Top 15 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers In China 2023

Did you know China is currently the largest cabinet exporter in the world? In this article, we’ll list China’s top 10 kitchen cabinet manufacturers/suppliers for easy reference.

The information provided herein will help you better understand the Chinese kitchen cabinet industry’s development. We will also guide policymakers on how to source from Chinese manufacturers.

You can make the most of your business relationship with cabinet manufacturers in China by understanding how the industry works and how it continues to develop. This way, decision-makers from your company will have enough information to negotiate the best deals from China.

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Top 1: PIANO

Year Established: 2005
Place of Origin: Guangdong

Business Scope:

  • Customized cabinets
  • Customized closets
  • Matching home products

Recommended Reason:
Piano’s success is rooted in its devotion to originality and style, personifying customization with a unique program crafted to its clientele’s desires.


In 2005, a remarkable venture began in Guangdong with the creation of Piano, an entity wholly committed to the craftsmanship of woodworking-class custom cabinets, integral wooden doors, and full-house customizations.

Piano, now recognized as an A-share listed enterprise, delves not only into R&D but also seamlessly integrates the production and sales of complementary home commodities. As a distinguished base for cabinet creation in the Asian market, Piano has built an outstanding production team, employing CNC flexible production lines that churn out over 100,000 sets yearly.

Boasting an impressive distribution system with nearly 1,000 franchised malls and 800+ stores across China, Piano’s capacity to produce reaches a staggering 2+ million sets annually.

Top 2: ZBOM

Year Established: 1998

Business Scope:

  • Whole kitchen
  • Wooden door and wall panel
  • Whole-house customization
  • Finished furniture

Recommended Reason:
ZBOM has established its reputation as a visionary in the Chinese kitchen cabinet industry, transforming ordinary spaces into exceptional havens.


ZBOM’s inception in 1998 marked the beginning of a pioneering journey in China’s kitchen cabinet industry. Predominantly focused on comprehensive custom homes, the company integrates R&D, production, sales, and unparalleled after-sales service.

With a vast network extending to over 1,400 cities nationwide and an R&D team of over 200 experts, ZBOM is home to some of China’s largest custom home manufacturing bases. More than 100 prestigious titles and certifications, such as CNAS Certified Laboratories, have been awarded to this leading name.

Top 3: Parlun

Year Established: 2004
Place of Origin: Foshan

Business Scope:

  • Windows and doors
  • Custom cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Interior furniture

Recommended Reason:

If you are looking for a hassle-free, cost-effective, and rapid kitchen makeover, Parlun Building is your go-to option. Their commitment to quality, safety, and quick delivery sets them apart in the market.



Parlun Building is renowned for custom kitchen cabinet manufacturing. With customization options encompassing doors, countertops, storage systems, lighting, and more, they allow clients to create kitchens tailored to their unique preferences. Apart from kitchen customization, Parlun Building is a one-stop whole-house furniture sourcing supplier.

Parlun Building operates six production facilities, including a custom furniture factory, a bathroom cabinet factory, and a window and door factory. The combined area of these facilities spans over 2 million square meters.

Top 4: Boloni

Year Established: 1992
Place of Origin: Qingdao

Business Scope:

  • Cabinets
  • Interior doors
  • Furniture
  • Wardrobes
  • Bathroom products

Recommended Reason:
Boloni epitomizes professionalism, offering bespoke design services for luxury homes, along with systematic one-stop services and personalized customization.


Boloni, since 1992, has been a luminary in China’s furniture industry, specializing in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and internal doors. With global showrooms in places like the US, Britain, and Saudi Arabia, it has extended its premium exports across continents.


Year Established: 2004
Place of Origin: Guangdong

Business Scope:

  • Cabinet
  • Closet
  • TV cabinet combination
  • Checkroom
  • Living-dining room
  • Floating window combination
  • Desk Combination
  • Bunk bed
  • Corner desk

Recommended Reason:
Beyond products, Homekoo offers a complete ground service system, ensuring a comfortable purchasing experience along with reliable after-sales support.


Established in 2004, Homekoo heralded a revolution in China’s home furnishing scene with its “Whole House Customization” concept. A symbol of China’s Industry 4.0, it showcases a unique fusion of innovation, IT, cloud computing, and agile manufacturing.

Having entered the A-share market, Homekoo rapidly transformed into a modern brand, with an extensive network of over 2,202 stores and bases across multiple cities. Its innovative Shangpinzhai model has even reached European and Southeast Asian markets.


Year Established: 1934
Place of Origin: France

Business Scope:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wardrobes and storages
  • Bathrooms
  • Customized home solutions

Recommended Reason:
Schmidt’s product diversification caters to a broad range of home furnishing requirements, delivering personalized solutions that resonate with customers.


The story of Schmidt began in France in 1934, eventually making its way to China in 2014. Specializing in custom home furnishing, Schmidt stands out for its exquisite designs that bring joy and quality to Chinese homes.

Through the integration of French and Chinese experience in the cabinet industry, Schmidt’s primary aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with comprehensive kitchen spaces.

Top 7: KEFAN

Year Established: 2006
Place of Origin: Guangdong

Business Scope:

  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Wall protection
  • Home furnishing
  • Interior doors
  • Soft furnishing
  • Lighting

Recommended Reason:
Kefan’s comprehensive approach enables designers to offer advanced and cost-effective solutions, encompassing cabinet, wall, and door integration, providing an aesthetic yet practical lifestyle.


