5 Minutes to Quickly Understand the Important Component of the Cabinet – Hardware

Since we started to share some common sense about customized products, explaining a lot in detail from the aspects of panel materials, design layout, surface finishing, electrical appliances and accessories. Many friends have reported to George Cabinetry that it is very useful!

In addition to the above, George Cabinetry will tell you about the kitchen cabinet hardware, that seems inconspicuous but is crucial in customized furniture from the perspective of custom cabinet manufacturer.

When it comes to furniture hardware, the first thing that comes to our mind is slideway and hinge. But in fact, hardware is also classified very accurately, which can be roughly divided into basic hardware, functional hardware and decorative hardware. 

Basic hardware and functional hardware are the most mentioned two types of custom furniture. There are many points that can be said in these two types of hardware, so we will divide the “hardware” of custom furniture into two parts. Today, I will talk about basic hardware.

Basic hardware is often used to connect various parts of the cabinet, including common hardware such as rails, hinges, handles, screws, etc., which is an indispensable part of furniture.

▪ Hinge

Hinge is responsible for connecting cabinet and door panel, which can be said to be the core content of basic hardware. Hinges have to open and close many times every day, and also bear the weight of the door panel. If they are not selected properly, it will not only affect the use experience, but also may cause potential safety hazards.

     Key points for hardware selection:

  1. Material selection: stainless steel, preferably nickel plated, corrosion resistant and high strength;
  2. Brand selection: big brands are more durable. For example, the international brands Blum and Unihopper used by George Cabinetry, as well as DTC, the first hardware brand in China, can load 50KG, and can be opened 200000 times without deformation, which is very stable;
  3. Check the accessories. It is better to match the hinge with soft closing, which can prevent collision, shock absorption and safely mute. All hinges used by George Cabinetry are soft closing.

▪ Drawer slide rail

Slide rail, also known as guide rail and slide way, is generally used on drawers or slide way cabinet doors. It determines whether large or small doors of furniture and drawers can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and whether the doors and drawers are durable.

There are many kinds of slide rails, mainly including side slide rails (two/three section rails), bottom rails, horseback riding rails, among which roller slide rails, steel ball slide rails, gear slide rails and damping slide rails can also be subdivided.

Generally speaking, the cabinets inside the wardrobe use more side rails, while the drawers with higher load-bearing requirements use more bottom rails.

Many families now choose the soft closing slide rail when customizing, which can not only mute the sound, but also cushion the force of closing the cabinet, so as to prevent users from being hurt by quickly closing the drawer. All slides used by George Cabinetry are soft closing.

    Key points for hardware selection:

  1. See the steel quality. The bearing capacity of a drawer is closely related to the steel selection of the track. When selecting, you can pull the drawer open and press the rail at the bottom to see whether it will become loose or overturn. If the above situation occurs, do not select it.
  2. Material of pulley. The quality of the material affects the smoothness of the pulley in use. You can push and pull repeatedly during the selection process to feel its smoothness. It is best to have no blocking feeling and no noise.

▪ Hanger

Hanger is also known as the clothes hanging rod, which is composed of hanger hardware and hanger rod. Because clothes of all seasons need to be hung on the hanger, its hardness and load-bearing capacity need to be focused. High quality hanger is not only slip resistant, but also very firm without deformation after long use.

Key points for selection:

When choosing hanger, you can test its bearing capacity. A good hanger can bear 50~100kg;

▪ Flip door support

The door support refers to the support rod in the furniture, also called the gas support rod, which is generally composed of a pressure pipe, a piston, a piston rod and several connecting parts, and the interior will be filled with high-pressure nitrogen.

For example, the effect of pressing and opening the door of wall cabinet is achieved through the air support rod. The air support can be divided into ordinary air support and “free air support”. Among them, the use of “free air support” is better. It can be stopped at the corresponding height/angle, neither hit your head, nor let the cabinet door to an unreachable height.

Handle type

Handle is the most common hardware visible to our naked eye, mainly divided into external, embedded, hidden.

In the past, we used to use the external handle, but now many people choose the embedded and hidden handle because they are worried about their family bumping or pursuing the simple home decoration effectfor the sake of beauty.

Key points for hardware selection:

①Pick the right material; The handle is made of various materials, such as copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and non-metallic materials such as leather, plastic, wood, etc;

(1) Copper and stainless steel have the best texture among metals, and aluminum alloy with electroplating or painting is also good;

(2) In non-metallic category, solid wood is good-looking but not moisture-proof. Ceramics are generally used for retro modeling, while leather is used in some special modeling;

②Appearance is important. In addition to material, the appearance of the handle is also one of the objects to be considered. Generally speaking, common home decoration styles have corresponding handle materials to match

(1) New Chinese style and Nordic style: wooden and ceramic handles can be used;

(2) Modern, luxurious and simple style: alloy, copper, leather metal and other handles can be used;

In addition, the “one door to top” handle is also very popular in custom cabinets, which looks more simple and elegant than the traditional handle, and can instantly enhance the high-level sense of the entire space when used on the cabinet.

Details determine the quality of life. The more “inconspicuous” small details are, the more important they can play! We must not neglect the hardware when considering customized furniture. Later, George Cabinetry will continue to give you a detailed introduction to the very popular “functional hardware” in hardware. If you are interested, remember to collect our website and come back to our website.

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