A Design to Make Full Use of Balcony Space — Balcony Cabinet

As people pay more and more attention to the balcony area, for many families, the balcony can also play the role of storage, laundry, leisure, office, etc., in addition to drying clothes. To achieve these functions, the balcony cabinet is essential. 

When customizing the balcony cabinet, we must do it according to the needs, think about the design style, plan the size, and understand the precautions in advance to meet the specific needs and extend the service life of the balcony cabinet. 

Here are some suggestions on the design of balcony cabinets from the perspective of cabinet manufacturers.

The common way to make a cabinet on the balcony is to make a laundry cabinet. The laundry cabinet is arranged below, and the wall cabinet is arranged above. There is also a glove box for storing household sundries; A toy cabinet for storing children’s toys; A shoe cabinet for storing shoes; Bookcase, etc. 

It mainly depends on what functional area the balcony is regarded as and what items are stored. 

There are many plans for the decoration of the balcony. For example, the balcony normally will be set as an area for drying clothes, so the decoration is relatively simple. In addition, some balconies are used to place cabinets and create storage space, which is also a good plan. So which scheme is more reasonable for the use of balcony space?

a. If there is a beam on the top of the balcony, it can be designed to be irregular when making the cabinet, such as drawer+closet+open cabinet, which can make the balcony more dexterous, expand the utilization of space as much as possible, and also resolve the embarrassment brought by the beam.

In addition, you can also do some wall cabinets, which will not occupy a lot of space on the balcony, but also increase the storage space on the balcony.

b. If there is a concave or convex column on the balcony, we can design it as embedded when making the cabinet, so that we can not only hide the convex column but also make full use of the space on the wall. 

Or you can make a straight-line storage cabinet, that is, the middle cuboid is hollowed out, and the cuboid is in direct contact with the wall, or it is matched with a long plate to indirectly contact the wall.

c. If you don’t like embedded cabinets or lattice cabinets that are fully arranged, you may as well choose a simple combination of closets, that is, the cabinet is divided into upper, middle, and lower parts. 

The middle part is open and hollowed, which can be used to place some small collections or picture frames. The upper and lower closets are symmetrically designed, which can bring us a symmetrical beauty.

After roughly introducing the layout, we will introduce some common balcony cabinets and the matters needing attention.

1> Laundry cabinet

The base cabinet generally will not make a back plate for commonly used laundry cabinets. One side of the base cabinet is used to place the washing machine. The other side is used to place the water inlet and outlet of the washing machine, the socket, and the liquid detergent, softener, etc. 

Some other items can be placed inside the wall cabinet, such as the clothes hanger used for drying clothes on the balcony. The laundry powder or detergent can be stored. A partition can be made in the middle of the upper part of the washing machine to put a clothes frame, which is used to store washing and dirty clothes.

The specific size and style of the cabinet shall be designed according to the size of the balcony. In the design, it is necessary to determine the washing machine’s width, height, and thickness. At the same time, combining the width of the balcony is necessary to minimize or not block the windows. 

The washing machine should be as far away from the window as possible to avoid direct sunlight. At the same time, pay attention to the door opening direction of the washing machine.

If there is a child at home, you can consider setting a sink on the washing machine, because children’s clothes are dirty quickly and sometimes need to be washed by hand. The pool may not be set up if it does not need to be washed by hand. The height of the pool should be combined with your height. If the pool is too low, it is easy to get low back pain. If the pool is too high, it will cause arm soreness. The best is usually half of your height.

If there are washing machines, dryers, and small wall-mounted washing machines, the space for making cabinets may be relatively small, so you can simply make some storage spaces for placing washing machine supplies. Because the three machines occupy more space, the remaining space is relatively small. Focus on storage space of less than 2 meters for easy access.

If there are many people in the family and the washing time is tight, you can also set a sink in the washing cabinet as the wash basin, also a mirror, and a cabinet for washing and gargling supplies.


