Here’s the Reason Why You Choose Stainless Steel Cabinet

With the development of traditional wooden cabinets for decades, the majority of users who have used wooden cabinets have a deep understanding of the drawbacks. 

The market has gradually appeared some new materials of custom cabinets, such as stainless steel cabinets, so what are stainless steel cabinets? Let us explain in depth all aspects of stainless steel cabinets from the view of cabinet company to help clients make their own judgments.

In fact, when you actually use it for a period of time, you will completely change the view of stainless steel cabinets. A friend who has used it for two years said, in addition to the hard visual sense, which gave people a cold feeling, there are still many advantages of stainless steel cabinets.

Such as

⭐ The countertop and cabinet of stainless steel cabinet are integrated and will never crack

⭐ It is absolutely environment-friendly, because stainless steel is not made of epoxy resin, and there is no radiation like natural granite

⭐ The integration of water basin, baffle and countertop makes the whole countertop looks great, and there is no gap and no bacteria

⭐ Fireproof and not afraid of heat. Even hot pot or hot dishes on the table will not be affected, and it is safer

⭐ Good impermeability. When cooking at home, it is inevitable that soy sauce and vegetable soup will be spilled on the countertop, just a light wipe will leave no trace!

⭐ Stainless steel has good impact resistance and strong hardness. If the frying pan is not held on the table one day, it will not be damaged

⭐ Easy to clean. Simply wipe the stainless steel worktop with a wet rag and detergent

⭐ It will never change color. Many other products will change color and become old after being used for a long time. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is always new

⭐ When other wooden cabinets need to be replaced, they will cause secondary pollution. The stainless steel cabinet completely avoids this problem and has recycling value

From the beginning, stainless steel cabinets were first widely used in commercial spaces, such as commercial kitchens in hotels and restaurants. This is mainly because of the characteristics of stainless steel plates, which are resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam and water, have no rust and are not easy to deform and durable. 

Therefore, stainless steel cabinets are particularly suitable for complex environments in restaurants and kitchens, especially in Chinese style kitchens, where there are many stoves, fierce fire, large water consumption and oil smoke. 

In addition to various condiments such as oil, salt, soy, vinegar and wine, chefs cut, chop and pat with knives, the requirements for the firmness of the cabinets are also very high.

Finally, the environmental sanitation of the stainless steel cabinets is also very easy to clean. After cleaning, the cold metal feeling of the stainless steel gives customers the impression that it is clean and sanitary. 

Therefore, traditional wooden cabinets can not adapt to such a complex commercial restaurant environment, and their service life is also very short, so they will choose to use stainless steel cabinets.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets can show their skills in the commercial kitchen space, which is certainly no problem for home kitchens. So why is the popularity of home stainless steel kitchen cabinets not high all the time?

This is because the manufacturing process of stainless steel cabinets in the past is relatively simple, while the price of stainless steel cabinets is relatively high compared with traditional cabinets. Although stainless steel cabinets are sturdy and durable, many clients still choose wooden cabinets in consideration of price and appearance factors.

In recent years, domestic stainless steel cabinets have entered a rapid development stage. The main reason is that the manufacturing process of stainless steel cabinets has made great progress, such as the metal numerical control welding technology. 

The use of laser positioning holes is more accurate, the welding is more precise, the welds are even and beautiful, the quality is stable, and the durability is 50 years; Then the painting process of the door panel, which uses environment-friendly paint, after multi-layer spraying, and then the whole body is baked at 220 ℃, truly reaches the piano lacquer level painting process. 

Reaching fire will not change color, oxidize, crack the paint, be free of oil stain, oil stain, oil fume, and scratch, as well as the assembly process, which uses the unit combination cabinet to replace the previous plate splicing; Integrated molding technology has greatly promoted the development of stainless steel household cabinets.

The second is aesthetics. The development of colorful stainless steel technology and stainless steel surface processing technology has greatly changed the overall aesthetics of stainless steel cabinets. Multiple colors and patterns can be selected to adapt to different decoration styles. 

The traditional monochrome metal style has always been in a niche because of its cold color and serious conflict with the home decoration style. The improvement of colorful stainless steel technology and stainless steel surface processing technology has greatly improved the overall beauty of stainless steel cabinets.

Users can choose suitable stainless steel cabinets according to their favorite home decoration style, laying a solid foundation for market popularization.

Third, the consumption capacity. With the improvement of living standards, the consumption capacity of ordinary residents is getting higher and higher. In addition, the development of the transfer industry and the progress in technology and price have made the price of stainless steel cabinets more acceptable. 

In the commercial kitchen space, stainless steel cabinets have always had a stable market, but the proportion in the overall cabinet market is relatively small. Under the influence of many favorable factors, users will have a higher acceptance of stainless steel cabinets, and the market penetration will be higher and higher.

Fourth, the industry standardization. The household stainless steel cabinet has experienced many years of product development, and has entered the industry standardization period in the past two years. The early stainless steel cabinets were mainly customized by hand, and each enterprise had different production standards and processes. 

The appearance of industry standard documents has important guiding significance for the development of the whole industry. With the constant standardization of the industry development, consumers’ recognition of stainless steel cabinets will be higher and higher.

Many people think the price is too high when talking about stainless steel cabinets, but they often neglect the “cost performance”. The advantages of stainless steel cabinets are very consistent with the use environment of the kitchen. 

There are not many scruples in the use process, which can help users save a lot of concerns and time, save maintenance costs, etc. The service life of stainless steel cabinets is also very long. Therefore, the performance price ratio of stainless steel cabinets is very high, and you can’t just look at the price.

Unqualified stainless steel cabinets on the market are made of non 304 stainless steel, such as 201 stainless steel, so when customizing the cabinet, you should confirm whether there is “304” on the surface of the cabinet. Usually, the surface of the real 304 stainless steel cabinet is printed with the word “304”.

The quality of cabinets depends on his two standards. 

The first is environmental protection and health, to ensure that there is no formaldehyde and chemical pollution. 

Second, health and safety. No biological pollution, no mold pollution. Kitchen cabinets are mainly used to store dry food and cooking utensils. So it is the advantage of stainless steel cabinet to meet this main standard. 

The disadvantage of stainless steel cabinet is that the inferior brand stainless steel cabinet has welding marks, rust stains and oxidation stains. The long-term acid, alkali and salt corrosion of stainless steel will cause the blemish. If it is of non-standard thickness and only 0.5-0.6mm, it is prone to concave convex deformation defects.

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