How to Choose a Good Oven?

Oven can be said to be a rare thing for ordinary families. But with the improvement of life quality, the oven has become one of the necessary household appliances for a family. Even not cooking, it is basic to prepare an oven to bake cakes and egg tarts. 

So, today we will share some experience and talk about how to purchase an oven from the perspective of custom cabinet maker.

Oven Classification

There are mainly two installation methods of the oven, desktop and embedded. The specific installation method should be selected according to the kitchen space at home. Whether there is a place to install the embedded oven, if not, only the desktop oven can be considered.

(1) Embedded oven

If you are preparing to decorate the kitchen or a new home that has not been moved in, you can choose an embedded oven and reserve space in advance. This installation method is not only beautiful, but also can save kitchen space. Because the built-in oven is the front cooling, there is no need to reserve cooling space on the left, right and back, and it looks clean.

Advantages: embedded design, saving kitchen space and making it more neat and beautiful.

Disadvantages: embedded design cannot move freely.

(2) Benchtop Ovens

If you are not planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, you can choose a benchtop oven. Although not as beautiful and space-saving as a built-in oven, the benchtop design can be moved freely and is very easy to clean. It is also more convenient to use due to its dual-purpose design.

Advantages: The benchtop ovens can be moved freely, the layout and placement can be changed at will and cleaning is easy.

Disadvantages: Takes up surface space in the kitchen and does not save space.

Buying Tips for Oven

If you want to buy an oven that suits you, you must first know that the oven you buy will generally meet what problems, so that you can avoid them in advance and buy.

Ovens generally will meet these five major “problems”:

▪ Small capacity: you can’t make cakes, pizzas and other larger dishes.

▪ Inaccurate temperature: The baked products are raw inside and burnt outside, raw below and burnt above, or all raw, all burnt.

▪Difficult to clean: you have to scrub hard after each use. After a long time, the inner wall of the oven will turn yellow.

▪Inconvenient to use: difficult to adjust the temperature and time, baking mode only the upper and lower tubes bake at the same time.

▪Safety issues: incidents of food exploding while in use can be very dangerous.

In fact, in general, ovens can have these five problems, which are related to the capacity, temperature, material, function and operation of the oven.

Selection of Oven Performance Parameters

There are five general problems with the oven. The capacity, temperature, material, function and operation of the oven are related. Therefore, the selection of oven performance parameters is also related to these aspects.

(1) Capacity

The size of the capacity determines what ingredients you can bake. The larger the size of the oven, the smaller the limit. Therefore, it is recommended to buy large ovens rather than small ones.

Of course, some consumers will consider the kitchen space, storage and other issues, so they will buy smaller ovens, and the use experience will not be so good: there are too few things to bake, and larger things are not allowed,and the food gets burnt easily.

On the other hand, the larger the capacity of the oven, the more evenly it will be heated when baking.

That is to say, if you use a small capacity oven, it is not allowed to bake cake pizza, and the baked chicken wings, pork jerky and the like may also be burnt in some places and raw in some places due to uneven heating, so the use experience is very bad.

(2) Temperature

The speed of baking the ingredients, the taste of the food after baking, and even the success rate of baking the ingredients are directly related to the temperature of the oven.

The influencing factors of oven temperature are generally related to the heating pipe, temperature range, oven door, hot air circulation function and temperature control system of the oven. When purchasing an oven, we need to understand these information.

① Heating tube:

▪ Heating pipe material:

There are generally four types of heating tubes for the oven, including stainless steel tubes, quartz tubes, halogen heating tubes and infrared light heating tubes.

Among them, stainless steel tube is the most common heating tube. This kind of heating tube has low power, and the speed of baking food is relatively slow, but the burning color is generally more uniform.

Ordinary family barbecues generally do not pursue the baking speed too much, so it is OK to directly use the stainless steel tube heating tube, which is cost-effective, and barbecue food is also easier to use.

▪ Number of heating tubes:

The more heating tubes in the oven, the better (generally four). The distance between the two heating tubes should not exceed 12cm. In this way, the temperature of the oven will be more uniform, and some parts of the food will not be burnt or cooked.

▪ Heat pipe shape:

Curved heating tube is better than straight heating tube, with larger heat dissipation area and more uniform heating of baked goods;

▪ Up and down independent temperature control:

In addition, the heating tube should also be independently controlled by the upper and lower tubes, because sometimes the temperature required by the upper and lower fires is not the same for the food we bake. At this time, it is necessary to independently control the temperature of the upper and lower fires. Of course, this is the basic configuration of the oven. Just pay attention when purchasing.

② Temperature range (temperature control range)

This refers to the minimum and maximum temperature that can be set for the oven. The daily household temperature needs 70 to 250 degrees. Of course, the wider the temperature control range, the better.

③ Oven door

The main function of the oven door is to insulate the heat from the oven. The better the heat insulation capacity is, the more stable the heat inside the oven will be, and the temperature outside the oven door will not be too high to avoid scalding when people open the oven door.

The ovens on the market now have single and double glass doors. It is recommended to choose double glass doors, or even triple glass doors, so that the heat insulation effect of the oven is good, the internal temperature is uniform, and the baked food will be better.

④ Hot air circulation function

The hot air circulation function is to circulate the heated air in the oven, so as to ensure that the temperature in the oven is consistent and the food is heated more evenly.

⑤ Temperature control system

The most important criterion for judging the quality of the oven is the accuracy and stability of the temperature.

The better the temperature control is, of course, the more convenient the baking will be. Therefore, a good temperature control method is very important. It is recommended to select the oven with electronic temperature control. Compared with mechanical temperature control, it has better temperature control and smaller temperature difference.

(3) Material

The material of the oven determines the feeling of use, whether it is easy to clean, whether it is safe, etc., which has a lot to do with the material.

The oven shell is generally made of stainless steel, which has little impact on the performance and use experience of the oven. It is important to choose the oven liner.

At present, the liner materials generally include stainless steel, enamel, galvanized plate and aluminum plate.

Stainless steel is excellent in quality, safety and stability, but it is expensive and seldom used in household ovens. The inner liner of aluminum plated steel plate may be deformed at high temperature, and the galvanized inner liner will be oxidized after a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to use enamel inner liner, which is radiation free, pollution free, oil stain resistant, and easy to clean.

(4) Functions

Now there are more and more functions of the oven. The more functions, the better. But we should also choose according to our actual needs.

This is how to choose an oven. After reading this article, do you have a clear idea about how to choose an oven? The purchase and use of household electric ovens are very important. If there is a problem, it will affect the later use, thus causing unnecessary trouble.

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