3 Minutes for You to Quickly Find the Right Kitchen Range Hood for You

I believe that many people hate the lampblack produced in the kitchen. How to choose a suitable kitchen range hood has become an important lesson. What are the core parameters of the kitchen range hood? How to choose top suction and side suction? There are many other problems. 

We still haven’t a basic concept about the kitchen range hood. So we hope this article can give you a shopping idea and help you choose a kitchen range hood from a view of cabinetry suppliers.

▲ The type of kitchen range hood:

① Top suction kitchen range hood(European kitchen range hood):

The top suction kitchen range hood is above the stove, and most of the lampblack usually moves straight up. With the suction of the kitchen range hood, it can directly smoke away. 

At present, the top suction kitchen range hood is relatively mature in technology, has a smoke collection structure, and has a better smoke exhaust effect. The negative pressure area is larger than the side suction type, which is especially suitable for families that often stir fry and have large lampblack.

 In addition, the kitchen of the hotel uses top suction. Compared with other kitchen range hoods, “European” hoods have more prominent advantages in appearance and function. Their appearance is fashionable and impressive. However, if the installation position is unreasonable, it is easy to bump the head when using.

② Side suction kitchen range hood:

The side suction kitchen range hood uses the suction of the kitchen range hood to remove the floating lampblack. For a better smoking effect, the side suction kitchen range hood is installed close to the countertop and is not easy to bump the head.

However, the side suction kitchen range hood is not absolutely perfect. The bottom of the side suction kitchen range hood is easy to accumulate oil, and the cooking oil is easy to splash on the kitchen range hood, so it needs to pay attention to cleaning during daily use.

③ Integrated stove:

The integrated stove has an absolute physical advantage over the ventilator, which is close to the lampblack. In this way, the same ventilator effect can be achieved with a smaller suction and the noise is low. 

Of course, there is no perfect product. The disadvantage of the integrated stove is that it is expensive and difficult to maintain. Moreover, the stove has restrictions on the cooker. The integrated stove has a low smoking port. If the cooker is too high, it will block the smoking port and affect the efficiency of the lampblack.

▲ Key indicators for purchase of kitchen range hood:

(1) Air volume

The air volume of the kitchen range hood refers to the exhaust air volume per unit time of smoke exhaust, in meters per minute. The greater the air volume, the better the smoke exhaust effect of the kitchen range hood.

Especially in the open kitchen, you must choose the kitchen range hood with a large air volume, but the noise and energy consumption will often increase with the larger exhaust volume.

The way to increase the air volume of an ordinary kitchen range hood is to increase the horsepower of the motor, which improves the exhaust air volume as well as the noise and energy consumption.

While the high-end kitchen range hood can increase the exhaust air volume, it can maintain the stability of energy consumption without increasing the noise. Therefore, the high-end kitchen range hood generally uses variable frequency motors, which not only save energy but also have lower noise and longer life.

In actual use, the air volume needs to be greater than 14m ³/ Min and is barely usable. At present, the air volume of mainstream kitchen range hoods on the market is 17m ³/ Min and above, and the air volume of medium and high-end smoking machines is 20m ³/ Min. Of course, it is inevitable that large air volume will bring noise problems, so special attention should be paid to the mute technology of the kitchen range hood.

(2) Air pressure

What is the air pressure of the kitchen range hood? What’s the function? The air pressure refers to the static pressure value generated when the exhaust air volume of the kitchen range hood reaches 7 cubic meters per minute. The Chinese standard for this value is not less than 80PA. Generally speaking, most air range hoods can exceed this standard. The maximum function of wind pressure is to prevent lampblack from pouring back.

(3) Other auxiliary functions of the kitchen range hood: hand waving control, self-cleaning

There are many auxiliary functions of the kitchen range hood in the intelligent era. I personally think the most practical ones are the hand-waving intelligent control and self-cleaning functions.

The waving intelligent control can effectively prevent the hands stained with oil from directly contacting the kitchen range hood. The on/off and adjustment of air volume have zero contact throughout the whole process.

Although the self-cleaning function can not completely remove the oil stain, it can largely remove the oil stain on the fan blades, reduce the burden of the motor, and make the kitchen range hood operate efficiently for a long time.

(4) Panel material:

The panel materials of the kitchen range hood mainly include stainless steel panel and tempered glass panel. Now high-end models generally use tempered glass panel. Compared with stainless steel panel, it is better to clean and more beautiful. The color of stainless steel panel will be greatly reduced in a long period of oil smoke environment, while the tempered glass panel will not.

The above is some of our sharing and opinions on how to choose a good range hood. Choosing a safe and efficient range hood is responsible for yourself and your family. Kitchen cabinet factory George Cabinetry also hope that through this article, can help you with your purchasing.

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