Which One You Should Choose for Wardrobe, Swing Door or Sliding Door?

When designing the wardrobe, in addition to choosing the pattern and color of the wardrobe, it is particularly important to choose the door. Next, we will analyze which door is better from the perspective of professional wardrobe manufacturer.

Swing door vs Sliding door

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Swing door is a door that can be opened from the inside out, like a room door, in a vertical direction.

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Sliding door means that it can be pulled from side to side and moved horizontally.

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♥Swing door closet: After the swing door closet is closed, there is basically no gap, which also creates its super sealing property. It is difficult to enter dust, and the moisture-proof ability is also good.

♥Sliding door closet: In the middle of the sliding door, for the convenience of opening and closing, to avoid pinching hands, there must be a gap between the two doors, so that the clothes placed in the wardrobe are easy to accumulate dust.


♥Swing door closet: The cabinet door under the swing door closet is a flat plate. If there is dust, it can be simply wiped off, which is more convenient.

♥Sliding door closet: The sliding door track is easy to accumulate dust, and because the track has grooves, it is troublesome to clean.

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Maintenance problems

♥Swing door closet: The movement depends on the hinge or pipe hinge. It doesn’t need much force in the process of opening and closing. 

It will slow down when closed, and the noise is very small. It is easy to replace even if it is aged.

♥Sliding door closet: Gear is used. If there is a problem, it is troublesome to replace it.


♥Swing door closet: The cabinet door can be used for storage, hanging storage bags and other things, and hanging a hook is good for hanging light objects such as hats and bags.

♥Sliding door closet: The cabinet door can not hang things, and the utilization rate is relatively low.

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Cabinet depth

♥Swing door closet: The thickness of the swing door is about 2cm, and the cabinet should be at least 50-55cm.

♥Sliding door closet: Although the sliding door does not occupy the external space, it occupies the cabinet space. 

The track groove needs to occupy about 8 cm of the cabinet depth, so the cabinet depth of the sliding door should be about 63 cm.


♥Swing door closet: The cabinet door can be fully opened, which can show the whole interior of the wardrobe. The swing door closet has strong space independence, and each cabinet door can correspond to different storage functions, which is also convenient for sorting clothes.

♥Sliding door closet: The cabinet door can only be opened on one side, that is, if one side is open, the other side is always closed. In this way, one person is using it, the other person cannot use it. 

In addition, when the sliding door cabinet is used, it can be easily pushed open and closed with a small finger, which is beautiful and saves space, and is convenient for the elderly and children.

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Occupied space

♥Swing door closet: When opening and closing the swing door closet, the door needs to be rotated, and the cabinet door opens outward, so it occupies a lot of space. 

The distance between the closet and the bed should be no less than 60 cm. It cannot be attached to the bed. This requires that enough space be reserved to open the closet door, which is suitable for a larger room.

♥Sliding door closet: When using, you only need to pull the door horizontally, without affecting the surrounding areas. It can also be used next to the bed. It is suitable for small households. This is the biggest advantage of cabinet with sliding doors.


♥Swing door closet: The swing door should not be too wide and heavy. Generally, the length should be controlled within 1800 and the width within 450, otherwise it is easy to deform.

♥Sliding door closet: Sliding door cabinet can be made high and wide, simple and beautiful.

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In general, the sliding door cabinet has advantages in terms of space occupation and aesthetics, and the Swing door closet has relatively large advantages in terms of sealing, cleaning and convenience. 

George Cabinetry will suggest that you should try swing door closet if possible. If the space in the room is not too large, then consider the cabinet with sliding doors.

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