Is Kitchen Storage a Problem for You?

Thinking over some corner positions is a good idea when designing kitchen cabinet dimensions. But when discussing the design or layout of the cabinet’s interior, many owners still need to learn how to use those dead corners or places they usually don’t notice to make kitchen cabinets storage. 

Open Shelving

Opening shelves and kitchens are a great match, and it’s practical for storing and displaying items. Things are just within easy reach, so you don’t have to open and close the cupboard doors whenever necessary. In short, they maintain a very airy and open feel, which is a good thing. Besides, it can:

show your beautiful tableware

increase the style of your home without obscuring the wall tiles

display artwork to add decoration to the kitchen

Dustbin in the Base Cabinet

A must for the kitchen is the dustbin, which will be left randomly in the corner so that it tends to get dirty and attracts mosquitoes. The base cabinet attached to the sink has ample space, perfect for the bin to use under kitchen sink storage fully. 

With the sliding rail, it’s super easy to open the door and take the bin out with you. The space where the bin used to lay would have been free for other kitchen storage.

Magnetic Knife Holder & Hook

For the expert cook, there are a lot of kitchen gadgets. In addition to the necessary spatulas, spoons and funnels, there are also peelers, beaters, rolling pins and so on, which can be a bit difficult to store. Most people would prefer to just stick them in a drawer, but hooks are a great way to store them. 

It’s super easy to hang them where you can reach them, because they are used every day. It’s also easy to drain and air dry without leaving water marks.

The magnetic knife holder is also a stylish storage tool, allowing you to see which knives you need without pulling out each one to look at them, rather than the traditional tool for organizing knives. But if you have children in the house, you still might need to consider it carefully!

Cabinet Side Storage

The side of the cupboard can also be used to hang towels, etc., without taking up space and allowing them to dry.

Storage Shelves

What if the kitchen utensils and condiments will gradually become more and more according to time and are not willing to throw away? Where it can places if don’t want to throw the food just bought on the table? 

The storage shelves can put all things together, from horizontal storage to vertical storage. There are table shelves and movable shelves. The tabletop style is to store bowls, chopsticks, forks, spices, dishes, plates, etc. The movable shelf is suitable for storing food materials, snacks, fruits, etc.


The pull basket is a mainstream accessory in the decoration process of modern home kitchen, which is mainly used in the design of kitchen cabinets. It is generally made of stainless steel, iron chrome plating and other materials. 

The basket can provide a large storage space, and it can be used to divide the space reasonably, so that various items and appliances can get their own place.

For more detailed inquiries, you can visit: Throw Away Your Messy Kitchen, This is What You Need!

In addition, in daily life, it is essential to tidy up the cabinets on time and throw away or sell the seasoning, tableware, and appliances that have been useless for a long time to make room. And when placing things, the commonly used ones should be placed outside for convenience.

For the kitchen storage methods above, you can consider which one to choose according to the actual situation.

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