Throw Away Your Messy Kitchen, This is What You Need!

For the cabinets installed in the kitchen, the most traditional way is to install drawers or storage places. We usually store some items of our kitchen, such as pots, pans and bowls, in drawers or in storage bins. 

However, due to the change of usage habits, especially the increase of items in the kitchen, there are new requirements for the storage space of our kitchen cabinets, so there is kitchen basket. Is the cupboard basket really useful? 

George Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet company specializing in customization, we will introduce you to the pull basket in a comprehensive way.

The subtle application of the basket

In many owners’ kitchens, the most troublesome problem is that there is no place to put many large pots and pans, and the kitchenware of small items is mixed together. Seeing the kitchen is placed in disorder, the enthusiasm for cooking is greatly reduced. After you install the basket, you will find that the clean and tidy kitchen is so lovely.

All kinds of pots, bowls, spoons, and other items will be put into the multi-layer basket, which will greatly save your kitchen area

All kinds of seasoning products are neatly placed in the multifunctional basket, which is convenient and stick out a mile

Types and characteristics of basket

①Dishes basket

Dishes, bowls and pans must be necessary items in the kitchen. Usually they are scattered on the table. Not only occupy a large place but also pile up layers of ash after a long time. At this time, they need a place where they can be placed — a basket.

It is divided into two modes: drawer type and door type. It is installed at the lower level so that it is more convenient and safe for people to take and place heavy and fragile dishes and pans. 

The SUS 304 stainless steel basket has a strong load-bearing capacity, which makes us more comfortable to store things, and it is not easy to rust, which is more suitable for the humidity of the cabinet space. 

This basket also has more advantages of careful design: the layout of double space makes our classification and storage more reasonable, the basket with hollow round bars is easy to leak, and the sliding of the damping guide rail is smooth without jamming.

⭐ George Cabinetry’s Recommendation


  • Item No. :3079002
  • Cabinet width :900mm
  • Width*Depth*Height :864*450*170mm
  • Material :Aluminium+glass
  • Surface treatment :European standard environment
  • Quality : The guide rail passed the European standard SGS 80000 cycles movement test
  • Category : Multifunctional Pull-Out Basket
  • Max loading :30KG

② Spicy basket

The most commonly used is the seasoning basket. A small basket can hold condiments, chopping boards, knives, shovels, etc. It can be directly installed at a convenient location beside our cooking. All solid stainless steel material and nano coating combine to prevent rust. 

It is commendable that its humanized structural design has customized the high bottle position area, low bottle position area, knife rest area, chopsticks area, etc. in advance.

⭐ George Cabinerty’s Recommendation


  • Item No. :3074501
  • Cabinet width :450mm
  • Width*Depth*Height :400*450*490mm
  • Material :Aluminium+glass
  • Surface :Polish purple
  • Max loading  :30KG
  • Category :Pull-Out Basket For Seasoning
  • Quality : The guide rail passed the European standard SGS 80000 cycles movement test

Anti-rust, space rationality, pulling rail cushioning, this one can be the perfect solution to these three major problems, the surface is both generous and beautiful, but also resistant to corrosion. Space can be freely combined, choose a suitable placement, which is particularly humane.

③Corner basket

Generally speaking, the corner of the house is an awkward position. Every time you take something, you have to stretch it into the cabinet, which is too inconvenient. Don’t worry. George cabinetry recommends a corner basket with style and suitable for life to everyone, fully use of these corners. 

It is made of selected mixed electroplating materials, which will not rust and last longer. There is also a hollow steel bar design that allows ventilation in the corners. The steel bars are not only polished and smooth but also equipped with anti-collision frames on each floor, making every kitchen safer. 

In addition, this revolving basket has a 180 ° walking angle. Gently push it in to hide it, and slowly push out all items to show in front of you.

⭐ George Cabinetry’s Recommendation


  • Item No. :101001C
  • Cabinet width :900-1000mm
  • Width*Depth*Height :(860-960)*530*520mm
  • Material :Carbon steel
  • Surface treatment :European standard environment
  • Process :Dry plating
  • Category :Soft Close Magic Corner
  • Max loading of each bigger basket :5KG
  • Max loading of each smaller basket :3KG

④Wall Cabinet basket

Look up at the small kitchen at home. The tall cabinet has always been a blind area, but it is too unsafe to install an ordinary wall cabinet, you have to climb up and down to pick up items.

Lifting unit is a kind of basket that can make the space of the hanging cabinet move down. The danger of moving stool to take things and put things has become a simple and convenient place to raise hands. 

The mechanical rocker of the basket can let the hanging cabinet drop to the appropriate position for taking things, and there are heightened fences around it to avoid falling objects during lifting. The Aluminium material is lighter in weight, reliable in use, strong in rust resistance, stable and durable.

⭐ George Cabinetry’s Recommendation


  • Item No. :4179001
  • Cabinet width :900mm
  • Width*Depth*Height :864*240*381.5mm
  • Material :Aluminium
  • Surface treatment :Fluorocarbon coating
  • Max loading  :10KG
  • Category :Soft Close Magic Corner
  • Quality : The guide rail passed the European standard SGS 3000 cycles movement test

How to choose a cabinet basket

As each household’s kitchen design and space that can use are not the same, and a wide range of products are on the market, how to choose the one suitable for your own is not easy. Here is a guide on how to buy the right basket for your home, mainly from the following aspects to choose from:


The initial purpose that we buy basket is for good storage to make the kitchen more neat and clean, therefore, the practicality of the basket should be the first. Pull-out baskets only have a fancy style but are not practical, it is not worth buying. For dishes basket, check if it’s with UV disinfection function, such as the current epidemic is so serious, disinfection of dishes at any time, it is necessary.


Be sure to choose the right size for your home, measure the size of the home kitchen installation location before go shopping. There is not all kinds of pull-out baskets thicker and heavier means it is better, if too thin, the load-bearing capacity will have hidden problems. But if it is too thick, pushing and pulling awkward and inconvenient, generally speaking, the standard size is the best choice.


The kitchen is an area with more water mist, especially the choice of materials. If it is composed of a single metal (such as iron), it is particularly prone to chemical reactions with oxygen in a humid environment, causing rust and corrosion. 

At present, most of the products on the market are made of stainless steel, but there are many types of stainless steel materials. 304 stainless steel is the best choice. 

You can see the composition of stainless steel containing metal, and the appearance of new technologies such as electroplating and nano-coating provides better protection for the material.


Due to the complexity of different basket process is not the same, the level of material is different, the brand is different, etc., resulting in different prices. In general, the price is too low, even the cost of stainless steel can’t be worth it, there is no quality at all, and it is not recommended. 

For the price of tens of thousands, it is not necessary for friends with limited budgets. When we choose, we should try to find big brands,  don’t have to chase the latest models, classic models, or cost-effective ones.

I hope this article will be helpful to your purchase of basket. Many kitchen cabinet companies may only recommend some regular styles that are suitable for most people to you, but George Cabinetry focuses on customized services for each client. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to add cabinets to your home.

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