Top 10 Manufacturer of Wardrobes in China: How to build your bedroom

After the interior decoration is completed, everyone needs to buy furniture, of which wardrobes are necessities. There are many different materials for wardrobes, and there are also finished wardrobes and custom wardrobes.

Of course, you also need to understand the design style, performance, and price of the wardrobe, and consider which brand to choose. Here we will introduce the top 10 wardrobe manufacturer in China. A good manufacturer can save you time and cost while ensuring quality.

Ⅰ. Top 10 Wardrobe Manufacturer

1. George Cabinetry

  • Founded: 2006
  • Brand origin: Foshan
  • Introduction: George Cabinetry was founded in 2006, with 150 employees and a 50-acre manufacturing center, equipped with advanced production equipment, with 16 years of design of integrated kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other storage cabinets, Manufacturing, and distribution experience cabinets.


  • Founded: 1994
  • Brand origin: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Started in 1994, with the overall cabinet as the flagship, a comprehensive domestic integrated modern overall home service provider, engaged in whole house customization, wardrobe, bathroom, wooden doors, metal doors and windows, furniture, kitchen appliances, complete decoration Big home and other business.


  • Founded: 2003
  • Brand origin: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Established in 2003, Sophia Home Furnishing is a listed company mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of custom-made wardrobes and matching custom-made furniture. , successfully brought the custom wardrobe to the market and won the recognition of customers.


  • Founded: 2002
  • Brand origin: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: HOLIKE was established in 2002, focusing on the field of whole house customization, providing consumers with a one-stop overall solution for the whole house, laying out wardrobes/cabinets/wooden doors/retaining walls/finished products/curtains and other categories of home furnishing custom furniture company.


  • Founded: 1986
  • Brand origin: Chengdu
  • Introduction: Founded in 1986, it is a large-scale modern home furnishing enterprise integrating research, production, and sales. It mainly produces panel suite furniture/solid wood furniture/mattress/sofa/soft bed and custom furniture/engineering furniture.


  • Founded: 1993
  • Brand origin: Huzhou
  • Introduction: Founded in 1993, it is a comprehensive supplier of interior decoration materials. It has formed 8 major categories ranging from global procurement of forest resources to the production of panels, floors, wooden doors, veneers, integrated home furnishing, functional wood, paint adhesives, and decorative hardware. The complete industrial chain of the product series.


  • Founded: 2003
  • Brand origin: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Founded in 2003, the Snimay wardrobe designed and produced by it is one of the founding brands of custom wardrobes in China. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility for the development of China’s customized industry, Snimay has always been committed to Promote the originalization, standardization, popularization, and maturity of Chinese custom wardrobes.


  • Founded: 2001
  • Brand origin: Guangzhou
  • Introduction: Founded in 2001, the listed company Der environmental protection whole-house custom furniture brand, the drafting and compiling unit of custom furniture industry standards, and a custom home furnishing enterprise focusing on water paint custom cabinet walls, doors, and furniture.


  • Founded: 2003
  • Brand origin: Foshan
  • Introduction: Founded in 2003, it is a furniture enterprise that focuses on innovative technology to serve furniture. It proposed the concept of digital customization earlier in China, focusing on the design of whole house furniture, personalized customized production, and sales of supporting household products.


  • Founded: 2004
  • Brand origin: Guangdong
  • Introduction: MACIO Custom Furniture was founded in 2004, integrating professional design, manufacturing, sales, and service of custom furniture. Since its establishment in 2004, after years of development, pioneering and innovative, and determined management, it has now become a domestic custom furniture. Industry leader.

You already have a preliminary understanding of China’s wardrobe manufacturer. In addition to the brand, choosing the material and layout of the wardrobe is also a very important link. The following content will introduce the common materials and wardrobe layouts for wardrobes.

For more specific and professional content, you can browse our article: How to design and choose materials for wardrobes.

Ⅱ. The main materials of the wardrobe

  1. High density board
  2. Particleboard
  3. Multilayer solid wood board
  4. Solid wood board

Ⅲ. The Common layouts of the wardrobe

  1. Inline and Embedded
  2. L-shaped corner
  3. U-shaped wardrobe

Ⅳ. Custom Wardrobe VS Finished Wardrobe

1. The pros and cons of custom wardrobes

  • Beautiful. The custom wardrobe is made by machine, with delicate craftsmanship and high aesthetics.
  • Convenient and fast. Custom wardrobes can be done at one time and installed at one time, which is convenient and quick, and can save a lot of energy for you.
  • High space utilization. You can customize the exclusive wardrobe according to the pattern of your home type, avoid the problem of the shortcomings of the apartment type, and maximize the use of space.
  • The construction period is relatively long. Customized wardrobes generally take a long time because of the need to measure the size, choose the pattern, choose the style category, choose the material, etc.
  • The price is higher. Custom wardrobes are relatively cumbersome, and require costs in terms of measurement, installation, labor costs and other aspects. Moreover, the custom construction period is generally relatively long, and it is necessary to make choices before decoration.
  • Difficult to replace. The custom wardrobe and the wall are relatively closely connected, and it is more troublesome to replace it later or to move it away.

