10 Ways Cabinets at Home in Any Room

When it comes to storage needs in the dining room, bedroom, or hallway, off-the-shelf furniture may not always cut it. In such cases, consider using kitchen cabinets for a solution that is both practical and stylish. Whether custom-made or flat-pack, kitchen cabinets can be adapted to suit your personal storage requirements and the space available in your home.

In the Dining Room

➣Banquettes are the Bomb

Who doesn’t love a cozy little nook to enjoy their meals in? Utilize low drawer cabinets that can double as seats with storage and add a comfy foam cushion on top. Voila! You’ve created a banquette seating area for the whole family to enjoy. And to really tie the space together, consider using the same cabinet fronts or complementary cabinets as your kitchen.

dining room banquette
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➣Built-In Cabinets are Back

Want to bring back the efficiency and charm of older homes? Look no further than built-in cabinets! Not only do they keep your dishes and flatware within easy reach, but they also add a touch of vintage class to your dining area. And to keep things consistent, continue the same cabinet and colour scheme from your kitchen into your meal area.

➣Get Creative with Drawers

Who says drawers are just for cutlery and utensils? Use them to create a custom credenza that can store all your fancy crockery, glasses, and serving platters, as well as table linen and placemats. Your guests will be impressed by your organization skills, and you’ll be happy to have everything within arm’s reach of the dining table.

In the Bathroom

People are all about downsizing these days, which means smaller homes and, inevitably, smaller bathrooms. But fear not, my fellow bath-time enthusiasts! With the right approach and some quality kitchen cabinets, you can turn even the tiniest bathroom into a cozy little oasis. Here are some hot tips for maximizing space and keeping things looking sharp:

Opt for semi-custom cabinets to maximize storage and keep clutter under control.

Choose smaller versions of everything from the sink to the lighting to create the illusion of more space.

And of course, don’t forget to pick a bathroom color that’ll keep your resale value sky high! So next time you’re staring down a cramped and cluttered bathroom, remember: with a little bit of creativity and some top-notch kitchen cabinets, anything is possible.

In the Living Room

In the world of cabinets, versatility is key. Take your living room to the next level by incorporating kitchen cabinets that fit your space and your needs.

Entertainment units, bookshelves, and storage for your lounge, family room, or home theater can be custom-designed by combining cabinets with drawers and doors. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild!

Don’t let the cabinets overpower the room. Add some open shelves to display decorative items, family photos, and your favorite books. This will make the cabinetry feel less heavy and add some much-needed personality to your space.

With the right combination of cabinets, drawers, and doors, you can cater to all your storage requirements, from DVD collections to board games, books, and children’s toys. Let your cabinets work for you and make your space both efficient and attractive.

(Source: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/cat/tv-media-furniture-10475/)

In the Bedroom

Are you tired of your bedroom feeling cluttered and disorganized? Look no further than your kitchen cabinets! Yes, you read that right. With some simple tweaks, you can transform your pantry or broom cabinets into a freestanding wardrobe that meets all your storage needs.

Remove any shelves you don’t need and add some hanging rails at heights to suit the length of your clothes. Choose door styles and finishes to match your room decor, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. With these changes, your new wardrobe will feel like a custom piece of furniture.

But that’s not all – you can also use drawer cabinets to create extra storage for underwear, nightwear, scarves, and accessories. Top it off with a matching surface for displaying your favorite ornaments, personal items, and family photos. Add a mirror above the drawers to create a convenient hair and make-up station, or a spot to put on your jewelry before heading out.

These same ideas work wonders in a child’s bedroom, too! Use drawers to store clothes and toys, and display favorite toys or boxes of tissues and wipes on top. Open-shelf cabinets with no doors are perfect for showing off and storing books, toy cars, and baby keepsakes.

In the Home Office or Study

home office cabinet

The age of remote work has dawned upon us, but who wants their homes to resemble their office spaces? Fear not, for quality kitchen cabinets can come to the rescue and save both your day and your sanity.

