How to Determine the Kitchen Cabinet Size?

One of the most important steps in customizing cabinets is measuring for kitchen cabinet to ensure that the cabinet can be used by you properly. Whether the base cabinet or wall cabinet, the size needs to consider the actual height of the user, and operating habits to determine. 

1. Prepare measurement, we need to prepare the tools needed

  • A tape measure of 5.5m or 7.5m in length
  • Sketchbook (or plain white paper for drawing and recording data)
  • Writing pen (for easy recording)
  • Chalk (to make notes on the ruler to prevent forgetting)

2. Measurement for custom size kitchen cabinets

  • Height

The distance from the floor to the top of the counter for the base cabinet, while the distance from the top to the bottom is the height for the wall cabinets. In addition, more dimensions need to be add for toes, skirting, etc. Typically, the height range of most cabinets is 12 to 42 inches.

When the cook stand in front of the cabinet and their fingers can just touch the bottom of the sink, then the height is best suited. Can measure it and design it based on the height. If the cabinet is too high, the user’s shoulders will feel tired; if too low, it will require frequent bending and make their back pain. 

The height of the base cabinet is recommended to be designed according to the height of the most frequent cook in the family, formula: height ÷ 2 + 5cm. For example, the cook is 1.7m tall, the height of the base cabinet can be around 90cm.

From the lower edge of wall cabinet to the ground, about 1.7m-2.1m is the proper height. Besides, the distance between the wall cabinet and the base cabinet, it is recommended in about 70-75cm.

  • Width

The distance starts at one side of the cabinet and finish at the end of a row of cabinets or meeting a corner. This measurement will vary greatly, depending on the size of your kitchen.

The entire kitchen wall needs to be measured, from wall edge to wall edge on all sides, to get the total space.

 Measurements of openings such as doors and windows, from the door or window edge to the other end, need to be eliminated from the wall data to ensure that the doors and windows are not included in the cabinets’ dimensions.

  • Depth

The front of the cabinet to the point where it meets the wall. A standard cabinet is 24 inches deep.

The depth of the base cabinet is recommended to be designed in 50-60cm, the storage power will be stronger.

The depth of wall cabinet is recommended to be designed at about 30cm, and keep the depth difference with the base cabinet, which can prevent punching the head and feel more comfortable during cooking.

※It is important to get accurate measurements of the kitchen cabinets. If the data is wrong, this will cause a number of problems. For example, the cabinet may not reach to the wall, or a drawer may not open entirely.

Homeowner will not know that an error has occurred until the cabinets are installed, which could potentially result in the need to return the cabinets. Double-checking the measurements will help ensure that this does not happen.

Also, the homeowner will need to pay shipping and return fees, which is an expensive mistake. If the old cabinets have been removed, the homeowner may be without a functioning kitchen for a while.

3. Standard size for kitchen cabinet

In order to get the right size for your custom cabinets, you need to make sure the way that measure the space. If you think custom cabinets are not particularly important and find it troublesome to measure the dimensions, you can make your purchase referring to the dimensions of standard cabinet making. Generally speaking, the cabinets on the market are made according to national standards without much problem and without great inconvenience during use.

  • Base Cabinet

Height: 34.5 inches without countertop / 36 inches with countertop

Depth: 12 to 24 Inches

Width: 9 to 36 inches

  • Wall Cabinet

Height: 30 inches to 42 inches, depending on your ceiling height and preferences.

Depth: 12 to 24 Inches

Width: 9 to 36 inches

  • Tall Cabinet

Height: 84 inches, 90 inches and 96 inches

Depth: 12 to 24 Inches

Width: 12 to 33 inches

In addition to the size of custom cabinets, other factors are also important, like the material of the cabinets and doors, the layout of the cabinets, the choice of hardware, etc. For these, we also have related articles for your reference so that you can buy the most suitable custom kitchen cabinets.

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