In addition to the cabinet itself, the electric wires also need to be planned in advance, reserving cold and hot water valves, water pipe positions, and sockets, and hiding the pipes with the cabinet to ensure a clean and tidy appearance.

2>  Storage cabinet

It mainly stores some reserved items, less used items, or temporary storage space. According to the size of the balcony, the thickness is generally 40-60cm and the height is 1.2-2.4m. The internal structure of the cabinet is set according to the storage requirements. 

Generally, a large space is set at the lower part to store heavy objects or objects with large volume, common objects are stored in the middle, and objects with low use frequency are stored at the upper part.

The customized storage cabinet on the balcony should generally be top mounted, not easy to ash accumulation, and can also maximize the use of space to increase storage. The depth of the cabinet is generally about 300~500mm, and the cabinet’s interior should also be partitioned. 

First, plan different partition heights and grid sizes according to the types of stored items, and then reasonably place them according to the use habits to ensure convenient access.


It is better to store items that are not afraid of heat and moisture on the balcony to avoid deterioration or other problems caused by heat. The balcony wall and ceiling should also be waterproof to avoid the impact of water seepage upstairs.

3>  Bookcase

The balcony is connected to the outdoors by the window, with enough natural light, so it is very suitable to set this place into a study—customized whole wall bookcase. The middle part of the cabinet can be made into an open lattice, from which the table can be extended to serve as a desk.

The desk+bookcase can be integrated, and the balcony can become an office area. Sound insulation should be done when sealing the window, so that it is not easily affected by the outside world.

Generally, the bookcase on the balcony is 350 thick and 2.1-2.4 meters high. A desk can be set below. The bookcase on the balcony is recommended to be a closed cabinet door so that the bookcase can be sealed well to prevent dust from entering, and at the same time, prevent the books from sunburn and fading in the winter sunshine.


Reserve more sockets. In the office process, computers, desk lamps, mobile phones, and other items need to be charged. If conditions permit, it is better to add a sliding door in the living room to separate a small independent study.

4> Low cabinet

Compared with the whole wall lockers, most of the low cabinets are waist high, so the vision will be wider. The space above it will not be limited. You can place some flower arrangements, green plants or decorations according to the style of home decoration, creating a romantic and fresh artistic atmosphere.

5>  Other lockers

Shoe cabinet and toy cabinet can be designed according to your own storage requirements. The balcony shoe cabinet is generally stored in a shoe box, so the internal partition is subject to the height of the shoe box.

 Generally, the shoe box is stored in the upper middle part, and the lower part is generally placed with some shoe care items, or some slippers, sandals, and cloth shoes.

The shoe cabinet can be ventilated by opening holes on the back plate or the front door plate. Or just make a large frame of the cabinet body, make a sliding door, and place a pull-out shoe box inside.

6>  Combined cabinet

Sometimes a multifunctional combination is required, such as the combination of washing cabinet and locker. For the large balcony, a single washing machine won’t use much space, you can consider a combination cabinet to store other items, such as adding a storage space for cleaning items.

7>  Booth seating

Customized booth seating on the balcony can not only be used for leisure and rest but also can be used for storage like other balcony cabinets because the bottom of the booth seating is also a storage space. In addition, you can also customize a semi open wall cabinet to make full use of the balcony space for storage.


Most of the booth seatings are in contact with the ground, cabinet manufacturers recommend that pay attention to the waterproof treatment of the window gap to avoid rain infiltration, damp boards, and rotting.

Extend the life of the balcony cabinet tips:

  1. The cabinet shall be made of boards with strong stability and not easy to crack, taking good waterproof and sunscreen measures
  2. Installing the curtain with thick shading or shutter to avoid direct sunlight
  3. The glass of the balcony shall be multi-layer hollow or vacuum glass and then be pasted with thermal insulation film to block heat

No matter what kind of balcony cabinets are customized, the balcony can have different storage capacities, making the balcony space much cleaner and improving the quality of life. Please customize different balcony cabinets according to your own needs. If you want to know more about the design of balcony cabinets, you can contact us or purchase directly on our website!

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