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As an important part of a family, the kitchen also needs extra attention in the choice of decoration style. Only practical design and comfortable style can make the food inspiration flow continuously, so the customization of cabinet style is particularly important.

The style of home decoration has been changing with the development of the times. Today, the types of kitchen cabinets are mainly precipitated into the following mainstream styles: European cabinets, American cabinets, modern cabinets and Mediterranean cabinets. As an experienced kitchen cabinet factory, George Cabinets will introduce you to these styles today, so that you can choose the right one for you more quickly.

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Luxury European Style

As a long-lasting style in home decoration, European style has always been loved by many people. European style cabinets give people the feeling of high-end luxury. Classical style cabinets, integrating European art aesthetics, combine luxury and classic elements. 

Whether it is finely crafted or inlaid with flowers and engraved gold, it gives a meticulous impression. The shape from the whole to the part shows the extraordinary feel of nobility and elegance. Noble marble countertops and cabinet doors with Renaissance temperament are everywhere. 

These elements constitute the most typical style of European cabinets. Thanks to the European wine culture, the clever integration of various wine cabinets is also a feature of European cabinets.

Luxury European Style Kichen Cabinet

Passionate American Style

The biggest feature of American-style home decoration should be mixing and matching. Everything is based on comfort, and it includes various styles and fully reflects the characteristics of advocating freedom. 

Rejecting too many decorations and restrictions, spaciousness and comfort are the best spokespersons for American cabinets. For those who have a large kitchen space at home, American cabinets are the perfect match.

Passionate American Style Kitchen Cabinet

Simple and Modern Style

The modern style is, as the name implies, a product of this new era. Since the industrial society, people’s demand for cabinets has become more and more clear. Everything is based on functionality. The simplification of aesthetics has gradually created the birth of this modern style. 

With solid color as the main design and various industrial textures, it has become the favorite choice of many young people. The modern style kitchen with both appearance and performance does not need a trace of redundant design, but also maximizes the function. It can make cooking become a very high-quality thing.

A simple kitchen should first focus on functionality and comfort, and hide the kitchen electricity in the cabinet to make it more visually refreshing; Choose the invisible handle design and the powerful storage function is part of the simple style kitchen.

As the famous architect Missfandro said: less is more. To create a modern style kitchen, it is necessary to create a simple and refreshing atmosphere, simply not cumbersome and clear lines. A reasonable kitchen moving line makes cooking more efficient! 

The length of the moving line directly determines whether our cooking is convenient and comfortable. In the design, the modern style will shorten the moving line as much as possible according to the kitchen unit type. In general, modern style should not only consider modern fashion elements but also make all style spaces comfortable and convenient to put people first.


Romantic Mediterranean Style

As an exotic flower in European design, Mediterranean style is independent with its unique style. As far as the design of the cabinet is concerned, the Mediterranean style uses the collision of colors and lines to show a very friendly pastoral style, which is simple but not simple, giving people a romantic, natural, bright and pleasing experience.

The Mediterranean style color combines the brightness of the sea and the sky. The main colors are blue and white; Yellow, blue purple and green. The soil yellow and red brown reflect the imprint of flowers and leaves, the vastness of the earth and the remoteness of the blue sky, the beach and the sea. 

The basic form of line structure, most of the Mediterranean style lines are untidy, with a feeling of natural integration. Whether it is Mediterranean furniture or Mediterranean decoration, it has its distinctive characteristics. 

The furniture uses light color, simple lines and round trimmed wooden furniture; The decoration of the ground is mostly ceramic or slate. The interior decoration is mostly based on color tone and cotton fabric; Match with some old style small ornaments, make the house natural and bright. The whole style let people feel a clear ocean and contains a simple natural romance.

Romantic Mediterranean Style Kitchen Cabinet

I wonder if you’ve decided which style of cabinet you want to buy after reading this article? George Cabinets sells cabinets to clients all over the world on a daily basis and is a trusted kitchen cabinet factory. If still unsure which style of cabinetry suits you better, please contact us and we will help you!

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