8 Tips For Buying Good Quality Cabinets

Are you still bothered by the poor quality of the cabinets at home now? For example, easy to grow mold, accessories often fall off. And you want to buy new cabinets but are afraid to buy the bad cabinet again? This article will lead you on how to choose cabinets from small accessories to large materials.

Ⅰ. Plate edge banding

The edge of high-quality cabinets is delicate, smooth, good hand feeling, banding line straight, seam delicate, and coated with glue. Brand products use the straight-line edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge banding, end breaking, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc. at once. 

The pressure of pressing and bonding edge is stable, and the size accuracy can be adjusted to the appropriate position to ensure the size and stable quality. For example, the brand George Cabinetry, uses imported equipment from Germany to achieve delicate and exquisite. 

Besides, the edge banding glue should use environmental friendly glue, which does not contain or contain a small amount of formaldehyde, does not cause processing pollution, and can ensure that it will not degumm for a long time. 

In contrast, the workshop-style small factory uses hand-applied glue, crimping, sealing with brushes, trimming with grate knives and polishing with manual polishing machines. Many places will not be stable due to uneven pressure.

Ⅱ. Cabinet structure

Whether the cabinet is strong and durable is the critical point. You only need to see these two places to know if the cabinet’s support is good, one is the thickness of the backboard, and the other is whether the base cabinet has a top panel.

A cabinet without backboard or with a less than 5 mm backboard is the worst quality, even can’t used. A brand with little high quality mainly uses the 5 mm density board to make the backboard, and excellent quality cabinets will make with 9 mm density fiberboard to do the backboard.

※The base cabinet structure in the market is divided into three kinds:

First, the best quality of complete top panel structure, also called the entire cabinet structure, between the cabinets has no smell, no dust accumulation between the cabinets, and stronger weighing and stability.

Second, a few manufacturers in order to save costs will use no top panel cabinet, then add a lining board between the cabinet and the countertop to increase the load-bearing between the cabinet and the countertop, but this lining board is mostly MDF structure, poor quality.

Third, the countertop directly on the cabinet without the top panel is the worst quality cabinet. This cabinet is easy to accumulate dust, and not enough support for the countertop, after using a period of time will lead to cabinet deformation and countertop fracture.

Ⅲ Punching holes

Nowadays, furniture with a panel is assembled with three-in-one connectors, and the holes’ fit and precision will affect the cabinet box’s structural solidity. Professional manufacturers use multiple rows of drill bits to complete several holes at a time on the edges and surfaces of the panels. These holes are positioning benchmarks, and the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed.

Ⅳ Cutting board

The first process of cabinet production is cutting board. Large enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input processing size through a computer, and the accuracy of material selection is controlled by computer. 

Several boards can be processed at the same time. The performance of the equipment is stable and the size of the produced boards is highly accurate. Tolerances are in microns and there is no stubble on the edges of the boards.

Ⅴ Door panel

The door is the face of the cabinet, so as important as the human face. Due to improper substrate treatment and surface process, poor-quality door panels are easily deformed by moisture. In addition, any dimensional errors in the production process will appear on the door panel. 

Professional manufacturers produce horizontal and vertical door panels with even gaps between doors. Cabinets produced by small workshops will have uneven cracks and uneven gaps in the door panels. 

The back panel should be sealed on both sides. Some manufacturers want to save costs, cutting corners, only on one side of the sealed back panel, revealing the invisible side. After the back panel is sealed on one side, it is easy to moisture and mold, easy to release formaldehyde, causing pollution, must be sealed on both sides.

Besides, the choice of door material is also an important step. There are many different materials in the current market, like Particle board, Multi-layer solid wood/plywood, MDF/HDF, Solid wood. The production process of the surface also varies, UV Lacquer, Lacquer, PVC, Melamine/Laminate, PET board.

(1) Solid wood

a. Beautiful appearance

b. Environmentally friendly and durable

(2)Multi-layer solid wood

a. Hard material and environmental protection

b. Anti-deformation and corrosion resistance

(3)Particle board

a. Smooth and beautiful

b. Good wear resistance, not easy to wear

c. Moderate price and high-cost performance

Ⅵ. Hardware

The hardware accessories of the cabinet are a vital part of the modern kitchen. The choice of suitable hardware will improve the overall quality of the cabinet and extend the service life of the cabinet, playing a very important role.