2. The pros and cons of finished wardrobes

  • Style: rich and diverse, with various colors and styles, and can also be matched with beds, sofas, coffee tables, etc.
  • Workmanship: The machine is mass-produced, and the edge sewing is more delicate than manual work.
  • Production cycle: When you see a style you like, you can buy it directly without waiting.
  • Practicality: After all, it is a cabinet that has been made, so the structure and size cannot completely fit each family environment, and it is easy to have inappropriate size, which wastes space and is not beautiful.
  • Materials: The materials used are not selected by you. If the price of the cabinet is cheaper and cheaper, the quality of the materials may be poor.

3. Is it better to customize the wardrobe or the finished wardrobe?

  • First, from the cost point of view
    The finished wardrobe is cheaper than the custom-made one, and the machine production is streamlined, so the time cost is low. Custom-made wardrobes need to calculate the cost from the two aspects of sheet metal and labor. Now the cost of woodworking is not cheap, and the cost comparison of boards is also more obvious, so the price of custom-made wardrobes is more expensive. But the custom-made wardrobe can choose the board by yourself. You can choose some environmentally friendly boards, such as the E1 and E0 grade boards of solid wood particles. The finished wardrobe is almost less selective, and it is
  • Secondly, from the perspective of wardrobe style
    The styles of finished wardrobes are generally more diverse and match the overall style of the furniture. The general height of the finished wardrobes is a specific specification, and what width matches what height, these are almost fixed. The custom-made wardrobe can be designed according to the size of your bedroom, with great flexibility. You can also top the wardrobe according to personal preferences, which is convenient for daily sanitation.
  • Again, in terms of durability
    In terms of durability, it can be judged by plates and hardware. Generally speaking, customization is the material you choose, and the quality will be better than the finished product. Therefore, in terms of durability, customization is stronger than the finished product. In addition, all customized products have after-sales warranty service. After the finished product has been used for a period of time, if any hardware accessories are broken, most of them may not be sold, and you need to solve the problem yourself.
  • Finally, in terms of time
    The finished wardrobe can be seen intuitively. As long as the style is selected, you can buy it at any time and use it at any time. However, the custom-made wardrobe takes a certain amount of time, and the effect cannot be shown immediately, and it may take a relatively long time to wait. If it is custom-made at home, you can supervise the work on the spot, so as to avoid discrepancies between the detailed design of the wardrobe and the expected effect.
  • Finally, in terms of time
    The finished wardrobe can be seen intuitively. As long as the style is selected, you can buy it at any time and use it at any time. However, the custom-made wardrobe takes a certain amount of time, and the effect cannot be shown immediately, and it may take a relatively long time to wait. If it is custom-made at home, you can supervise the work on the spot, so as to avoid discrepancies between the detailed design of the wardrobe and the expected effect.
  •  Then how do you choose?
    If you don’t have too many requirements on the wardrobe, you can choose a good brand and choose the finished cabinet. However, it is better for small-sized families to customize them to make better use of space. In addition, families who pay attention to environmental protection are recommended to customize and choose environmentally friendly plates. If you want to do built-in cabinets, you definitely need to customize it.

Ⅳ. Precautions for custom wardrobes

1.  Three or more drawers are best

The drawers of custom-made wardrobes generally need to be charged additionally. Many people only have one or two in order to save money. When they actually use them, they will find that the drawers are really very practical. They can store underwear, socks, and some important documents.

2.  The clothes rail should not be too high

The clothes rail in the wardrobe should be determined according to the height. The height of the clothes rail = the owner’s height + 20 cm is the best, and the distance from the upper edge of the clothes rail to the top of the cabinet is 40-60mm.

3. The door panel of the wardrobe should be buffered

The door panel of the wardrobe must be buffered, otherwise it will make a lot of noise when the cabinet door is closed.

4. The wardrobe should be topped

The wardrobe should be topped, so that it looks very beautiful, and the top will not accumulate dust. In addition, it can also store some large objects such as notes, which can maximize the use of space.


