Should You Choose a Walk-in Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is an essential part of the furniture in modern home decoration. Many owners are conscientious when purchasing wardrobes; the wardrobe needs to be not only practical and beautiful but also not occupy too much space.  

Besides, many people will worry about choosing a walk-in wardrobe or other types of wardrobe when decorating the bedroom wardrobe, there are many factors to consider. 

Whether in functional design or budget, walk-in closets and other closets have their advantages. Before learning how to incorporate walk-in closets into your bedroom, you may need to have an understanding of walk-in closets and other ordinary closets.

Walk-in closet

The walk-in wardrobe belongs to customized furniture, it is an independent room for storing clothes and changing clothes, which can store family clothes, shoes and hats, bags, ornaments, bedding, etc. 

In addition to the lockers, they generally include dressers, changing mirrors, access ladders, ironing boards, clothes racks, seats and other facilities.

Walk-in wardrobe has become a popular trend in modern home. It breaks the inherent limitation of traditional wardrobe in storage space and can be entirely customised according to your personal preferences and family needs. You can customize a unique display cabinet for favourite watch or belt or a storage cabinet for bags.

Other wardrobes

In addition to walk-in wardrobes, there are many types of wardrobes on the market; among them, we take embedded wardrobes as an example.

Embedded wardrobe is concealed in appearance and is generally embedded in a specific part of the room, which can save space and is very beautiful at the same time. It has not only strong storage space for the overall wardrobe but also decorative properties. 

The space demand for embedded wardrobe will not be too much, so it is the first choice of many small and narrow houses.

After knowing their general structure, you should probably know whether you need a walk-in wardrobe. Before customizing the wardrobe, we must know that the cabinet size is not suitable for everyone. Every family has unique needs in clothes storage, wardrobe design and space layout. 

So you need to consider the following three elements when decorating your house: Spatial layout of the bedroom, Family demand for clothes storage and Budget for wardrobe.


⭐Space in the bedroom

Many people want walk-in closets but will not buy them. The main reason is that walk-in closets take up a lot of space, which is not ideal for general families. 

Although the larger the walk-in closet is, the better, the size can change freely according to your family’s needs. Generally, only 3 cubic meters is enough, and the walk-in closet can be designed in the bedroom or a corner.

①Depth of wardrobe

The depth of walk-in cloakrooms is different, but generally it is about 24-26 inches, including the wardrobe door, which can provide enough space for the wardrobe to store clothes, including heavy coats in winter. 

If you want to install doors for the wardrobe to prevent dust, you can consider sliding doors. It’s more appropriate and can save more space.


②Hanging space of the wardrobe

Generally speaking, dresses and long coats need a long hanging space, while shirts, T-shirts and pants only need a short hanging space. 

The hanging space of short clothes needs about 35 inches, and the lattice height of dresses and long coats needs 55 inches or more. Each family needs different proportions of long and short clothes, but at least one-quarter of the wardrobe should be reserved as hanging space for long clothes.


③Height of drawer cabinet

The height of the drawer cabinet is generally about 32 inches, which can accommodate three 10-inch high drawers and can be customized according to your usage habits and family members.

Family demand for clothes storage

Another thing to consider is how much you need to store in your closet. The walk-in wardrobe can not only put a large number of clothes but also provide enough space to store other items, such as ironing boards.

Walk-in closets are usually spacious enough for more than one person‘s items. If the space of other bedrooms is limited, it can even be used as a dressing room for the whole family.

Many people choose walk-in closets because they want to show their clothes and accessories, not just store them. If you want to display a lot of shoes or handbags, a walk-in wardrobe is your best choice.

Your budget

Walk-in cloakrooms generally have a large area and a high-end appearance so the price will be higher than the ordinary wardrobes. And the specific price of cloakrooms is also an uncertain number because the cloakrooms need to be determined according to the materials you choose.

Even after considering your bedroom space, clothing storage needs and budget, it is still not easy to choose a wardrobe that suits you. Here are the pros and cons of our walk-in wardrobe for your decision.


1: It has many functions. Multi-function is the biggest advantage of a walk-in wardrobe. Compared with the traditional cloakroom, a walk-in wardrobe is more suitable for modern society and the living atmosphere.

2: More natural integration into the bedroom lighting environment. The walk-in wardrobe should also reasonably arrange the lighting and colour to perfectly integrate into the overall indoor style and maintain its vibe. 

In terms of lighting design, it is better to use fluorescent lamps and other light sources close to natural light so that the colour of clothes is close to normal. The walk-in wardrobe can not only adapt to the overall lighting effect but also promote integration.

3: Increase the overall design effect. Before the design, it is better to have a vision of the function of the space, such as the hostess wanting the cloakroom to be a makeup room and the man wanting it to be a storage room. 

At the same time, the clothing classification should also be considered, such as where is the formal clothing area, leisure clothing area, home service area, and their respective proportions.

 In this way, the size of each part can be set accurately. Such reasonable planning can make the overall room decoration more orderly.


1: Such a large demand area is likely to lead to insufficient space or waste of space. The walk-in wardrobe is still only a medium and high-end consumer product.

2: Such closets are generally closed, so the air quality in them is generally not good, and they are prone to a musty smell because they rarely touch the sun. The walk-in wardrobe must be made of good wood; otherwise, the clothes will have a peculiar smell and affect the owner’s body.

3: The cloakroom needs 1-2 meters of activity space apart from the storage space; it is easy to waste space, which may affect family harmony. For example, the hostess expresses a huge need, but the male host often refuses to agree because of space waste, which causes family disputes.

Whether or not you will choose a walk-in wardrobe after reading this article, the best advice is to make sure you choose the one that fits your needs. If you are interested, you can check out the George Cabinetry website to get more about wardrobe.

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