Do You Know What is a Solid Wood Board for Kitchen Cabinet?

Solid wood cabinet refers to the cabinet made of solid wood or multi-layer hardwood as door panel for whole cabinet. When buying solid wood cabinets, you will find a wide range of prices for solid wood cabinets, and there are many kinds of wood for the door panels of solid wood cabinets. 

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet solid wood board, and which cabinet solid wood board should be purchased? As a kitchen cabinet supplier, we will introduce it to you.

# Maple wood

Produced in Italy, with a growth cycle of 70-80 years. Usually do closed paint, its advantages include:

(1) The whole material is imported from Italy. The labor, equipment and technology of Italy are expensive. The door frame is made of maple wood imported from Italy, and the door core is often made of cherry imported from Italy;

(2) The maple wood door frame has a shiny surface and a smooth texture. The golden fine grain appears elegant and noble, and perfectly integrates with the texture of cherry wood;

(3) Smooth section, elastic, not easy to deform, high-grade shape;

(4) Easy to process, easy to shape, no color change, paint and bonding performance are particularly good.

(5) It is produced in the cold zone of the northern hemisphere and has a variety of bacteriostatic functions;

(6) The wood is compact and resistant to bending;

(7) The texture is clear and beautiful, the paint is full and transparent, and the three-dimensional sense is strong;

(8) Marked with “made in Italy”, the door frame and door core are made of solid wood

# Cherry

Produced in Italy and North America, with a growth cycle of 70-80 years. Usually do closed paint, the advantages of Cherry are:

(1) High grade wood is often used to make pipes, musical instruments, wooden combs, etc. since the 17th century, cherry wood has been the favorite of carpenters and decorators;

(2) Cherry wood is a kind of rich spiritual and gorgeous material. She has a very unique characteristic – the longer the time, the darker the color and grain. Like fine wine, it becomes more and more mellow with the passage of time, which is also a profound accumulation of feelings;

(3) Cherry wood is naturally fine and clear in texture, which is as beautiful as landscape painting and suitable for high-end household products;

(4) Cherry wood is produced in northern Europe, which is rare and noble in the market;

(5) High fit and strong sense of integrity;

(6) Bending resistance, impact resistance, strong nail holding force, easy surface processing and coloring; Good gluing performance

(7) Italian original imported door panel, unique laser printed “made in Italy” logo, door frame and door core are made of solid wood

# Red oak

Produced in the southeast of the United States, with a growth cycle of 70-80 years. Usually do open paint, the advantages are:

(1) The furniture made of red oak is very hard and durable.

(2) The red oak has very clear mountain shaped wood grain, the wood tube hole is very clear, and the texture is very rough;

(3) The vitality of red oak is particularly strong. It has existed in the dinosaur era. But now the dinosaurs are extinct, and oak is still healthy and growing.

(4) It is America’s favorite wood species. The American Declaration of independence was signed on the red oak table, so it represents the spirit of freedom;

(5) The best red wine is made in oak barrels. White oak makes wine casks and red oak makes wine cabinets. Oak and wine are the world’s iconic red wine culture;

(6) The fruit and leaves of the oak tree are the symbols of the protectors of the British royal family, with profound cultural heritage.

(7) The wood is hard and tough. It is produced in the southeast of the United States. The door frame and the door core are all solid wood;

(8) Good bending resistance and corrosion resistance of core material;

(9) Commonly used in furniture, flooring, interior architectural design, indoor joinery products and decorative lines

# Alder wood

Produced in the west coast of the United States, with a growth cycle of 50-60 years. If made with open paint, it is the most cost-effective. Here are the advantages:

(1) Classic pastoral style, the texture of the coated product is similar to that of cherry wood;

(2) The wood is straight, with fine texture and uniform distribution;

(3) The wood is soft, with good processing performance and easy modeling;

(4) Rich in color, light brown, yellow or light red;

(5) There are radial, meteor like wood stripes, which is the unique symbol of alder;

(6) The price is economical and the style is the most abundant.

