How To Choose The Right Appliances For The Kitchen?

The kitchen is a particularly important part of our family life, also the most frequently used place in a family, so the overall decoration of the kitchen is also crucial. When decorating the kitchen, the purchase of electrical appliances is also very important. 

However, there are too many different types of electrical appliances on the market, and many people do not know how to choose the favorite kitchen appliance. Today, George will introduce to you!

Ⅰ Various kitchen appliances purchase skills

1. Choice of kitchen refrigerator

At present, the more common household refrigerators on the market are mainly divided into two types, namely direct cooling, and air cooling.

1> Direct cooling refrigerator

Direct cooling refrigerators use the natural convection of air in the refrigerator to cool food. Because the evaporator is often installed in the upper part of the refrigerator, the air around the evaporator needs to exchange heat with the evaporator, the air transfers the heat to the evaporator, and the evaporator transfers the cold energy to the air. 

After the air absorbs the cold energy, the temperature drops, the density increases, and it moves downward. The air in the lower part of the refrigerator needs to exchange heat with the food to be cooled, and the food transfers the heat to the air. 

After the air gets the heat, the temperature rises, the density decreases, and then rises around the evaporator to transfer the heat to the evaporator. The hot and cold air circulates and circulates naturally in this way to achieve the purpose of cooling.


1. The direct cooling refrigerator has simple structure, relatively low failure rate and favorable price.

2. The refrigeration principle is simple and direct, which is relatively more energy-saving and power-saving.

3. The airtight space has natural convection, the air humidity is high, and the moisture of the food is not easy to lose.

2> Air-cooled refrigerator

The air-cooled refrigerator can also be called an inter-cooled refrigerator. It is a kind of refrigerator that relies on cold air to continuously cool down. Its biggest feature is that it is frost-free, the interior will not be as wet as a direct-cooling refrigerator, and the food will not stick together. In addition, the air-cooled refrigerator also has an automatic defrosting function, which can reduce the burden of manual defrosting for users.


1) It has the characteristics of no frost, and the internal environment is relatively dry and not too humid, which prevents the food from sticking together.

2) The temperature is precise, and the cooling is more uniform. The air-cooled refrigerator has continuous circulation of cold air, which can make the internal temperature more uniform and stable and can also make the food preservation effect better and the preservation time longer.

3) After the constant circulation of cold air in the refrigerator is deodorized, the internal air will be fresh for a long time, and it is not good to have a pungent “refrigerator smell”. Finally, it also has the ability of automatic defrosting, which can reduce the user’s fatigue of manual defrosting.


When you choose, don’t blindly follow the trend, you must choose according to the needs of the family, to bring more convenience to home life. Most double-layer refrigerators have the functions of low-temperature storage and freezing, so when choosing, you can also consider the style preference.

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2. Choice of microwave and oven

These two appliances can be said to be very popular. Some families will buy two pieces at the same time, while some families will choose to buy an oven with both microwave functions, which invisibly improves the space utilization rate of the kitchen and solves the needs of the family. Before purchasing, you must first understand the functions of these two appliances.

1> Microwave oven

A microwave oven is a cooking appliance, which food will absorb microwave energy in a microwave field to heat itself.


1. Save time. Cooking food in the microwave is 4-10 times faster than other stoves, making breakfast very fast in the morning.

2. Heat evenly. The heat generated by the microwave oven is fully and evenly transmitted to the interior of the food, so the surface of the food will not be burnt. At the same time, it can maintain the vitamins contained in the food.

3. Energy saving. Because microwave ovens can achieve little or no energy loss, the energy required for cooking is relatively reduced.

2> Oven

An oven is a sealed electrical appliance used to bake food or dry products. An electric oven is an electric heating appliance that uses the radiant heat emitted by an electric heating element to bake food.


1. Dry food. Ovens can refrigerate those wet foods when they are wet, extending the shelf life of the food.

2. Make snacks. Everyone loves food, especially children. Using the oven, you can make healthy cookies and pastries.

3. Make meat. Barbecue and roast chicken can be made at home, and more dishes can be created for family gatherings.

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The microwave oven is mainly used for heating, which can heat some drinks such as cold rice or milk. At the same time, its microwave can also play an anti-virus effect. The oven is more focused on baking, and can make some delicacies such as bread, egg tarts and pizza. If someone at home likes to bake, then there is nothing wrong with choosing an oven; if you just want to simply heat food, then a microwave is more practical.

