Here’s How to Choose or Customize a TV Cabinet

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For the living room, the TV cabinet is an essential artifact for the storage of the entire area. Now when considering installing the TV cabinet, more attention is paid to its storage function. Therefore, even if there is no need to watch TV, it is recommended to keep the TV cabinet. A s a cabinetry manufacturer, George Cabinetry recommends that the design of TV cabinet can choose the appropriate type for layout according to the actual storage needs and space structure of the family!

Type Introduciton

1> Basic simple type

If you have a separate storage room at home, or live alone, the storage needs are not large, then choose a minimalist TV cabinet can be.

“I” type, “II” type or “L” type TV cabinet is a good choice to meet the small capacity of storage needs, while used to display, hide wires.

“I” type TV cabinet usage rate is high, simple and easy to match, especially suitable for small living room. As the living room wall is small, the use of “I” shaped TV cabinet can make the living room is not too depressing, the bottom can be suspended to meet the storage function and convenient cleaning. ▼

The “II” type TV cabinet is a set of hanging cabinets above the floor cabinets, which is relatively lightweight, all fitted with cabinet doors to increase decoration, and the hanging cabinets can be used as a display area. ▼

“L” type TV cabinet is also called semi-enclosed TV cabinet, is a combination of high cabinet + “I” cabinet. Suitable for relatively large living room, high cabinet can increase the storage function, simple and convenient, increase the beauty of space and enrich the three-dimensional sense of the wall. ▼

2> Super storage type

The storage type of the whole wall TV cabinet is suitable for large storage needs, but with limited space of households. Such as hutch shape TV cabinet, a whole wall of cabinets, the middle is for the reserved space, whether to place the TV, or decorative items can be. ▼

If you are looking for visual and psychological openness, you can choose a C-shaped or U-shaped design to increase the storage capacity and make the space more designable at the same time. ▼

If the living room does not want a TV, you can customize the entire wall cabinet to make more effective use of space, thus maximizing the storage function, hiding and revealing things for reasonable distribution, clean and tidy. ▼

Families with a large demand for book collections and no independent study can change the original TV cabinet in the living room into a bookcase design, customize the bookshelves according to the size of the space, and the entire wall is the operating space. ▼

3> Multifunctional type

Wall TV cabinet: mainly suitable for the TV wall is not a solid wall. By customizing the TV cabinet into a wall, so that the TV cabinet to achieve the partition function, super practical. ▼

If no wall, but there is a desire to achieve storage and space partitioning, you can “make cabinets for the wall”, to create a partitioned TV cabinet. In the limited area of space to achieve effective functional partitioning, and not lose the sense of hierarchy. ▼

One-piece custom cabinet: suitable for living room and other connected areas.

Living room and dining room have connected walls, using side cabinet + TV cabinet integrated design, cabinet through the two areas, use a whole wall to create a collection of storage cabinets, bring sufficient storage space to the living room and dining room. ▼

Shopping Tips

At present, there are many types of TV cabinets on the market, and a variety of materials constitute the colorful TV cabinets on the market. When you plan to buy a TV cabinet, the following shopping tips are available for you to choose from.

One of the skills for selecting TV cabinets: Most TV cabinets are made of wood. The price of TV cabinets will vary greatly depending on the variety and quality of wood. Those who like solid wood can choose rosewood TV cabinets. Rosewood is a symbol of high-grade wood. The rosewood wood texture is beautiful and durable. It is the most expensive one among TV cabinets. Friends who like simplicity and popularity can choose pine wood TV cabinets. These cabinets are cheap and not as expensive as rosewood, but they are actually made of good materials.

The second selection skill of TV cabinet: the living room with modern style can choose a TV cabinet with simple lines and beautiful shape; The living room decoration style of classical style should choose solid wood TV cabinet, which is more upscale; For the living room with pastoral decoration style, you can choose the TV cabinet with earthy flavor or more jumping colors. In short, the overall style of the living room and the TV cabinet should be well matched, so that the TV cabinet can improve the style and level of the living room.

The third selection skill of TV cabinet: We all know that electrical appliances need heat dissipation, so the TV cabinet materials also need heat dissipation. The placement of lines is also a matter of attention when we purchase TV cabinets. Everything is convenient for the placement of lines. Of course, the function of the TV cabinet still depends on whether it can accommodate the items you need to place. The appearance is very important, but the convenient and practical performance is more suitable for us. If we can’t really use the TV cabinet, then what’s the meaning of the TV cabinet.

What are the precautions for the TV cabinet?

① Measure the size in advance

After the TV cabinet style is determined, measure the size in advance, such as the length and width of the TV wall and the length, width and height of the TV, to avoid the need for subsequent replacement due to incorrect size.

② TV cabinet depth

The depth of the TV cabinet is less than that of the ordinary cabinet. It is better to control the wall cabinet within 20-30cm, and the floor cabinet can be a little wider, preferably 35-40cm, so that the wall looks light and not cumbersome.

③ TV cabinet plate

As one of the main furniture in the living room, the TV cabinet should not only consider its appearance and storage capacity, but also pay attention to the environmental protection of its plates when purchasing or customizing.

The air pollution source of plates mainly comes from the adhesives used. The traditional adhesives used in the production of plates are three formaldehyde adhesives: urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive and melamine resin adhesive. Formaldehyde is used in the synthesis of the trialdehyde glue. Once encountering the environment of high temperature and humidity, a reversible reaction will occur, and the glue will be decomposed into formaldehyde again, polluting the indoor air.

Customized TV cabinets need to be specially designed according to consumers’ preferences and the actual situation of home space. A good home life certainly requires a whole set of furniture that you like. The cabinetry manufacturer George Cabinetry hope this article is helpful to you, if you want to customize your TV cabinet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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23 Responses

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