Top 10 Cabinets Manufacturers in China: Choosing Your Cabinet

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There are currently 2,500 cabinet manufacturers with large-scale production capacity in China, which have formed an industrial chain of interdependence and mutual cooperation among three major industries: raw material accessories, overall cabinets, and distributors.

At present, China’s domestic cabinet enterprises are mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, and Guangdong.

The cabinet manufacturers in these four places have accounted for 99% of the country’s total. Guangdong is a concentrated area of excellent brands, leading in design, service, and management. With the development of the domestic cabinet industry, it is also an important area for the overall cabinet enterprises to find distributors.

In addition to introducing the top 10 kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China, this article also prepares some related content about cabinets, hoping to help you find your favorite cabinets.

Ⅰ. Top 10 Manufacturers of Cabinets in China

1.George Cabinetry

  • Headquarters location: Foshan
  • Introduction: George Cabinetry was established in 2006, so far it has 150 employees and 50 acres of manufacturing center, equipped with advanced production equipment.

    With 16 years of design of kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other storage cabinets, manufacturing, and distribution experience.

    The products are sold overseas and exported to Oceania, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
  • Recommended reason: George Cabinetry is one of the top 10 custom cabinet manufacturers in China with more than 16 years of experience.Provide layout plan analysis for customers, provide 3D design and installation drawings, videos, and guides to meet customers’ customized needs for cabinets.

2. Golden Home

  • Headquarters Location: Xiamen
  • Introduction: Founded in 1999, it is a professional service provider of high-end integrated kitchen cabinets and customized furniture in China.

    It is the chairman unit of the Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and has a nationally recognized kitchen industrial design center.

    Specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales services of integral kitchen cabinets and custom home furnishing.

    Golden Home has formed strategic partners with many well-known developers in high-end residences, luxury villas and other hardcover projects. Currently, there are more than 2,500 high-end brand stores around the world.
  •  Recommended reason: Since 1999, only focus on the kitchen. Based on the interests of consumers, we provide high-quality kitchen products, create a comfortable kitchen environment for consumers, and have a strong sales system.

3. HomekooHK

  • Headquarters location: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Founded in 2004, WeiShang Group is a brand created for the overall cabinet. It is the first to propose the whole house furniture customization service.It is a furniture enterprise that emphasizes rapid development relying on high-tech innovation. Beijing has more than 20 directly operated stores.

    After launching the popular digital custom kitchen cabinets and second-generation built-in wardrobes in China, HomekooHK launched the whole house furniture customization, providing customers with customized services for whole house furniture (kitchen, bedroom, study, living room, dining room, etc.).
  • Recommended reason: HomekooHK always adheres to the concept of fashion, taste, health, and environmental protection, and adopts E1 grade boards that meet global environmental protection standards.Customers can enjoy free digital design with zero deposit before the sale, participate in DIY design, home layout design, and the advanced digital system generates accurate quotations according to customer standards.


  • Headquarters location: Originated in France, stationed in China in 2014
  • Introduction: SCHMIDT Kitchen Cabinet Co., Ltd. originated in 1934 and is affiliated to the French Schmidt Groupe SCHMIDT Group, which has been popular in Europe and the United States for 88 years.

    In 2014, Sophia was strongly introduced to China, costing 1.2 billion to build SCHMIDT’s fifth and sixth largest industrial parks in the world, simultaneously introducing the vertically integrated information system for cabinet production built by the French headquarters for 15 years, and strategically cooperating with the Paris Fashion Institute, France, to provide China The family brings a more convenient, happy, and high-quality home life.
  • Recommended reason: There are five production bases located in France and Germany, according to each customer’s needs for custom cabinets, the proprietary technology in quality, society and environmental protection has obtained the authoritative certification of international standards, maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with distributors to ensure impeccable service to consumers.


  • Headquarters location: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Started in 1994, with the overall cabinet as the flagship, a comprehensive modern integrated home furnishing service provider in China, engaged in whole house customization, wardrobe, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and windows, furniture, kitchen appliances, complete decoration large home and other business.

