5 Quick Way of Choosing a Good Gas Stove

As one of the most frequently used kitchen utensils in daily life, if there is no perfect quality, the gas stove will break down frequently, affecting the cooking efficiency and the time we spend enjoying delicious food, which is annoying. 

Therefore, as a caring kitchen cabinet factory, we hope to bring you a shopping idea and help you choose a safe and efficient gas stove.

▲ Gas Sources

According to the types of gas sources, gas cookers include natural gas cookers and liquefied gas cookers. When purchasing, you must pay attention to your own household gas, and then buy cookers that match the gas source according to the actual situation to avoid buying the wrong products.

▲ Number of burner gas stoves

Gas stoves are generally divided into a single-burner gas stove, double-burner gas stove and multi-burner gas stove according to the number of burners. Double-burner gas stove and multi-burner gas stove are generally the mainstream stoves commonly used in families. 

Multi-burner gas stove can meet our need to cook a variety of delicious foods at the same time, while single-burner gas stove is suitable for small kitchens and are mostly used in single-person living or rental environments.

▲ Selection of gas stove panel

At present, the panel materials of domestic gas stoves on the market mainly include stainless steel and tempered glass, and some products choose ceramics and other materials. The appearance of tempered glass is fashionable, the surface is abrasion resistant and not easy to scratch, and the stains are easy to scrub.

The stainless steel panel is heat-resistant and pressure resistant, but it is not easy to clean and the surface is easy to scratch; The ceramic material is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant and easy to clean, but the appearance color lacks luster. 

Therefore, the selection of specific panel materials still needs to be based on personal preferences and kitchen style.


▲ The firepower of gas stove

When cooking, the stove should have enough firepower, so that the dishes can be delicious. The firepower of the gas stove can refer to the heat load of the stove. 

It can be seen in the function introduction of the product. The unit is kW. Under the same conditions, the larger the heat load, the greater the firepower. Generally, 3-4kw can meet the needs of some food in the family. 1-2kw can cook and fry.

▲ Ignition and safety devices of gas range

The ignition of gas stoves directly affects the experience and safety of use. At present, most of the ignition methods are mainly electronic pulse ignition. An electronic pulse ignition cooker is a safer choice, with a higher ignition success rate. Just turn the button once, and electric sparks can be continuously ejected until the fire is lit.

At the same time, the installation of gas stoves is also a point that we need to pay attention to in our daily shopping. For example, if there is no flameout protection device for gas stoves, once the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind or water, it is easy to cause gas leakage, fire, poisoning and other accidents.

Therefore, when shopping, we should pay special attention to the safety of gas stoves. The flameout protection devices of gas stoves are mainly divided into thermocouple type and ion flameout induction type.

In case of accidental flameout, the thermocouple type protection device cuts off the gas source through the temperature difference sensed by the thermocouple. High safety factor, even if one of them is damaged, it will not affect the normal use of the other furnace head, which is stable and reliable, and generally does not need external power supply, which is more cost-effective.

The ion induction protection device is that during normal combustion, the flame is conductive, and this microcurrent provides a loop signal to ensure continuous ventilation. When the fire is accidentally extinguished, the micro current disappears and the loop is cut off. The ion induction protection device will quickly make a judgment, cut off the gas source, and prevent gas leakage.

The above is some of our sharing and opinions on how to choose a good gas stove. Choosing a safe and efficient gas stove is responsible for yourself and your family. Kitchen cabinet factory George Cabinetry also hope that through this article, can help you with your purchasing.

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