3. Choice of kitchen range hood and gas stove

When you choose a gas stove, you should decide according to the actual family situation. If it is inconvenient to install a gas stove, then you can also choose an electrical appliance such as an electric stove instead. When you are choosing a range hood, don’t blindly pursue beauty and fashion, but ignore the range hood’s fumes suction effect. 

It should be known that a range hood with a good oil fume absorption effect can reduce the interference of kitchen fume. The range hood can effectively remove oil fume, and at the same time, it can also reduce the pressure of kitchen cleaning in the later stage to a certain extent. To create a fresher and more comfortable living environment for the family.

Ⅱ Precautions for the purchase of kitchen appliances

1. Look at the appearance

Appearance is the focus of a product and the main factor driving consumer purchases, and kitchen appliances are no exception. Of course, when choosing the appearance, you should also consider its color, material, etc. to see if it is easy to clean. It is best to be practical and scrubbing.

2. Look at performance

As a kitchen appliance, performance is the most important. Products that are beautiful but not practical are naturally useless. Also consider its power consumption. There are also many energy-saving appliances that are very popular. These kitchen appliances can save a lot of electricity and are worth buying.

3. Look at environmental protection

The kitchen is the center of a family’s life and enjoyment. As the core components of the kitchen, whether kitchen appliances have health and environmental protection functions is very important! When purchasing kitchen appliances, you must check whether they are healthy and environmentally friendly, and whether the product itself has the function of energy saving and low consumption.

Although there are many types of kitchen appliances on the market now, everyone still needs to consume rationally when purchasing. They must choose kitchen appliances according to the actual situation of their own home. After all, the most suitable one is the one that suits your home.

Although there are many types of kitchen appliances on the market now, everyone still needs to consume rationally when purchasing. They must choose kitchen appliances according to the actual situation of their own home. After all, the most suitable one is the one that suits your home.

Ⅲ Kitchen appliance layout

Kitchen decoration and layout of home appliances is also a key point. If the kitchen appliance is not placed properly, it will bring a burden to the kitchen, which not only looks messy, but also may cause harm if you are not careful. Therefore, kitchen appliances must be placed reasonably.

1. Chef Electric

The kitchen moving line must conform to the “washing → cutting → frying” moving line to ensure the efficiency of cooking, and the kitchen electric must also follow the principle of the kitchen moving line, so that the kitchen electric can be used without effort. 

Therefore, to facilitate access to materials, the refrigerator is generally placed next to the kitchen cleaning area, with the refrigerator as the head, and the order of cooking is followed: take the ingredients from the refrigerator → clean the sink area → process the ingredients on the console → cook. 

The cooker should not be on the side of the vegetable cutting area, and the hood is facing the top of the cooker. Common kitchen appliances such as ovens can be placed on the countertop and can be placed in corners or edges to save space.

2. Kitchen appliances

Smaller kitchen appliances such as kettles and rice cookers that are often used are generally placed on the countertop and do not need to be embedded in the cabinet. Plan the location in advance when decorating and reserve sockets.

3. Embedded

I-shape kitchen appliance layout: refrigerator—sink—operation— area—cooking area—built-in kitchen appliances

Due to the relatively simple moving line of the narrow and in-line kitchen, the built-in kitchen appliances are mainly planned next to the cooking area, so that you don’t need to walk back and forth when cooking, and it is convenient to take.

L-shaped kitchen appliances layout: refrigerator—built-in kitchen appliances—washing area—meal preparation area—cooking area—dish-out area

The L-shaped kitchen is in line with the human body, not only can solve the bottleneck of various kitchen decoration, but also has a powerful storage function. Built-in kitchen appliances are suitable for installation in a side-by-side position, which is visually tidy and more flexible in use.

U shaped kitchen appliances layout: refrigerator—built-in kitchen appliances—washing area—meal preparation area—cooking area—condiment area

From the perspective of kitchen space utilization, U shaped improves kitchen space utilization. T he built-in kitchen appliances are generally placed at both ends of the U shaped, which does not damage the kitchen moving line, and has both practicality and appearance.

I-shaped Kitchen Layout Design


①The kitchen appliances should be placed away from the stove, which can effectively reduce the fumes and is safer.

②Appropriately use the shelf to put the kitchen appliance on the wall and release the countertop space.

③ Reserve a few more sockets during installation to avoid insufficient sockets in future use.

The above is about the selection of kitchen appliances and kitchen layout suggestions. I hope this article can help you create an ideal kitchen. If you are interested in kitchen customization, please contact George Cabinetry, thank you for reading!

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