Here’s How You Deal with the Clothes Storage

With the growth of our age and the passage of time, our clothes are also changing constantly. If we do not store the changed clothes, the room will become cluttered and even affect our health. Some families will set multiple wardrobes in the main bedroom, while others will just separate a space as a cloakroom. 

For home decoration at this stage, many friends want to set up a cloakroom at home and use the cloakroom to replace the traditional wardrobe. 

So why is it popular for many people to set up a cloakroom when decorating their house?  What are the differences between it and the traditional wardrobe?  Which can bring us more convenience and better use? 

Following Georges Cabinetry analyses cloakrooms and wardrobes from the perspective of a wardrobe supplier.


In family life, the function and role of the cloakroom are very big. Many people even give up the main bathroom and choose to be the cloakroom, which shows the popularity of the cloakroom. A cloakroom is an independent room for storing clothes and changing clothes.

As a highly functional area, a cloakroom is never just an area for storage but also a definition of quality of life and attitude towards life. But what should we do for the layout and design of a cloakroom? Here are the five best layouts for the cloakroom, they are beautiful, practical, and can improve the high-end vibe.

1>  "Ⅰ" cloakroom with the smallest area

Considering the ease of dust falling and the overall aesthetics, it is not recommended to choose a fully open cabinet. Enclosed or semi-open cabinets are better. If you want the cloakroom to be more practical, it is recommended to add a mirror and stools for changing clothes.
Fully Open Cabinet
Enclosed Cabinet
Semi-open Cabinets

The wardrobe supplier recommends the depth of the wardrobe is between 0.5m-0.6m, and the distance of the passage must be at least 1m so that the door opening and closing can be easy. The length of the wardrobe should be more than 2 m, which is the most practical. For a Ⅰ-shaped cloakroom, the area should be more than 3.2㎡.

With the growth of our age and the passage of time, our clothes are also changing constantly. If we do not store the changed clothes, the room will become cluttered and even affect our health. Some families will set multiple wardrobes in the main bedroom, while others will just separate a space as a cloakroom. 

For home decoration at this stage, many friends want to set up a cloakroom at home and use the cloakroom to replace the traditional wardrobe. 

So why is it popular for many people to set up a cloakroom when decorating their house?  What are the differences between it and the traditional wardrobe?  Which can bring us more convenience and better use? 

Following Georges Cabinetry analyses cloakrooms and wardrobes from the perspective of a wardrobe supplier.

2>  “L”-shaped cloakroom, one more corner than the "Ⅰ“ cloakroom

The cabinet body is directly designed to be “L”-shaped, which is suitable for a room without windows in the corner.

For the cloakroom with windows in the corner. In order not to block the windows, we can design the cabinet plus dresser to meet the make-up needs of female owners.

If the “L”-shaped cloakroom is designed with a full cabinet, no gap shall be left between the cabinet and the wall to reduce the hygiene blind spot. The cloakroom with a dresser should be chosen as a space close to the bedroom for convenient movement.

The dresser designed at the corner can be purchased, customized or handmade. The Wardrobe supplier recommends the height of the dresser is about 0.78m, and the depth is 0.45m. On the dresser, don’t forget to design a mirror with lights.

3>  "Ⅱ“-shaped cloakroom

“Ⅰ”-shaped and “L”-shaped layouts are cloakrooms with a relatively small floor area. If you want the larger one, you should consider a “Ⅱ“-shaped cloakroom.

The cabinet can be divided into the clothes storage area, shoe storage area and bag area. The shoe storage area can be designed in an open way, the bag area can choose a glass cabinet, and the clothing storage area can choose a closed cabinet door.

There are two lines of cabinets for the “Ⅱ”-shaped cloakroom. The Wardrobe supplier recommends the cabinet depth is 0.5-0.6m, the aisle distance is more than 1m, and the width is at least 2m. Considering the comfort, the distance of the aisle should be as wide as possible.

Both sides need to open doors; choosing sliding doors is better if the aisle width is less than 1.2m; If The area is enough, select the swing door. The opening closet is good for the narrow aisle, but it is relatively troublesome to clean it.

4>  "U"-shaped cloakroom, better storage!

It is suitable for a space of more than 5 ㎡. If use it for a small room, it will be slightly oppressive. Additional functions can be designed relatively abundant; a wardrobe, dresser, jewellery table, etc., can select according to your needs.
“L”-shaped wardrobe + dressing table
Wrap-around wardrobe
“Ⅱ"-shaped wardrobe + dressing table
Wardrobe + dressing table + jewellery table

5>  The most luxurious cloakroom, center island cloakroom!

Around the centre island, normally with the “U”-shaped layout wardrobe or dresser, and the island is designed as the jewellery table.

The width of the island is usually more than 60cm, and the distance from the aisle to the cabinets on both sides is at least 0.8m, which is suitable for a space of more than 7㎡.

Owning a cloakroom is a dream of many female owners. Designing a cloakroom in the bedroom is an extravagant hope for many people. But if your house has enough space to do it, you must pay attention to these relevant matters.