    After more than 20 years of rapid development, OPPEIN total production scale of customized home furnishing products is huge.At present, it has four intelligent production bases in Tianjin, Qingyuan, Wuxi and Chengdu, with a total construction area of over 2 million square meters.
  • Recommended reason: 20 years of leading brands, creating industry standards, many years of experience in home design and manufacturing, leading world-class scale manufacturing capabilities, using green materials and environmentally friendly products, and always taking safety as the main habit to care for customers’ lives.


  • Asia Pacific Headquarters Location: Shanghai
  • Introduction: Beginning in 1873, a world-renowned kitchen and bathroom brand, an American kitchen and bathroom brand with a history of more than 100 years and world-renowned, with the perfect combination of innovative design and excellent performance, it has become a leader in the industry.

    KOHLER (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai as Kohler’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.In China, KOHLER designers listened deeply to practical opinions, and designed overall cabinets for Chinese families that are more in line with the kitchen habits of Chinese consumers.
  • Recommended reason: Every product of KOHLER pays great attention to detail and is quite reasonable in design, which is guaranteed to be easy to use.The material of the product is varied, and the material of the product has been specially processed and tested, and it is a material with good quality.


  • Asia Pacific Headquarters Location: Hefei
  • Introduction: The ZBOM brand was founded in 1998. It is one of the early pioneers of China’s kitchen cabinet industry. It has now become a customized home furnishing enterprise integrating integrated kitchen, whole house customization, wooden door wall panels, and finished furniture.

    With good quality and reputation, ZBOM Home Furnishing has won more than 60 certifications and honorary titles from domestic and foreign departments such as China Environmental Labeling Products and has become an important strategic partner of many domestic real estate developers.

    The products are exported overseas and exported to Australia, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions.
  • Recommended reason: The quality and reputation of ZBOM cabinets are very good, the products are cost-effective, reliable in quality, beautiful in appearance, affordable in price, novel in style, beautiful in appearance, light in weight, and have a long service life. Using pure materials, the workmanship is very meticulous.


  • Asia Pacific Headquarters Location: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: HOLIKE was established in 2002, focusing on the field of whole house customization, providing consumers with a one-stop overall solution for the whole house.

    Including the layout of wardrobes, cabinets, wooden doors, retaining walls, finished products, curtains and other types of home customization as a furniture companyIts sales network has spread across many cities, and more than 1,800 dealer stores have been established.

    The scale of its marketing and service network is in a leading position among its peers.
  • Recommended reason: Based on the principle of design first, the design styles are diverse, and consumers can choose according to the style they want.Measure the measurement before entering the site, and you can propose revisions according to the drawings paid to make the cabinet shape more in line with your wishes.


  • Asia Pacific Headquarters Location: Zhongshan
  • Introduction: Guangdong Piano Science Art Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a listed enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of original customized home furnishing products, household products.

    Piano focuses on the R&D and innovation of original products and processes. The R&D team has more than 200 people, has more than 200 R&D patents, and won a number of international creative awards.
  • Recommended reason: Introducing the French design concept, brand-new style features, exquisite design, providing customers with complete and free overall kitchen design services, all based on the needs of consumers, try our best to solve problems for users.

10. OLO

  • Asia Pacific Headquarters Location: Nanjing
  • Introduction: OLO Cabinets was established in 2005 and is a well-known manufacturer of integrated kitchen cabinets. It always adheres to original design and is committed to the research and development of original integrated kitchen cabinets and whole-house custom furniture products with both practical and aesthetic value.
  • House customization business independently developed and obtained the patent cabinet with Jun porcelain pattern appearance and launched the environmentally friendly E0-level cabinet. Has a large cabinet production base, covers an area of 90,000 square meters.
  • Recommended reason: Good at solving various space utilization problems, providing consumers with various home styles, meeting the preferences and needs of various consumers, and striving to design whole-house custom design solutions suitable for various consumers, Plates and hardware are made of high-quality materials, and strive to provide consumers with high-end, high-quality product experience.

For the above information, we refer to China Cabinet Network.

Ⅱ. How to layout the kitchen?

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, it is a perfect kitchen that can rationally use the space and is designed according to the cooking habits of different people.

There are five common kitchen layouts. I will give you a brief introduction next.
For more information, please refer to our other article: Kitchen type and layout

1. U shaped

The layout of the U-shaped kitchen is very clear, the distribution of each work area is clear at a glance, and the space utilization rate is high. From a structural point of view, it is very space-saving.

