Are You still Thinking about whether to Install Skirting in the Kitchen?

Does the kitchen need skirting? The answer is yes. 

What is skirting? 

Why should the kitchen need to install skirting? 

What’s the function of kitchen skirting? 

As a kitchen cabinet manufacturer exporting to many countries, George Cabinetry will answer these questions.

What is the kitchen skirting?

The cabinet skirting is also called the cabinet baffle, which generally exists under kitchen cabinets. The skirting of the cabinet is indeed a particularly important existence.

  1. Good protection: since skirting of the cabinet is a transitional part connecting the ground and the cabinet, it protects the whole cabinet from damage caused by external force collision, and better combines the cabinet and the ground.
  2. Skirting plays a waterproof and moisture-proof role: the kitchen is a relatively humid place. With the skirting of the cabinet, the water on the ground can be effectively prevented from flowing to the bottom of the cabinet, which ensures that the bottom of the cabinet is not eroded by water and extends the service life of the whole cabinet.
  3. Visual and aesthetic effects: the skirting plays a visual balance role, which can achieve an aesthetic effect of the whole cabinet. It uses its colors and lines to echo with the cabinet so that the whole cabinet can achieve a perfect visual effect.
  4. Blocking sewage and oil stains: one of the most important functions of the skirting is to prevent sewage and oil stains from flowing into the bottom of the cabinet, so as to avoid breeding bacteria and cockroaches, and also effectively block dust and garbage.

How to install kitchen cabinet skirting will be more beautiful?

The color of the skirting need to be unified with the cabinet as far as possible, which can make the space appear more integrated, and there is no color difference, especially suitable for small space use.

How to position the appropriate height?

Skirting is an accessory and a foil product, its height specification largely depends on the height of the cabinet and the tabletop.

Generally, the height of the cabinet top will not exceed 100cm, and the height of about 85CM. The base cabinet needs to leave enough storage space, generally 70-80cm high, so the height of the skirting is positioned at about 10cm.

The sum of the two heights will not exceed the above table height, which is also a relatively appropriate height, isolating direct contact with the ground, and having the function of moisture and ash prevention. 

At the same time, it can avoid the friction between the cabinet door and the ground when opening and closing the cabinet door, resulting in the wear of the cabinet door.

In home decoration, we must pay attention to the decoration of the skirting. It is a part where functions and decoration coexist. 

It is an important place that plays a visual balance role. It uses its own linear feeling, materials, colors and so on to echo each other indoors, which can play a better beautifying and decorative effect!

What are the common materials of skirting? How to choose?

① Metal skirting

Features: normally there are two kinds of metal skirting – stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The metal skirting has a strong metal texture, high-cost performance, convenient maintenance, moisture-proof and durability.

More importantly, you can easily make an arc. If the wall surface of your home is an arc, you might as well consider metal materials.

Suitable for hotel, modern/industrial style

② Wooden skirting

Features: there are two kinds of wood skirting – solid wood and HDF. The price of solid wood will be higher. Wooden skirting is the most common, but they are also prone to moisture and deformation. The wooden skirting can also be painted freely and painted into other colors to match the decoration.

Suitable style: Chinese, Nordic, American, etc

③ Stone skirting

Features: the price of stone skirting is higher, and it has more texture. The colors and shapes are more diverse, and they are very wear-resistant. The stone skirting has good moisture resistance and can be used in the toilet, kitchen and other places.

Suitable style: modern style

④ Tile skirting

Features: the price of tile skirting is cheap, and there are many patterns to choose from, which can decorate the space of your home.

Suitable style: American style, modern style, etc


Features: the PVC skirting will generally imitate wood veneer or paint into other effects, which is cheap and will not be affected by moisture. The disadvantage is that the veneer is easy to fall off after a long service life, which affects the aesthetics.

Suitable style: depending on the situation

At present, the mainstream skirting materials are aluminum-plastic, aluminum alloy and solid wood.

Aluminum plastic skirting

The aluminum-plastic skirting is composed of a thick PVC mainboard and brushed bright aluminum skin. It is thick and durable as a whole, with perfect structure and a fashionable appearance.

Aluminum alloy skirting

This kind of material belongs to metal skirting, which has a strong metal texture, high strength and is not easy to deform, waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, durable, and environmentally friendly. George cabinets, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer dedicated to details, mostly use aluminum alloy anchor wires of this quality.

Solid wood skirting

The solid wood material is usually matched with the overall solid wood kitchen cabinet, with high-end appearance and high grade. The original solid wood material has high environmental protection performance.

As can be seen, skirting is very important for cabinets and can protect the base cabinet to a certain extent.

In consideration of the comfort of use, it is appropriate to keep the height of the skirting at about 8-12cm, which can not only leave sufficient storage space for the base cabinet but also prevent direct contact with the ground and play the role of moisture-proof and waterproof.

George Cabinetry, a thoughtful kitchen cabinet manufacturer, will make a depth of 3-5cm when designing the skirting, so that the toes can extend slightly when cutting vegetables and the body can be closer to the table surface, which is convenient for operation and reduces bending.

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