① Cost

Generally, an independent cloakroom is a closed space which is clean; If the internal wardrobe is designed with a door, the cost will be more than without a door.

② Beautiful

Opening wardrobe will look better; as soon as you enter the door, you will find a dazzling array of clothes.

③ Practical

The wardrobe in the cloakroom looks good without doors, but it will accumulate dust over time, no matter how good the sealing is; But if the cloakroom area is small, there is no need to worry about dust, just like a big wardrobe! 

However, If you often have to move into the cloakroom(for example, the main bedroom passes the cloakroom), it is suggested that the closet should be equipped with a door.

④ Personal situation

In combination with the house decoration style and geographical location of your home (whether it is close to the road or other dusty spaces), choose wardrobes with or without doors. And during regular daily use, you only need to pay attention to hygiene, then no problem.

⑤ Partial door making

Different areas can be separated according to different clothes. The frequently used areas may not be designed with doors, while the areas for seasonal clothes need to be built with doors.

⑥ Not easy to open the door with a small area

If the cloakroom area is small, you can choose sliding doors for the wardrobe. For example, making sliding doors with shutters cabinets will be breathable and not produce a peculiar smell; the beauty is also good.

⭐Precautions for fitting up the cloakroom

① Lighting design

Whether the lighting design is reasonable will have a great impact on the use of the entire cloakroom. The light in the cloakroom should not only ensure illumination but also pay attention to its heating. It is better to choose a built-in bulb and a lampshade to avoid potential safety hazards. The switch should also be installed in a position that is suitable for the owner’s habits.

② Quality of hardware accessories

For a wardrobe that needs to be used for a long time, hardware is an important part. We should pay attention to the quality of hardware, otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble in later use.


If there is not enough space in the house for a wardrobe room, a good wardrobe design can also serve as a cloakroom. Some people think that usually the closet doors are closed and don’t take up much space, then leaving less space in front of the doors, which makes it very inconvenient to open them. 

The choice of closet doors also requires consideration, there is a distinction between swing door and sliding door, the two doors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, there is an open style closet, means that there is no door in the wardrobe. The opening style closets are still used more now. Because the biggest advantage of an open wardrobe is that it will not mildew inside the wardrobe, but it also has some disadvantages, that is, it is easy to accumulate dust.

Tips: If the wardrobe is opening, we suggest that you can match the door curtain. At ordinary times, we can rely on curtains to cover the wardrobe. If we feel that the clothes need ventilation, we can open the curtain directly. So it is very convenient to use. But try not to keep the wardrobe open for a long time.

There are many kinds of wardrobe doors. In the above, according to different opening methods, we simply introduced different types of wardrobe doors. Finally, let me remind you that when we choose the wardrobe door, we should first pay attention to the environmental performance of the material. 

That is to say, if we buy plates, we must ensure that they are above the E1 level. In addition, the overall stability of the wardrobe door should be considered. It should not be deformed after a few years of use.

If you have a lot of clothes without space, you can consider the corner wardrobe. The corner wardrobe can be placed in the corner of the home. It can use the wall that is difficult to use to increase the storage function, which is very practical. 

However, if you do not understand the corner wardrobe, you can first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the corner wardrobe and how to design the corner wardrobe.

1>  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a corner wardrobe?

Advantages of corner wardrobe:

  • The huge storage space can store more clothes and household items, making the home cleaner.
  • Customization is convenient. Many brands customize corner wardrobes professionally, which allows you to customize them with confidence.
  • The corner wardrobe has a considerate corner design, which is more humanistic. It is more appropriate to the space, increases the utilization rate of the space, and makes full use of the original “blind area”.
  • Corner wardrobe can play a role in connecting the two customized wardrobes, making the home more harmonious as a whole.

Disadvantages of corner wardrobe:

  1. The two groups of closets are placed together, and the adjacent two doors are always bumpy when they are opened (one door has a handle, and one door has no handle), which is unfavourable to the protection of the paint surface of the handle and the panel surface.
  2. The interior of the corner wardrobe is equipped with a clothes hanger and a partition for stacking clothes. Because the door of the corner wardrobe is limited, it is inconvenient to take stacked clothes.

2>  How to design the corner wardrobe?

1. Make the edge of the corner wardrobe smooth, because the corners in the home are all 90 degrees. If you design according to the angle of the corner, it will inevitably visually feel stiff. The edge of the wardrobe is mostly made into an arc, which is more gentle, comfortable and safer, and the contact surface of the wardrobe becomes larger.

2. The corner can be designed as an opening storage space, because it is not convenient to make a door for the corner wardrobe, and it is also not convenient to open. If the corner is designed as an open storage space, it can be used as a display area, and can also store some daily articles for easy access.

3. The combination of corner and desk. We all know that most cloakrooms are connected with the main bedroom. The corner wardrobe will occupy most of the area of the main bedroom. The combination of corner and desk can be used to enrich the functions of the main bedroom and make life more convenient!

The above is a general introduction to the layout of the cloakroom and how the wardrobe should be designed, and the choice of wardrobe doors, all separately. Now let’s compare them and see their differences.