Even if the corner cabinet is inconvenient to use, it can be used through transformation, and it can easily accommodate two people to operate without being crowded.

2. Island kitchen

Island kitchen is divided into a quick frying area and a hot food area. Increase the design of the work platform or increase the use area of the kitchen cabinet.

The storage space is summarized by area, and then classified and stored. Integrate the space usage area to differentiate the operation area from the rest area.

3. L shape

The L-shaped kitchen is a semi-open kitchen, which can satisfy most kitchen types, and an island can be installed in the middle as a dining table, which is very space-saving.

And it also provides ample countertop and storage space.

4. I shape

Whether it is the washing area, the operation area or the storage area, the functional division of the L-type kitchen is clearly divided, which is very convenient for construction, and the pipeline is short and more economical, and it is also conducive to the concealment of horizontal pipes.

5. Two-line kitchen

Two-line kitchen can divide the kitchen functions into two parts, one is cleaning and processing materials, and the other is cooking and placing.

During the cooking process, other materials need to be added, just turn around, and it is easy to use.

Ⅲ. Choose the material of the cabinet

The production of kitchen decoration cabinets is very important, not only can play the role of storage, but also take into account the beauty and functionality. However, there are many kinds of cabinet materials now, and the effect of cabinets made of different materials is also different. So which material is durable and affordable when making cabinets?

1. Solid wood cabinet

The cabinets made of solid wood have natural texture, high-grade and beautiful appearance, giving people a feeling of returning to nature. The style is mostly ancient and typical.

The door frame is solid wood, mainly in cherry, walnut, and oak colors, and the door core is in the middle.

The MDF is veneered with solid wood, which can ensure the special visual effect of bright wood.

2. Multi-layer solid wood cabinet

The multi-layer solid wood board has a unique criss-cross arrangement structure, which makes it very stable, and will not be deformed by moisture, cracked after drying, etc.

The surface of this kind of board is painted, which increases the wear resistance of the surface.

The high-quality multi-layer solid wood board does not need to worry about maintenance, and it can keep the lacquer surface as new for a long time.

3. Particle board cabinet

The Particle board cabinet has a flat surface, realistic texture, uniform bulk density, small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, and can be veneered in various ways, with a small amount of glue and a relatively high environmental protection coefficient.

4. MDF cabinet

MDF cabinet internal structure is uniform, the performance is stable, and the physical index changes little in different environments, so it is not easy to deform.

Environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, non-radiation, good air permeability, low formaldehyde content, not easy to age, long use time.

5. Stainless steel cabinet

The stainless-steel cabinet and the countertop are integrated, and there will be no cracks or cracks. Cabinets made of stainless steel are healthy and environmentally friendly, so there is no need to worry even if there is no testing.

The integration of countertops, stoves, faucets, sinks, etc., makes the whole cabinet more unified, simple, and simple.

The above is the information about cabinet materials. If you want to know more about cabinet door materials, you can browse this article: Cabinet and door material

Ⅳ. Buying Tips

I believe that after reading the above content, you will have some understanding of choosing the right cabinet. Here are 3 tips for buying cabinets, hoping to help you:
  1. To have a certain understanding of cabinets
In understanding different cabinet brands, your professional knowledge will be continuously strengthened, and you will be able to understand the changes in fashion trends and styles.
  1. Prepare before purchasing cabinets
Measure the basic size of the kitchen by yourself; make a cabinet budget including the cost of the cabinet, the cost of the countertop, the cost of the hardware accessories; the information provided to the designer. Except the normal size for the kitchen, you need to  pay attention if there is any windows and pillars. This details should be shared with you cabinet designer. If you want to make the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, don’t forget to measure the height from the ground to the ceiling. If you want some build-in appliances, please share the items and their dimension for your designer, so he will make them fit while designing your kitchen.
  1. Determine the style and layout of the kitchen
Although the styles of cabinets change every year, each style still has its unique characteristics. Knowing the style of cabinets will give you more variety when choosing.

Ⅴ. Conclusion

The above is the introduction of China’s top 10 cabinet manufacturers, as well as the layout and material choice of the kitchen.

Choosing a good brand can save you a lot of time and energy, and the subsequent services will be more in place.

I hope this article can help you find your favorite cabinet, or you can also contact George Cabinetry to get the latest cabinet style and quotation.

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