How to choose a cabinet functional baskets?

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When it comes to cabinet functional baskets, everyone should be familiar with them. Cabinet functional baskets can be seen in most home kitchens. This article will take you to understand the role of cabinet pull baskets in the kitchen and what are the cabinet functional baskets. Pros, what types are there, advice on how to buy them.

1. Types of cabinet functional baskets

First, there are two types of baskets:

1) According to the functional baskets function, it is divided into: dish pull basket, seasoning functional baskets, corner pull basket, high cabinet functional baskets and so on.

dish functional baskets

1. Dish functional baskets

The bowl and dish basket can reasonably place bowls, plates, chopsticks, forks, spoons, pots, etc., so that the kitchen objects can be stored in a more orderly manner. It can also be freely combined and stored in partitions, which can adapt to the storage habits of different people and is more convenient to use.

condiment functional baskets

2. Condiment functional baskets

The seasoning basket can store all kinds of seasonings in the kitchen by category, which is easy to take and increases the operating space of the kitchen. Among them, the detachable and adjustable seasoning basket can be used for different sizes of seasoning bottles, making it easier to use.

corner functional baskets

3. Corner functional baskets

The corner functional baskets can make full use of the cabinet space, and can place many items such as seasonings, pots, and pans, avoiding the inconvenience of dead corner items and saving space.  

high cabinet functional baskets

4. High cabinet functional baskets

The high cabinet functional baskets are usually a functional basket designed on the side. It has a thin and tall line design, which can make full use of the side space of the cabinet. It can prevent dry goods, condiments, drinks, cups, drinks, etc. And you can take the required items briefly.

2) According to the functional basket’s material, it is divided into stainless steel pull basket, aluminum alloy functional baskets, iron paint functional baskets, iron chrome functional baskets, etc.

stainless steel functional baskets

1. Stainless steel functional baskets

Stainless Steel Functional Baskets is firm and wear-resistant, with a bright appearance and metallic beauty. The storage rack made of stainless steel has a post-age aesthetic appearance, has a long service life, is not picky about the use environment, and can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures. As long as it is properly maintained, it can last for many years.

aluminum alloy functional baskets

2. Aluminum alloy functional baskets

Aluminum alloys functional baskets, even if it is used for a long time, it will not change, and the durability is very high, and it is not easy to rust. Aluminum alloys functional baskets are also more convenient to process, and the decorative effect is particularly beautiful. When choosing, the colors are very rich.

lacquer functional baskets

3. Lacquer functional baskets

The paint basket has bright colors, strong visual impact, superior moisture-proof and waterproof performance. No edge sealing, easy to clean, no oil seepage, no fading. Due to the high stability, durability, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of the baking paint coating after curing, after polishing, the surface finish is high, and the mirror effect is good

iron chrome functional baskets

4. Iron chrome functional baskets

The iron chrome-plated functional baskets have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, strong light reflectivity, and will not rust. Usually, water stains on the tableware will flow on it.

2. The benefits of using cabinet functional baskets

1) Improve efficiency

The multi-layer separation design method is adopted, so that each tableware can be placed in a suitable position, which can avoid the noise caused by the collision of the tableware when taking the tableware and create a more comfortable kitchen environment.

2) Ensure the hygiene of tableware

One of the biggest advantages of the cabinet functional baskets is that when the drawer of the cabinet is opened, the different tableware in the kitchen can be classified and stored, and stored layer by layer, so that the tableware can be placed at a certain interval, which can avoid their direct contact.  make each tableware more hygienic and help protect the health of you and your family.

3) Save space on the countertop

You can put condiments, cutting boards, and other items that have a large countertop area on the tableware cabinet. It is stored in the functional baskets, which saves space and prevents the seasoning from spilling or breaking.

4) Improve cooking efficiency

Arrange the kitchen supplies in a reasonable classification, so that you can use them easily when cooking, and the kitchen will not be messy or disordered. Avoid the problem of overcooked dishes due to the lack of seasonings.

3. How to choose the cabinet functional baskets

1. Look at the appearance of the functional baskets

When you are choosing, you can observe whether the whole of the pull-down basket is flat, whether the four corners of the pull-down basket are 90 degrees, whether the frames are balanced, whether the bottom materials are evenly arranged, whether the surface coating is free of burrs and no pits, and if you touch it. Is it comfortable to handle?

2. Look at the wire of the basket

Secondly, you need to observe the thickness of the wire of the functional baskets. If the wire of the functional baskets is too thin and the quality is not so good, the functional baskets will be easily damaged if it is used for a long time. When you buy, you can identify the quality by the type of functional baskets, you can choose several functional baskets at will, the weight of the general quality is better

3. Look at the electroplating and solder joints of the functional baskets

Because the tableware is mostly in direct contact with oil, vinegar and other seasonings, these kitchen utensils are corrosive to a certain extent. If the electroplating effect of the functional baskets is not good, the functional baskets is prone to rust. In addition, you can see the effect of the solder joints of the functional baskets. The solder joints of the functional baskets should not be too large, full, and free of false welding. If there are too many false welding, it means that the welding is not firm, and there are potential safety hazards in use.  will also directly affect the aesthetics of the functional baskets.

4. Look at the quality of the basket guide rail

When we buy, in addition to observing the quality of its own material, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of the guide rails and hardware accessories it uses is qualified. Guide rails of good quality can be pulled smoothly and smoothly, and can be pulled continuously for 100,000 times, with strong corrosion resistance; while guide rails of unqualified quality are prone to rust, unsmooth pulling, and easy deformation after placing heavy objects.

So the above is about the introduction of the types of functional baskets and their different uses. You can buy suitable function baskets according to your needs to make your kitchen more tidy. Thank you for reading!


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