All You Need to Know about PVC Door Panel

PVC door panel cabinets have become more and more popular among owners. Because of their great color and texture selectivity, they can meet the diversified needs of the market. PVC door panel is a common door panel in people’s daily life. 

Compared with the traditional door panel, it has many advantages and has a wide range of uses. However, there are many kinds of PVC door panels. 

People can choose according to their own needs when purchasing, but there are also several points that need to pay attention. Next, George Cabinetry introduces PVC door panels from the perspective of kitchen cabinets supplier.

What is PVC door panel?

The PVC door panel is also called molded door panel. It originated in Germany, so it is also called German molding. The basic process is to use MDF/HDF as the base material.

After the engraving machine has milled the pattern, it is finely polished and then sprayed with special glue. After the second polishing, the surface is covered with PVC film, which is molded by a vacuum blister.

What are the characteristics of PVC door panel?

(1) The surface layer of the PVC door panel.

We usually use PVC film. The current common PVC door panels generally use PVC film with a thickness of 0.15mm-0.45mm. PVC films are normally imported, such as those from Germany, South Korea and Japan. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to distinguish the source of PVC film of PVC door panel.

(2) The middle layer of the PVC door panel.

The material used for the PVC door panel is mainly MDF. Its manufacturing process is to use a carving machine to carve patterns. After forming, it is polished carefully, and then sprayed with special glue. After spraying, it is polished twice, and finally covered with PVC film, which is what we call blister film. It is made by vacuum molding machine.

(3) Product characteristics

It can be said that at present, PVC door panel has the most patterns. In addition to the solid wood door panel, the PVC door panel is the best one that can be molded.

Another point is that the PVC board can be pressed by the blister film to divide the four sides of the door panel into a whole, thus avoiding the secondary edge sealing, because many problems of the plate are caused by the edge banding. It can avoid a series of problems of glue. Therefore, the PVC door panel has another name, that is, it is called a non-defective door panel.

(4) Durable

For the choice of a door panel, many friends consider the problems that will meet in the future. For example, we should consider the problems of cleaning in normal use and maintenance in the later period.

As for the PVC door panel, it generally will not be worn, so its surface will not be easy to crack and deform. In addition, maintenance and cleaning are very easy, this is also one of the main reasons why PVC doors are widely used in cabinet doors.

What are the advantages of PVC door panel?

It may be the first impression of the PVC door panel made by most friends that it has many special styles and shapes, unlike other flat panels. The PVC door panel also has other advantages. We summarize the advantages of PVC door panel, mainly including the following five points.

(1) The styles are rich and varied.

The film on the PVC door panel also determines the color and texture of the door panel. In addition, the PVC door panel can process the base material to make various shapes. Therefore, can achieve a wealth of modeling patterns and textures in a comprehensive way. 

PVC door panels have many options available in the cabinet market and can meet almost any color needs and any style needs.

(2) The environmental protection performance is quite good.

Although the carcass of the PVC door panel is MDF, its surface layer is covered with PVC film. The PVC film is edge sealed as a whole during the blistering process so that the MDF of the carcass can be effectively sealed. Therefore, the environmental protection performance of the PVC door panel is very good. 

It can be said that the pollutant emission of qualified PVC door panel is close to zero. This point has great advantages over traditional lacquer boards.

(3) The appearance is exquisite and easy to take care of.

The PVC film on the surface of the PVC door panel is very delicate and feels very good, so its surface is generally not easy to get greasy. Even if there is an oil splash on the surface, we can clean it by timely scrubbing.

Another outstanding advantage is the PVC door panel, which makes people feel very delicate, has a certain texture, and feels very good.

(4) Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, long service life.

Many friends may be worried that the film on the surface of the PVC door panel is not wear-resistant. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this. The surface of the PVC door panel is very wear-resistant, it is difficult for ordinary objects to scratch the surface of the PVC door panel.

In particular, some imported PVC films will have better coverage effect. Because of the use of integral film covering, the PVC door panel ensures the stability of the panel, and its service life is also very long.

(5) The price is quite affordable.

Among all kinds of panel doors, you can compare them. In fact, PVC door panel is more affordable. For many families whose budgets are not very large, but also want to choose some European style or Chinese style decoration, PVC door panel is a good choice. 