Occupation of area. The occupation of the wardrobe on the ground is only the length of the cabinet and the depth of the cabinet. However, the cloakroom occupies not only the cabinet part but also the “additional area” for taking clothes and even placing dressers, seats, jewellery storage cabinets, etc., which requires a larger floor area.

Using experience. In someone’s opinion, the wardrobe is a cold cabinet, only a way to take and put clothes without any emotional communication. While the cloakroom can be “strolled”, you can “stroll” in it when choosing clothes, which is more “ritualistic”.

Create a spatial effect. When the cloakroom is a “sub functional area” in other spaces (for example, if the cloakroom is in the bedroom, then the cloakroom is a “sub functional area” of the bedroom).

The “sense of space” of the cloakroom can bring a better depth effect to the space where it is located, have a certain effect of easing the sense of cramping for smaller spaces, and can also enhance the sense of experience.

 The square and upright wardrobe usually adds a sense of regularity and neatness to the space, but when its height is large and the transparency of the cabinet door is poor, it will bring a sense of oppression to the space, especially when the space area is small.

Matching. Generally, the decorative colour and shape of the wardrobe should be integrated with the space effect, otherwise it is easy to create a sense of confusion in the space. 

But if a cloakroom with a door with poor transparency is set up, even if it is a sub-functional area, I think the decorative colour and shape of the wardrobe can also be mismatched with the space effect, and the cloakroom can be designed according to your own preferences.

Cost. If you choose to build a wardrobe, there is only the cost of wardrobe. But if you choose to build a cloakroom, in addition to the cost of the wardrobe, there is also the cost of decoration of the wall, top and ground in the cloakroom, and the cost of setting decorations such as lamps, curtains (if there are windows in the cloakroom) and seats, the cost will increase relatively.

If the cloakroom is an independent space in the home (such as the bathroom in the main bedroom), its existence will reduce the setting of other functional areas in the home. 

However, the wardrobe does not need an independent space and is usually set in the functional area, so although it may affect the usable area of the functional area, at least it will not reduce the setting of the functional area.

Children’s Closet

It’s not just adults who need to use wardrobes, nowadays children also have their own rooms. With the development of the times, there is more than one child in some families, and clothes are also the majority. At this time, children’s wardrobes appeared. 

Over the years, the design and layout of children’s wardrobes are also very popular. If you also want to design a children’s wardrobe, let’s take a look at the design points of the internal pattern of children’s wardrobes introduced in this article.

How to design the internal pattern of children’s wardrobe? What are the design points? Children grow fast and like to climb up and down, so the wardrobe is mainly designed for safety.

(1) The interior design of the children’s wardrobe can be made more flexible, so can be adjusted later with the children’s growth;

(2) In addition to clothes, children’s wardrobe can also reserve some space for children’s toys;

(3) When designing, the frequently used area should take into account the height of the child, which is convenient for the child to use;

(4) Do not design the drawer at the height of the child’s head to prevent collision accidents;

(5) The plank used for the sliding door of the wardrobe in the children’s room need to be thicker, which will be more solid and stable when used. The thickness of the door plank is 10mm or 12mm;

(6) Many parents will choose children’s furniture with bright colors, but they do not know that it is as terrible as letting children live in a chemical factory. The brighter the colour is, the higher the harmful substances will be. Children with such furniture for a long time will increase the risk of treatment;

(7) Many people think that the wardrobe should be tight, otherwise the dust and insects will crawl in. In fact, there are some chemical components left in furniture manufacturing, so that clothes can better contact the skin by letting the wardrobe ventilate, so as to avoid odour;

(8) Adhesive is harmful to all people because it contains formaldehyde, which is a harmful substance causing cancer. In the children’s room, harmful gases will float in the low position, which is an important reason why short children are more vulnerable to harmful gases than tall adults. 

Choose environment-friendly natural wood as the main material, and use hardware to reinforce the wardrobe, so that the content of glue in children’s wardrobe can be reduced to the acceptable range of the human body.

As can be seen from the above, the internal layout design of children’s wardrobes requires consideration of many aspects, not just how to design the layout of the space, but most importantly the children’s safety, health and growth.

It is generally believed that the cloakroom should be placed in the bedroom, but this traditional layout method needs a large bedroom to meet (which is also the reason why many people think that the cloakroom is flashy). 

If the cloakroom is upgraded to a cloakroom shared by the family, it can usually store the clothes of the whole family in the changing seasons, and it can also serve as a storage room.

For small houses, the utilization rate is relatively high, and it is also a storage method that we highly recommend. 

But if the size of the home is not enough, it is also good to choose a suitable wardrobe. Or use walls and partitions to form an independent concealed cloakroom.

Sliding doors are used outside as the partition between the bedroom and cloakroom, and lighting is used in the cloakroom. 

The wardrobe supplier only gives suggestions, which can help you eliminate some mistakes as much as possible, so that you can make the correct choices. George Cabinetry hopes you can find your own clothes storage mode!

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