All You Need to Know about Lacquer Cabinet

With the diversification of indoor customized products, the choice of panels has also become a difficult problem for designers and owners. Minimalist style and light luxury style are popular in interior design and simple and stylish lacquer boards too. Today we will show you what Lacquer is, from the view of cabinetry manufacturers.

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Basic properties of Lacquer

Lacquer board is a woodworking material made of HDF or particle board, which has undergone 6-9 times of grinding and a series of high-temperature baking. The lacquer board has a beautiful appearance and excellent physical properties, is a very practical and commonly used material in interior design.

Ⅰ. Specifications

The lacquer is generally in the unit of “block”, and the specific size of each block needs to be customized according to the designed size specifications.

The thickness of the Lacquer board is generally 9mm, 18mm, 36mm, and the most commonly used is 18mm. If you want to customize it by the manufacturer, any thickness between 3mm and 36mm can be made.

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Ⅱ. Base Material



The traditional lacquer is mainly made of HDF, which is relatively cheap but has poor environmental protection.

One of the more environmentally friendly lacquer board substrates uses particle board and plywood, which are more environmentally friendly and durable than HDF.

Particle Board

Particle Board



Ⅲ. Type

Lacquer boards are also divided into several different categories, including Glossy Lacquer, Matt Lacquer, UV Lacquer, BMW Lacquer, etc.

①The brightness of the glossy lacquer is very high, can reach more than 95%. It has a mirror feeling and can be used indoors to fill light. However, the surface of the glossy lacquer is not resistant to dirt, and it is easy to leave fingerprints if touched by hand. Large area applications may cause indoor dazzle.

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②The matt lacquer is generally made of varnish, which is mixed with an appropriate amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. It is usually divided into two types: semi-matt (gloss 40-60%) and full-matt (gloss less than 30%). Matt lacquer is more advanced than glossy lacquer, also it is more resistant to dirt, and when choosing indoor furniture, matt lacquer is a better selection.

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③UV Lacquer is a kind of high-brightness board that is coated with UV paint by roller and then treated with ultraviolet rays. The general UV paint board has metal edging, it has high color selectability, is wear-resistant and waterproof, long service life, and used for many cabinet door panels.

UV Lacquer

④ BMW Lacquer is divided into two types: water-based BMW Lacquer and oil-based BMW Lacquer. Water based BMW Lacquer is a kind of environmental protection lacquer, which uses water as solvent, while oil-based BMW Lacquer uses organic solvent. The paint film of BMW Lacquer is tough, with strong adhesion, strong UV resistance and corrosion resistance, also good service life and cleanliness.

BMW Lacquer

Fabrication of Lacquer

①Low temperature baking paint: the curing temperature of low-temperature baking paint is 140 ° C ~ 180 ° C, which is rarely used in the market.

②High temperature baking paint: the curing temperature of high temperature baking paint is 280 ° C ~ 400 ° C, which is the most widely used in practice.

Characteristics of Lacquer

Ⅰ. Various colors and styles

The paint surface of the lacquer board is rich in color, and there are many styles to choose from. No matter whether it matched which style, it can show a very good effect.

Lacquer Board Cabinet - 1

Ⅱ. The surface is smooth and easy to clean

The paint film of the lacquer has strong adhesion, high surface hardness and smoothness, only needs to be wiped for cleaning. Avoid friction with steel balls, sharp objects, etc.

Lacquer Board Cabinet - 2

Ⅲ. Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, durable

The surface of the lacquer board product will be painted many times, it is thick, and the sealing effect is good, so the relative moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant effects are also very nice, and the service life will be longer.

Lacquer Board Cabinet - 3

Ⅳ. Long production cycle and high price

The baking paint process is complicated, multiple spraying & baking will make its processing fee relatively expensive. If you choose piano baking paint, the price will be much more higher.

Ⅴ. Improper care is easy to cause color difference

The most important thing to avoid for lacquer is bumps and scratches. Light-colored door panels are also prone to chromatic aberration in kitchens with a lot of oil smoke, so make choices according to your needs.

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Choosing Lacuqer

Most customized products require furniture designers to measure and draw on the spot, you can also send the drawings to George Cabinets, with excellent quality and professional designers, it is a reliable cabinetry manufacturer. If you buy locally, here is the important points:

① Substrate quality

According to the cost performance, you can choose three kinds of substrates: Plywood, Particle board and HDF. For the specific comparison, please refer to the following:

⭐Price: Plywood > Particle board > HDF

⭐Environmentally friendly: Particle board > Plywood > HDF

⭐Performance: Plywood>Particle board>HDF

② Observe the appearance

Under the light, observe the surface at an angle of about 60°. The surface is flat and smooth, with no obvious spots and grinding marks.

③ Test hardness

Use a 2B pencil to swipe across the surface, and wipe it with a cotton cloth. If there are no traces and defects on the surface, which is a high-quality product.

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After such a detailed introduction of lacquer, would you like to choose the lacquer board? George Cabinets, a cabinetry manufacturer, is dedicated to creating the best cabinets for you. If you want to buy a cabinet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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