PVC doors can be molded, and solid wood doors can also be molded, but PVC doors are much cheaper than solid wood doors. Therefore, the PVC door panel meets the needs of those who want to make shapes, but are reluctant to buy solid wood door panel.

What are the disadvantages of PVC door panel?

PVC door panel has many advantages but also has its own shortcomings. In fact, the disadvantages are also determined by its manufacturing process. If you plan to choose PVC door panel, you should also find out its shortcomings. Because these may have a certain impact on later use. The common shortcomings of PVC door panels mainly include the following two points.

(1) The surface is concave.

In fact, the concave surface reflects the problem of PVC film. Like most PVC door panels, this process uses hot pressing film covering, which may cause thermal expansion and cold contraction in this process. If the PVC film is cooled, the heat generated is not uniformly shrunk, which may result in the concave direction of the PVC film. In fact, you may feel this when you touch the PVC door panel with your hands, this is caused by the defects of its manufacturing process.

(2) The price and quality of different products vary greatly.

For example, PVC films used for door panels have differences in imported or domestic. For imported PVC door panels, the price is very high. Some may be close to solid wood boards. However, if we choose some PVC door panels with substandard quality, we will find that the panel is not heat resistant and may foam when heated.

How to select PVC door panels?

(1) Identification method of base material quality: the base material quality directly determines whether it has the holding power of nails, the deformation degree, and the environmental protection performance.

A better way to distinguish the density of PVC door panel and other panel is to select small pieces of plates of the same size and then weigh them. The PVC door panel with higher density has the better nail-holding ability and less deformation.

(2) Identification method of film quality: The quality of film directly determines the grade and service performance of the finished PVC door panel. A good PVC film should reach a certain thickness, the back glue should be uniform, and the color should be stable. If the thickness of PVC film is low, it will appear white and orange peel on the surface when covering the corners. 

Some kitchen cabinets suppliers choose to reduce the pressure of the plastic suction machine in order to deal with these two problems, but it cannot guarantee the adhesion and compression firmness of PVC film and substrate.

(3) Gum of membranes is that the PVC membrane and the base material cannot be bonded and pressed normally, so the back must be coated with glue during production, which is called gum. The uniformity and quality of the gum directly affect the adhesion and pressure between the PVC membrane and the base material.

(4) The color problem is a noticeable problem of the finished PVC board, and yellowing is the inevitable problem. The stability of the PVC surface texture and color should be guaranteed, otherwise will occur the color loss problem during the normal use of the wiping process.

(5) Surface treatment of PVC door panel: the surface treatment is related to the overall image of the finished PVC panel. If the orange peel problem is serious, the whole door panel will look dark, and this will be really obvious for the high gloss PVC door panel.

(6) Manual work problem of PVC door panel: it is mainly reflected in the absorption at the corners. If there is a glue crack, this PVC door panel piece may have water absorption deformation and PVC film crack during use. When selecting, you can scratch the part where the PVC film and the plate are glued by using your fingernail. The finished PVC board will not pick off with a little effort.

How to choose the color materials for PVC cabinet?

Those who know about the PVC door panel also know that the appearance of the PVC door panel is somewhat similar to the lacquer door panel because they have one thing in common, that is, a shiny surface. Because of this, some consumers are uncertain about how to choose between these two. 

The PVC door panel has several obvious features, which are difficult to burn, high hardness, and will produce chlorine once burning. It should be known that chlorine has an impact on the environment. It has certain anti-corrosion and insulation effects. The PVC cabinet door panel has good ductility and is more convenient for secondary use.

Because it has the same characteristics as the lacquer door panel, so there are many colors to choose from. Which color should you choose? This decision varies from person to person. 

It is reasonable to choose the color of the PVC cabinet door panel according to the style and main color of the home decoration. There are many colors of PVC boards that you can think of, or can’t think of. The kitchen cabinets suppliers can deploy them. 

There are several mainstream colors in the market: red, white, yellow and green. These colors have a high market and are suitable for young people and office workers. They have a certain pressure-reducing effect on people who have worked for a day.

The above is the knowledge of PVC, after reading the content of this article, I hope it can help you. As a professional kitchen cabinets supplier, George Cabinetry are only for creating the most suitable cabinets for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to renovate your kitchen cabinets or order new ones.

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