Want Cheap and Durable Materials to Customize Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet can be said to be an indispensable piece of furniture in the kitchen. Without cabinets, many kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and cooking ingredients have no place to store them. 

In addition, the needs of each family are different, so the kitchen cabinet is a kind of customized furniture, and the price will be slightly high. This is a costly expense for ordinary families. There are many kinds of materials for making kitchen cabinets, and the price range is vast. MDF is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials.

MDF is composted by the by-products of the wood mill, mainly sawdust and shavings, which are ground into a fine powder, dried to remove water, mixed with resin and wax, and then pressed into flat rigid boards.

Advantages of MDF wood

-MDF is of economic value to ordinary people because of its low cost, a fraction of the cost of purchasing solid wood kitchen cabinet for MDF. By using MDF in some areas of the house, you can save budget for other decorations.

-Use 100% recycled materials, which means no trees are cut down, so it is environmentally friendly.

-Easy to be painted in various colors. All kinds of paints can be evenly applied on MDF, the preferred substrate for the paint effect.

-No nodules, which will not contaminate the surface of parts or make it difficult to connect components.

-Resistant to termites and other insects due to the use of chemicals in the structure during manufacturing.

-Unlike natural wood products such as doors, MDF will not expand and shrink in high temperatures and humid environments.

-Forming MDF is more accessible than solid wood. Easier to cut, carve, and design more designs.

MDF vs Other Materials

Solid Wood

Benefits of real wood cabinets: natural and durable. Each kind of wood is different. Some wood has a longer life than others. However, solid wooden kitchens will shrink or crack over time when the wood is under changing heat and humidity.

MDF is an advanced composite material. It is made from recycled wood fibres and resin. It is dried and pressed to produce a dense, stable board. As a result of this process, MDF will not warp or crack as wood does. And because MDF is not made of tiny particles, this will result in a smoother finish on the cabinet. MDF is also cheaper, a big selling point for some people.

Solid Wood Cabinet
MDF Cabinet


One of the common misconceptions about cabinet structure is that the plywood is a “higher quality” material than MDF. This is not always true. Both MDF and plywood are used for the high-end cabinet. The surface of MDF board is processed to be more flat and smooth than plywood. Its smooth surface can form a clean adhesion between the laminated veneer and the core material. This makes the warping and deformation much less than plywood. Cabinets made of MDF are usually less expensive than those made of plywood. Typically, the cost difference is between 10-15%.


However, everything has its opposite. MDF is a great material, but it still has its own shortcomings.

-Absorbs water faster than wood.

-Requires high maintenance. If the MDF is chipped or cracked, it cannot be easily repaired or covered.

-The chemicals used to make MDF make it less child friendly than other materials.

-Cannot withstand extreme pressure compared with natural wood. It is easy to crack or split under extreme pressure.

-Driving nails on MDF boards is difficult and takes time. Use nails and screws to connect MDF sheets; However, due to its strength, the wood may crack, and the fasteners will not be well secured.

-MDF wood has no natural texture.

MDF board is a substitute for natural wood. In recent years, as a sustainable building material, it has established an impeccable reputation. Many kitchen cabinet suppliers will also recommend MDF to owners who want to put their budget on other more important decoration. In addition to being a stable material, MDF provides great flexibility for complex designs. 

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