4 Key Points for Quick Selection of Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom cabinet is an important part of the bathroom decoration. If you choose the wrong bathroom cabinet, you may face problems such as unreasonable space division, difficult to clean the blind corners, easy mildew, disordered wires, and poor appearance.  

The selection of bathroom cabinets needs to start from a variety of aspects. George Cabinetry has picked four important points today, hoping to help you.


1> Consider what style the bathroom is, and then choose the color

Different bathroom cabinet colors bring different visual effects. Bathrooms of different styles should be matched with bathroom cabinets of different colors and materials to make the bathroom look harmonious.

Common wood colors are original wood and teak, original wood color is more suitable for minimalist style, and teak color will be relatively advanced, used with Chinese, American, and European style


Suitable for various styles of decoration. The flat surface can be used for European style, and the shaker style is perfect for American pastoral style.

If grey bathroom cabinet is light luxury, the black is a representation of luxury, with some metallic hardware and lines, the whole bathroom is filled with luxury vibe


Grey has been very popular in recent years and is called “high-end grey.” With the marble bathroom countertop cabinet, it has a bit of light and luxurious feel

2> Original type or Floating bathroom cabinet

The original type of bathroom cabinet refers to cabinets where the bottom connects to the ground. There are two kinds of bathroom cabinets, one is the whole cabinet attached to the ground and the other is fitted with a base frame to support the cabinet.

⭐Advantages: easy to install, you can find the position at will; great load capacity; large storage space

⚪Disadvantages: there will be blind corners, not easy to clean, susceptible to moisture



The floating bathroom cabinet means that the bottom is hanging in the air and mounted on the wall using connecting parts.

⭐Advantages: easy to clean; simple, more advanced; not easily exposed to moisture

⚪Disadvantages: not convenient for installation, requires a specific location; general bearing capacity, cannot put too heavy or too many items

3> Choose customized cabinet or finished one

The finished cabinet is generally suitable for the relatively large bathroom. If you don’t have special requirements, and it is OK as long as the size is appropriate, the basic functions are reached, and the design is qualified. In this case, choosing a finished bathroom cabinet is simpler, and no need to spend time designing and arranging separately or waiting.

If you feel that the size of the finished bathroom cabinet is not appropriate, the storage system needs to be better, and you have your own ideas about the appearance and design, then customizing the bathroom cabinet is a good choice to meet your exclusive needs.

Also, if you want to produce a customized bathroom cabinet that is satisfactory enough, you should pay attention to three basic aspects: size, moisture-proof and storage.


The advantage of customization is that the size can be determined according to the house layout so that the space can be better used. The finished bathroom cabinet’s advantage is its strong integrity and delicate appearance, saving a lot of trouble and is basically equipped with cabinets, mirrors, faucets, and basins.

4> Materials

In addition, because the bathroom is relatively humid, the material of the bathroom cabinet needs to be selected for use in a humid environment. For example, you may choose lacquer boards, aluminum alloys or synthetic materials, which are appropriate for bathroom cabinets.

· Aluminum alloy material——Suitable for a dark and humid environment, without deformation, decay, rust, etc

· PVC——Good waterproof performance, small weight, good stability, long service life, reasonable price

· Wood & Lacquer——If you plan to choose a wooden bathroom cabinet, you must choose a lacquer board surface to avoid moisture and deformation


A bathroom cabinet not only affects the appearance and feeling of the whole bathroom but also the perfect cabinet can make your daily life comfortable and stress-free.

If you still have concerns about choosing the bathroom cabinet, please do not hesitate to contact George Cabinetry. As a professional whole-house customized supplier, we will make a satisfactory solution according to your situation.


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