These cabinets can serve as an excellent storage solution for all your work materials, ensuring they are out of sight and out of mind when you’re off the clock. And forget about a boring old desk, a laminated kitchen top can be cut to size and serve as a cost-effective and stylish alternative. Stack some open-shelf cabinets nearby to keep books, stationery, and files within arm’s reach of your workspace.

If you have a computer tower and printer, stash them in under-bench cabinets with doors to keep them out of sight and out of mind.

In the Laundry Room

Just because guests don’t normally venture into the laundry room doesn’t mean it should be a dump. It’s time for a laundry room makeover!

First things first, we need some cabinets to stash all those laundry detergents and cleaning products. Then, let’s get some high kitchen cabinets to stash those pesky laundry baskets out of sight. And don’t forget to add more cabinets to store all your odds and ends, like pet food and last season’s clothes. Get creative with storage options, like a tiered spice storage drawer to keep those cleaning items organized and easy to find. Let’s make this laundry room the envy of the neighborhood, shall we?

In the Basement or Garage

Don’t let your basements and garages be mere catchalls for dust and debris. With a bit of imagination, you can transform these spaces into functional and stunning rooms that cater to your needs. Want an entertainment room equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual systems? How about a personal gym to keep you in tip-top shape? With kitchen cabinets, you can achieve these goals and more.

Storage cabinets can be used to organize sports equipment, tools, appliances, Christmas decorations, clothes, and anything else that no longer fits inside your house. By keeping your belongings organized and out of sight, you can free up valuable space and streamline your life. Without these cabinets, you might find yourself struggling to locate what you need, when you need it.

Transform your basements and garages into the rooms of your dreams, and rediscover the possibilities of your living space. Let kitchen cabinets help you reach your goals, and start living your best life today.

(Source: https://storewall.com.au/2018/10/measuring-your-garage-storage-solution/)

In the Hallway

Do you ever find yourself tripping over shoes or struggling to find a coat in your hallway? Don’t worry, because a large hallway can be transformed into the perfect storage space with just a little bit of creativity. By incorporating hallway cabinetry, you can keep all of your belongings organized and out of the way.

Don’t settle for plain and boring cabinetry – consider using timber-look doors to give the illusion of wall panelling. This not only adds visual interest but can also make your hallway feel more cozy and inviting. Kitchen base cabinets are also a great option for lower cabinetry, while overhead cabinets can be used for even more storage space. Depending on your needs, a kitchen pantry or broom cupboard with matching doors can be used for tall storage.

Say goodbye to cluttered hallways and hello to a tidy and functional space with hallway cabinetry.

In the Craft or Sewing Room

Let’s face it, adults have their own version of toys, and for some of us, these toys come in the form of crafting and sewing supplies. We love to create, but let’s be real, we can also make a bit of a mess.

With cabinets in your creative space, you can easily stash away your paints, brushes, fabrics, and other supplies when you’re not using them, and easily retrieve them when you’re ready to unleash your inner artist again. No more cluttered workspaces or lost supplies – just pure creative bliss.

sewing room storage
(Source: https://www.bhg.com/decorating/storage/craft-room/sewing-room-organization-ideas/)

In the Playroom or Media Room

While parents with playrooms are fortunate to have a designated place for the mess we call toys, they still need a way to put those toys away at the end of the day and keep them within easy reach of little bodies. Built-in custom cabinets can do this, reduce clutter, and even organize toys by child or type.
The media room, like the playroom, is probably one of the most obvious places to use semi-custom cabinets to make the room attractive yet neat. You can easily put away those game controllers, DVDs, gadgets and more that aren’t in use when you have room to put them away.

(Source: http://www.winterdaisy.com/blog/2020/1/22/classic-blue-and-white-kids-modern-playroom-reveal)


The possibilities for kitchen cabinets are endless, and you can use them to add storage space to every room in your home. With a bit of imagination, you can find uses for cabinets in the bathroom, laundry room, and more. And if you need more space, you can always buy new cabinets or remodel your home to create additional storage. As you’ve seen, kitchen cabinets can be a lifesaver for any homeowner looking to declutter and organize their space.

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