Nestled in Guangdong’s Industrial Design City, Kefan emerged in 2006 as a comprehensive solution provider for whole-house customization. The brand synergizes intelligent manufacturing, R&D, and design, with a vast base in Shunde, Foshan for operations and showroom displays.

Kefan’s exemplary products, tailored to specific consumer needs, provide designers with customized materials, thus enhancing thousands of homes with beauty and comfort.

Top 8: Oppein

Year Established: 1994

Place of Origin: Guangdong

Key Products and Services: Family cabinets, whole-house customization, wooden doors, bathrooms, closets, metal doors and windows, armored doors, kitchen appliances, soft furnishings.

Recommended Reason: Oppein is considered the trendsetter of modern cabinets in China, known as the country’s kitchen revolution advocate. It has maintained a leading position for over a decade.


Overview: Oppein, founded in 1994, is a leader in China’s cabinet industry, offering modern integrated cabinets and other home solutions. With over 10,000 professional service team members, it runs 2,000 franchised malls throughout China. Its 300,000 square meters factory is the largest in Asia, using the advanced German Haumei HOMAG cabinet production line.

Top 9: Golden Home

Year Established: 1999

Place of Origin: Fujian

Key Products and Services: Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, Manio kitchen appliances, custom homes, Gold wooden door, Balcony bathroom.

Recommended Reason: Golden Home’s national kitchen industrial design center focuses on the whole kitchen cabinets and custom homes. It offers whole-house intelligent customization of household products.


Overview: Golden Home, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in high-end custom homes and kitchen cabinets. It ensures that practicality, style, quality, and design are at the core of everything they manufacture.

Top 10: EOROOM

Year Established: 2015

Key Products and Services: Kitchen equipment, ceramic sanitary ware, construction and decoration materials, electrical equipment, wood products, household appliances, bedding, lighting fixtures.

Recommended Reason: Eoroom is a one-stop kitchen and furniture solutions provider with an experienced team to create unique and customized home designs.


Overview: Eoroom is mainly engaged in the production of cabinets, whole-house customization, and other supporting furniture products. With over 100 patents, it has developed intelligent products like the Eoroom Wormhole series, transforming traditional customization to smart homes.


Year Established: 2006

Place of Origin: Qingdao

Key Products and Services: Whole kitchen, checkroom, closet, bookcase, bathroom cabinets, sliding doors, entrance cabinets.

Recommended Reason: Youfeel specializes in high-quality whole-house custom woodwork products and convenient logistics solutions.


Overview: Youfeel offers one-stop professional services in whole-house custom woodwork products, supporting real estate projects. It benefits from its strategic location in the Shandong Blue Economic Development Zone, with 1,500 highly experienced employees.

Top 12: BORCCI

Year Established: 2000

Place of Origin: Ningbo

Key Products and Services: Customized cabinets, movable furniture, wardrobes, hotel furniture, bathroom cabinets.

Recommended Reason: Borcci is committed to providing families pursuing a high quality of life with integrated home solutions like customized cabinets and movable furniture.


Overview: Borcci focuses on integrated kitchen products and upgraded to integrated home solutions in 2019. It has established an omnichannel sales system that covers various segments.

Top 13: Olo-Home

Year Established: 2006

Place of Origin: Nanjing

Key Products and Services: Custom kitchen cabinet, Integrated kitchen, Custom whole-house furniture.

Recommended Reason: Olo-Home is a trusted cabinet maker that marries appearance, quality, and cost-effectiveness, providing both beautiful and functional cabinet designs.


Overview: With 14+ years of development, Olo-Home has risen to the top companies in China’s cabinet industry. The company operates two production bases in Jiangning District and Lishui District of Nanjing City, covering 33,000 and 96,000 square meters respectively. The unique production lines for real estate engineering have an annual capacity of around 1 billion Yuan.

Top 14: Paterson

Year Established: 2001

Place of Origin: Guangzhou

Key Products and Services: Cabinet, Wardrobe, TV cabinet,

Recommended Reason: Paterson is an ideal choice for detailed and forward-looking cabinet designs. Their skilled designers create diverse styles with meticulous attention to detail.


Overview: Founded in 2001, Paterson emphasizes environmental protection and whole-house customization. The company operates across Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Tianjin, with four production bases, ten factories, over 2,600 employees, and 1,400+ national terminal stores.

They pioneered MDI glue environmental protection and whole-house board wood customization, achieving a 5-year performance growth and ranking over 12 times in the top 10 of the whole-house customization industry.

Top 15: LESSO

Year Established: 2012

Place of Origin: Guangdong

Key Products and Services: Whole kitchens, Closets, Decoration panels, Windows and doors, Water purification solutions.

Recommended Reason: With extensive experience serving international customers, LESSO offers customization of kitchen cabinets to exact specifications, ensuring that the products meet diverse needs and preferences.


Overview: LESSO, founded in 2012, is a sub-brand of LESSO Group. The company produces integral kitchens, wooden doors, integral wardrobes, and more. Its production base spans over 300,000 square meters, with total annual sales of 20+ billion Yuan and home products yearly sales of more than 1 billion Yuan.

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