Shoe Display


Transform your wall into a high-heel rack by simply adding crown molding strips. This creative and colorful approach maximizes your floor space and turns your shoe collection into a playful statement piece. With your heels showcased on the wall, you’ll enjoy a clearer view of your options, making your daily shoe selection a breeze.

DIY Vacuum Sealing

DIY Vacuum Sealing

When you need to stow away bulky stuff like winter clothes or bedding, here’s a handy trick to save money. You don’t need fancy gadgets or containers for this. All you need are some regular drawstring trash bags and your home vacuum.

Once you’ve packed your stuff and vacuum-sealed it, you have a few options for where to put it. If your closet has some space up high or in the back, that’s a good spot for your vacuum-sealed items. Another smart move is to slide these sealed bags under your bed to make the most of that underused space.

If you’d rather keep your closet and under-bed spots for stuff you use more often, stash those vacuum-sealed sweaters and blankets in storage until you need them again. This simple DIY vacuum-sealing trick helps you save space and keeps your things tidy.

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