2023: Evolving Cabinet Hardware Trends

As the old year fades away, so too do yesterday’s trends, making way for tomorrow’s vibrant, multifunctional, and comfort-driven themes. Embrace the dawn of 2023 with its promise of bolder hues, heightened convenience, and a canvas for your unique stylistic expression.

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Dissolving Design Norms: The Monochrome Retreat

All-white kitchens with matte black hardware are starting to lose their charm. This year, we bid adieu to the monochromatic aesthetics, welcoming a dynamic interplay of colors that adds depth and visual intrigue. Minimalism will continue to make way for maximalism, with the latter’s rich hues holding sway.

A New Chapter in Kitchen Hardware: Trends to Watch in 2023

Cabinetry remains a quintessential element of kitchen design. Expect dark stained wood, glass panels with unique hardware, and two-toned cabinets to leave a lasting impression. A contrasting finish for your island or differential finishing for your top and bottom cabinets could be your ticket to a vibrant, unique home. And for those who prefer a more subdued palette, grays, blacks, and whites will still be in vogue, with an opportunity to change the depth by varying the shades across different kitchen sections.

»Glimmering Accents: Long Live the Gold

Gold – the color of luxury and elegance – continues its reign in the world of kitchen cabinet hardware. From brushed golden brass to champagne bronze and rose gold, this sweet tone can add a dash of opulence to any kitchen, complementing both light and dark cabinetry.

»Edge Pulls: A Whiff of Modernity

Edge pulls, with their sleek design and ease of maintenance, offer a modern aesthetic that subtly complements your cabinetry. Available in various finishes, they can blend seamlessly with any kitchen décor.

edge pull

(Source: Goldwarm)

»The Timeless Elegance of Matte Black

Black hardware is here to stay, but the context has changed. Black on blue, or black on black, black never fails to impress. Paired with a matte or flat black hardware, matte black faucets can make a chic statement.

»Copper and Weathered Nickel: The Rustic Revival

Long discarded, copper is making a comeback, bringing a warm yet casual tone to the table. Weathered nickel, with its rustic charm, perfectly complements shaker-style cabinet doors. Both are ideal for a farmhouse-style aesthetic.

»Brushed Nickel: The Versatile Classic

Brushed or satin nickel is a timeless choice that is unlikely to go out of style. It pairs well with almost any cabinet color and matches brilliantly with stainless steel appliances.

»Glass and Geometric Shapes: A Classic Revival

Glass knobs and pulls are making a comeback, while unique geometric hardware adds a touch of elegance. Cabinet jewelry is the new name of the game!

»A Symphony of Hardware: Mixing it Up

Who says uniformity is a must? Don’t hesitate to mix knobs with handles or even different styles. Go for knobs on the upper cabinets and handles on the lower ones. Make a statement with unique hardware on your island.

»How about Putting No Hardware?

Harnessing the beauty of minimalism, one might consider shunning hardware altogether. This refined approach aligns perfectly with the clean contours of contemporary cabinetry, offering an uncluttered, streamlined aesthetic.

Picture a kitchen boasting dual instances of this “hardware-free” philosophy: Lower cabinets grace the space with chic cutout handles, while upper doors present a flat-panel design. This marriage of simplicity and sophistication culminates in an arresting display of modern elegance.


As we enter 2023, it’s clear that kitchen design is transforming, expanding, and accommodating a broad spectrum of tastes. From the bold resurgence of jewel tones to the continued reign of gold, from the rustic allure of copper and weathered nickel to the minimalist charm of hardware-free cabinets, the trends are as diverse as they are intriguing.

In embracing these design shifts, we’re not just updating our kitchens but expressing our unique styles, personalities, and preferences. So, here’s to a year of design experimentation and creating spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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