Hinges: Kitchen door switch times up to thousands of thousands of times, so the door hinges are essential. 

In the usual cabinet door frequently switch process, it is not only to the cabinet and door panel accurately articulated, but also alone to bear the weight of the door panel. 

In the high-quality brands of the world, Austria BLUM, Hettich, Häfele, Glass, etc. belong to the first camp.

Drawer guide rails: The guide rail is one of the important cabinet hardware, its importance is second only to the hinge, about 95% of the kitchen cabinet manufacturers are using low-cost poor quality guide rails.

The main difference lies in the differences caused by different materials, principles, structures, equipment, production processes, etc.

Skirting board: Skirting board is often overlooked, in fact, the first problem with the kitchen cabinet may be it. Because it is close to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to soak swelling mold.

Functional basket: Kitchen items are our daily contact frequent, kitchen utensils are also more varieties of daily life. Daily Cooking is indispensable for in and out of the kitchen, so the moving of pots and pans is inevitable. 

According to different uses, baskets can be divided into dish basket, bottle basket, spicy basket, elevator basket, pull-out baskets, Corner basket, etc.


Spotlights: General glass door hanging cabinets or kitchen cabinets equipped with lighted top panels are often configured with spotlights, which are divided into probe type and inner horizontal type, depending on each person’s preference.


Faucet: The faucet can be said to be a friendly component in the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked when purchasing. Facts have proved that the faucet is a problem-prone in the kitchen. 

If you use a low-priced low-quality faucet, water leakage occurs, and the consequences of not closing it in time will be very serious, so you should pay great attention to its quality when purchasing.


Basin: Basin in the kitchen is an object used quite frequently, so its choice is also particularly important. 

A sink with a larger cleaning volume is more practical, and a depth of 210mm is better, which can effectively prevent water splashing, and the best thickness of the material is 0.8-1.2mm. 

Most of the common sinks are stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramic, or other stone products, depending on the owner’s fondness and the whole style of the kitchen.

 If the style of the kitchen is more fashionable and avant-garde, using stainless steel basin is more appropriate. 

Ⅶ. Countertop

Watching the cabinet, the first thing you see is always countertop. In home furnishings, the most commonly used cabinet countertop materials are the following: quartz stone, stainless steel, rock plate, fireproof board.

(1) Quartz stone countertop

Extremely high-temperature resistance, strong anti-pollution, environmental protection, no radiation, easy maintenance, and colorful, suitable for a variety of home decoration style, cost-effective.

(2) Stainless steel countertop

Although it is green and radiation-free, waterproof, easy to clean, but easy to deformation, scratch marks, easy to oxidation, color and shape by material restrictions, which affects the freedom to play, and the aesthetics is relatively poor.

(3)Sintered stone countertop

It’s innocuous, you don’t have to to worry about environmental protection and health problems, fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, dense structure, basically no moisture, stain penetration space, very easy to clean, and a variety of textures, can be applied to different design decoration style.

(4) Fireproof board countertop

Extremely fireproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, easy to clean, and waterproof and moisture-proof, beautiful appearance.

Ⅷ. Internal design

The design of cabinets should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Various storage and functional accessories should meet individual needs, so that the designed cabinets will be more comfortable to use, and at the same time, the service life of the cabinets can be extended.

(1) Sink cabinet waterproof

Below the sink should be the place with the heaviest water vapor in the kitchen, and the sink cabinet is usually closed, and it is difficult for the water vapor to escape. If the moisture is not well protected, the cabinet will be damaged after a long time. The waterproofing is done well, and the later cabinets will last longer.

(2) Corner design

The current kitchen area is small, and some homes are in a one-line shape and do not need to consider the corner, but more homes are L-shaped and U-shaped. These two types of cabinet corner storage if not handled well, the use of convenience will decline. The door is small but the cabinet is large, the internal items are not convenient to take.

(3) Kitchenware storage area

The kitchen utensils storage area is designed under the stove, so it is usually convenient to take and use pots and bowls, and if placed in these places, the kitchen will look cleaner.

Believing that after reading this article you already have a basic idea of how to select cabinets. If there is still something you do not understand, please don’t hesitate to contact us, George Cabinetry will help you choose the most suitable cabinet for you.

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