8 Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends

Are you considering a kitchen makeover? Cabinets can offer an impactful and cost-effective solution to rejuvenate your culinary space. Whether undertaking a comprehensive remodel of a newly acquired property or simply sprucing up an existing apartment kitchen, here is an exploration of prevailing kitchen cabinet styles catering to diverse preferences.

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Decorative Style: Versatile, accommodating both traditional and modern aesthetics.

Cost Impact: Economically sound.

shaker-sand cabinet

The Shaker furniture trend, tracing back to the 18th century, has recently seen a revival, making Shaker-style cabinetry a cornerstone of contemporary kitchen design. A prominent feature of the general modern farmhouse aesthetic is the omnipresent white Shaker-style cabinets paired with a farmhouse sink, invoking a sense of nostalgia for an idyllic, pastoral past.

Shaker-style cabinet doors, lacking excessive ornamentation and sporting a simple recessed panel, are versatile and can adapt to various kitchen styles. Consider options like navy, forest green, or matte black if white isn’t your preference.


  1. Highly adaptable and compatible with numerous decor types, encompassing traditional and modern aesthetics.

  2. Works well with various kinds of wood, stains, paint colors, and hardware, suiting multiple budgets.


No specific disadvantages attributed to this style.

Slab or Flat Panel

Decorative Style: Typically modern or contemporary but flexible.

Cost Impact: Broad spectrum, but many economical alternatives available.

slab or flat kitchen cabinet

The slab or flat panel cabinet is currently the most readily available kitchen cabinet style. These cabinets, marked by their sleek lines, ease of maintenance, and understated visual appeal, are frequently made from MDF and surfaced in melamine, laminate, or Thermofoil in mass production.

However, these contemporary cabinets can also be found in vintage or mid-century modern-inspired kitchens crafted from solid wood. While modern slab or flat panel cabinetry is available in various finishes, affordable prefabricated cabinets can be easily customized.


1. Smooth, clean lines.

2. Ideal for showcasing distinctive colors or finishes.

3. Complements contemporary or streamlined modern interiors perfectly.

4. The absence of costly details makes them budget-friendly, though many upscale cabinet stores feature this style.


If not executed with care, the result can appear mundane. Critical elements include color, finish, and hardware, as these doors lack decorative frills.

Glass Front

Decorative Style: Adaptable

Cost Impact: Variable

Glass Fronted Cabinets

Glass front cabinets, often selectively combined with solid cabinets, are sometimes illuminated from behind to showcase fine china, vintage champagne glasses, cobalt glass collections, or another ornamental dishware. For a more deliberate, less precious approach, glass cabinets can also be used to break the monotony of a solid wall of cabinets.

The transparency of the glass provides a visual guide, reducing the need to repeatedly open and close cabinets while seeking items. Unlike open shelving, it also mitigates the accumulation of dust and kitchen grime.


  1. Showcases dishware, glassware, or collectibles, adding a personal touch to your space.

  2. Imparts a sophisticated, open appearance to your kitchen.

  3. Ensures accessible location of items.


  1. Requires frequent cleaning, both internally and externally.

  2. More delicate than solid wood or metal doors.

Rustic Country-Style

Decorative Style: Traditional

Cost Impact: Flexible

rustic style kitchen

Rustic country-style cabinets highlight the natural attributes of wood, often focusing on wood grain, a distressed appearance, and a lack of ornate detail. Ideally suited to mountain cabin getaways and authentic rural farmhouses, this look can seem dated in modern settings if interpreted too literally.


  1. Imparts a warm and cozy ambience.

  2. Enhances the natural aesthetic of the space.

  3. Offers unique and characteristic appeal.


  1. May seem outdated.

  2. Demands more maintenance compared to other styles.

Urban Rustic

Decorative Style: Fusion of modern and traditional elements.

Cost Impact: Tends to be pricier than some other styles.

urban rustic kitchen cabinet

Also known as vintage urban, this design style harmonizes the warmth and allure of rustic components with modern design’s clean, streamlined attributes. A characteristic blend of natural materials, such as wood and stone, with modern finishes like glass and metal, mark this style.

Rustic modern interiors typically feature a neutral color palette peppered with bold, saturated colors or metallic accents. This style integrates vintage or industrial elements like reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and metal piping, creating a sense of history and nostalgia. Old and new furniture pieces often coexist in this style, with vintage or antique items contrasting with contemporary designs.


  1. Intriguing and versatile.

  2. Robust.

  3. Adaptable to various decor styles.


  1. Generally expensive.

  2. Demands higher maintenance.

  3. Not suited for compact spaces.


Decorative Style: Adaptable.

Cost Impact: Ranks among the pricier options.

louvered kitchen cabinet

Louvered kitchen cabinets with horizontal wood slats contribute texture and intrigue. They also provide ventilation, a practical advantage depending on what is stored inside and the kitchen’s location—particularly useful in high-humidity climates prone to mold. Whether you prefer a few louvered cabinets to create a mini pantry for potatoes, garlic, and onions or wish to incorporate louvered cabinets as an aesthetic choice, they make a compelling selection.


  1. Adds texture and visual interest.

  2. Ideal for cabinets requiring ventilation, such as those near radiators or laundry rooms.


  1. Can collect grease and dust.

  2. Tends to be expensive.

Open Shelving

Decorative Style: Adaptable

Cost Impact: Economical

open shelving kitchen cabinet

Open shelving is resurging as a supporting player in kitchen cabinet design, used to disrupt the uniformity of a wall filled with identical cabinets. Here, floating wood shelves in a rich stain provide warmth and a focal point to a sleek, contemporary, all-white kitchen.

Open shelving could be a great choice if you have a knack for arranging things on shelves and don’t naturally accumulate clutter. However, for those who find visual clutter bothersome, reconsider this option. As with all decor-related decisions, consider function over form for the most practical kitchen design.


  1. Expands storage possibilities.

  2. Appears warm and welcoming to guests.

  3. Easy to clean.


  1. Items on display could lead to visual clutter.

  2. Dirt is exposed.

Diverse Assortment

An Eclectic Mix kitchen cabinet

When designing your kitchen, remember that it’s excellent to blend styles and steer clear of uniformity by introducing variety to your kitchen cabinets. Maintaining a cohesive look by sticking to classic styles is one approach. Still, you can also fuse rustic with contemporary cabinet styles for a more transitional aesthetic.

In summary, choosing the right kitchen cabinet style can significantly transform your space. Each style, whether Shaker, Slab, Glass Front, Rustic, Urban, Louvered, or an Eclectic Mix, brings its unique charm and functionality. The right choice can turn your kitchen into a space that truly feels like home.

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