Ⅴ. Precautions for the use of wardrobes

  1. The overall wardrobe should be maintained and placed in a balanced manner. Avoid placing it in a place with high temperature, severe vibration, humidity, or direct sunlight. If it is placed in a place directly exposed to sunlight, it is inevitable that the wood will deform or crack under the light. In addition, the room should be kept ventilated.
  1. When there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, use a duster or a soft cloth to remove dust. If there is any stain on the surface, use sand wax to remove it. Conditional maintenance can be done on a regular basis with oil wax. Wipe the hardware parts with a dry soft cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids to clean them. If you find black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, you can wipe them with a little kerosene.
  1. Always keep the cabinet door clean, and there should be no debris or dust in the track to prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting the track. When cleaning, use a semi-wet rag to wipe the cabinet body and cabinet door, and avoid using corrosive cleaners. The dust on the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as cabinet racks and tie rods can be wiped with a dry cloth.
  1. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids on the surface of the overall wardrobe, such as alcohol, banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, strong lye, etc.
  1. Try to avoid damaging or scratching the surface of the wardrobe. If there are slight scratches and bumps on the surface, you can use a cloth dipped in a mixture of soot, lemon juice or sand oil to wipe it, and then wax it after drying; if the scratches are deep, touch If the injury is more serious, you need to reconcile the same color paint to complement the color.
  1. Regularly check the connecting parts, and tighten them in time if they are loose, and inject a small amount of lubricating oil. If the failure is caused by disassembly and assembly, the store should be notified in time for assistance.
  1. To prevent external force, heavy object impact, smashing the slide rail and door panel, push and pull gently, do not violently jerk against the cabinet door.

Ⅵ. Wardrobe maintenance method

  1. Since the main material of the wardrobe is wood, it is usually necessary to avoid contact with some corrosive liquids, otherwise it will easily damage the wardrobe and affect its service life.
  1. If you want to maintain the wardrobe, you should also pay attention to its cleanliness. Once you find dust on the surface, you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. For that more serious dirt, it can be cleaned with professional cleaners.
  1. In daily life, we should also pay attention to the sunlight exposure to the wardrobe. Once exposed to direct sunlight for too long, it will be found that the wood is cracked and deformed.
  1. In addition, if the room is too humid, it will also cause mildew in the wardrobe, so daily ventilation and moisture prevention is necessary. This will also ensure that the clothes in the wardrobe are clean and tidy, and there will be no mold.
  1. The drawers in the wardrobe should also be cleaned frequently, and if it is found that it is difficult to pull, then it needs to be refurbished.
  1. Generally, for wardrobes with pulleys, it will be difficult to pull the sliding door for a long time. At this time, you can drip some lubricating oil.

Ⅶ. Wardrobe Maintenance Tips

  1. Water marks: In the process of daily cleaning and wiping, water droplets are inevitably left on the surface, and there are water droplets on the surface of the wardrobe. Some wardrobes will leave water stains! However, this is easy to solve. You can use a slightly damp rag to cover the marks. Then use the electric console to gently press several times, you can eliminate the water marks, you can also use salad oil, toothpaste to spread, dry, wax!
  1. Scratches: If the paint surface of the sliding door of the wardrobe is scratched or scratched, if the substrate under the paint is not touched, you can use a crayon or paint of the same color as the furniture to apply a layer of exposed primer on the finish. color, then apply a layer of clear nail polish or a lacquer of the same color.
  1. Collapsing edges: Many wardrobes will have a popping edge on the edges and corners. Generally, you can also apply a layer of repair wax on the surface. After drying, apply a layer of the same color paint evenly! Remember to make up if it appears. On, because the culprit of the panel wardrobe’s moisture expansion is that the substrate is exposed in the air!
  1. Scalding marks: In many wardrobes, white scalding marks or other scalding marks are accidentally left on the lacquer surface. You can slowly wipe with a cloth dipped in alcohol, toilet water, kerosene, or strong tea, or you can use a cloth with soot and lemon Sauce or salad oil mixture, wipe dry, and wax to lighten or actually disappear scald marks.
  1. Burn marks: Some wardrobes will leave burn marks or burn marks on the paint surface. You can wrap a fine-grained hard cloth on a cotton swab or toothpick, gently wipe off the burn marks, and then apply a layer evenly. Nail polish or the same color paint will do.

Ⅷ. Advantages of choosing George Cabinetry

  • Quick quotation: After you confirm the style of the wardrobe and select the style picture, our team will give you a quotation within 24 hours.
  • Provide design drawings: We have a professional designer team, which can design 2-3 excellent 3D space design schemes for your reference within 48 hours according to the actual size of the bedroom provided by you and your opinions.
  • Product quality: When the wardrobe is completed, our quality control team will conduct quality inspection and test installation of the wardrobe as soon as possible to ensure that everything is normal.

We believe that the above content has given you a general understanding of the manufacturers of wardrobes and how to choose them. In the choice of finished wardrobes and custom wardrobes, you can choose according to your needs.

Although there are many wardrobe suppliers all over the world, George Cabinetry has dominated the market in China and can provide you with professional and first-class service. You can budget ready, contact George Cabinetry for the latest wardrobe designs and quotes.

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