(7) It is produced in the western coast of the United States. It has a classic rural style. The colors are changeable, and the rural flavor is slightly yellow or light red;

(8) The wood is straight, with uniform and fine texture, slightly yellow or light red;

(9) Nails and screws have good fixation performance and good dyeing performance

# Manchurian Ash

Produced in the southeast of the United States and Northern Europe, with a growth cycle of 50-60 years. Usually made with open paint, the advantages are:

(1) Ancient tree species, originating from China, are mainly distributed in the northeast. Now they are very rare in China and are listed as national level 2 protected plants. It is widely distributed in Russia, northern Europe and the United States;

(2) Beautiful texture, tough material, suitable for dry climate;

(3) It can make all kinds of furniture, musical instruments, sports equipment, cars and ships, machinery and special building materials.

(4) High hardness, tough material, and excellent overall strength performance;

(5) It is yellowish white or brown and slightly yellow, and the wood is tall and straight; Rough texture, beautiful pattern and luster;

(6) It is suitable for dry climate, not easy to aging, and has a variety of medicinal values;

(7) Smooth section, small color difference, good corrosion resistance, water resistance, good coloring performance, good paint and adhesive performance

These are the solid wood materials that are usually used by kitchen cabinet supplier on the market. Many people might ask why there is a solid wood door panel. Then I will tell you the special functions of solid wood door panels.

  1. Absolute environmental protection, formaldehyde emission is almost zero, which is incomparable to any kind of plate
  2. Long service life, more than 2-5 times that of panel furniture
  3. Solid wood has a good humidity control function, which can directly ease the change of kitchen humidity and make people feel comfortable
  4. The thermal conductivity of solid wood is moderate, giving a warm and comfortable feeling
  5. Solid wood has good sound absorption and can effectively reduce the noise in the kitchen. It is also the preferred material for concert halls and recording rooms
  6. Natural wood, with natural and clear texture, symbolizes a kind of vitality
  7. It makes the vision soft. The solid wood can absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight and reflect the infrared rays at the same time, which can make people feel warm.

There are so many advantages of solid wood. How can you tell whether you bought real wood or not?

# Common tips


Texture: see whether the texture of the solid wood is clear and continuous. See the unique marks of each wood. The front and back textures should correspond to each other, and there should be signs of normal growth of the solid wood (bird peck marks, natural growth scars)

Carving shape: whether the texture is clear, whether the carving process is fine, neat and uniform, and whether the paint color is uniform

Paint: there is no obvious color difference on the door panel, which is very flat and has good gloss; There is no paint hanging on the edge; The paint at the process modeling is also sprayed evenly

Splicing: see the place where the log frame and the core plate are spliced, see that the splicing is seamless and the angle is smooth


Back of hand: it should be noted that the skin on the back of the hand is the most delicate and suitable for feeling the smoothness of the material of the door panel. Both the front and back of the door panel should be flat and smooth

Fingers: the stitching and subtle modeling must be felt with fingers, which can best identify the advantages and disadvantages. It is the best when no gap is felt at the door panel splice; The four corners of the door panel should have a certain radian and be round; The groove of the shape shall be smooth and smooth without burr, paint and uneven

Palm: touch the edges around the door panel to be flat and smooth without burr and unevenness


Door core: knock on the door core with your fingers, and you will find the unique crisp feeling of solid wood, and there will be a slight shaking motion (expansion joint process)

Door frame: knock on the door frame of red oak and cherry wood with your fingers. The wood of these door panels is compact enough, strong and durable, which can indicate that their production life is long


Echo of pure solid wood door frame and door core: pure solid wood will have a unique crisp feeling of real wood, with a slight echo

Sound of clad plate and composite solid wood door core: the sound is dull, dry and no response


Slowly rub it on the door panel with the palm of your hand, and gradually speed up the speed and strength. When the palm is hot, quickly remove the palm, and quickly let the client smell the smell of the rubbing part.

The better solid wood door panel will not have any exciting smell because of the better paint technology and base material. If you smell it carefully, you will still smell the faint aroma of log.

If it is a poor solid wood door panel, the base material and paint are poor. When you rub it hot, you will smell the pungent paint smell, and sometimes even have a bad smell.

The above are some introduction and identify solid wood door panels from the view of kitchen cabinet supplier. If you are interested in solid wood cabinets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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