How to choose the dining cabinet?

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As we all know, the sideboard cupboard is a storage cabinet with storage function in the empty space of the restaurant or on the side of the dining table. It is mainly used to store tableware such as tableware and chopsticks and can also be used for temporary storage of soup and dishes. Dining cabinet is still very useful. Let’s take a look at how to choose dining cabinet correctly.

I. The role of the dining cabinet

The traditional dining cabinet is just a simple locker and has no other functions. The design is monotonous, and the function is single. The modern dining cabinet placed in the restaurant space has storage function lockers on the side of the dining table, where you can put tableware, alcohol, and beverages, as well as guests’ bags and personal belongings. Storage tableware is one of the functions of dining cabinet. It can also decorate the restaurant, which can not only facilitate life, but also add sentiment to the dining environment.

modern kitchen dining cabinet

II. dining cabinet style

  1. The styles of

 customized dining cabinet generally include embedded type, one-word type and combination type.

(1) Built-in dining cabinet

Embedded dining cabinet is more suitable for small-sized families. If the space in the dining room area at home is small, and the partition wall is a non-load-bearing wall, you can smash part of the wall or dismantle it as a whole, and make full use of the wall space to customize the embedded dining cabinet, which not only does not occupy the original indoor space, but also has The problem of storage and storage in the restaurant has been solved, and the appearance of the restaurant has also been improved, so that the storage of tableware in the restaurant is reasonable and orderly!

Dining cabinet is basically the same as the surrounding wall finishing layer, which has a regular space effect, and can also alleviate the cramped feeling of space caused by dining cabinet to a certain extent; there are two ways to form embedded dining cabinet.

1.The original wall type, dining cabinet relies on the original building wall setting, and the newly built walls on the left and right sides of the dining cabinet form an embedded form, and the area required by the dining cabinet is completely provided by the space where it is located.

2. Wall dismantling, removing part of the original wall, inserting dining cabinet into it, and building a certain thickness of wall outside the original wall on the left and right sides of the dining cabinet to block the thickness of the cabinet exceeding the original wall, which is more economical Space, smaller spaces are also more suitable.

You can choose a suitable dining cabinet based on the space area where the dining cabinet is located, the dismantling of the wall, the preferences of family members, and the space effect you want to create.

build-in dining cabinet

(2)I shape dining cabinet

I shape dining cabinet usually exists in the form of a straight line, which will bring a neat and regular spatial effect to the space. I shape is divided into 3 types,

1. Floor cabinet

The floor cabinet sideboard is adopted, which will not make the space feel cramped due to its short height.

2. Wall cabinet

The hanging cabinet type does not occupy the floor area, so it will not increase the crowding of the space, and the practicability is very good.

3. Split cabinet

The split cabinet is in the form of a floor cabinet above, a hanging cabinet below, and a suspended cabinet in the middle.

(3)Combination type

In addition to independent existence, dining cabinet can also be combined with other functions such as bookcases, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, card holders, refrigerator cabinets, etc., which can effectively improve the utilization of space. A functional home would be the more practical option.

The combination of dining cabinet and other functions often includes up and down, sideboard and other functions are set up and down; left and right settings, and mixed type, dining cabinet and other functions have no boundaries, and can be mixed. You can choose according to the family function needs, family members’ preferences, and the applicable height of the function.

combination type dining cabinet

2. Finished dining cabinet

The finished dining cabinet has a greater degree of freedom and freedom of movement. After moving into a new home, it can be moved to a more suitable location according to the living habits and preferences of family members and can be replaced freely. If you don’t like the style for a long time, or it is damaged, you can replace it at any time. , and because the finished dining cabinet is generally not fixed on any interface or building structure, it will not cause damage to the surrounding walls on which it rests.

It has a more refined appearance, and the finished dining cabinet style is more delicate, which has a better decorative effect on the space; it has a supplementary effect, and the finished dining cabinet with a moderate size of the cabinet can supplement the inadequacy of the home space effect to a certain extent, such as harmonizing the space color. , to enhance the sense of space luxury, etc., so you can choose after purchasing all other soft decorations at home.

size selection of finished dining cabinet

The finished dining cabinet vary in size due to different styles and brands, but the thickness is generally around 400~450mm; the low cabinets are generally around 900mm, and the high cabinets are generally around 1700~2200mm; It is about 400~1800mm, which is subject to the actual product.

3. Glass hanging cabinet door

Because dining cabinet generally adopts a through-top design, so that the top does not leave a hygienic dead corner and is easy to take care of. Therefore, dining cabinet wall cabinets can choose transparent or frosted glass as the glass cabinet door. In this way, the first is that the transparency is better, and the items you want to take in it are clear at a glance, so you don’t have to go up and down to find them. Visually reduce the sense of depression in the restaurant.

glass hanging cabinet door

4. Card seat dining cabinet

Card seat dining cabinet can be said to be a space-saving tool for small apartments, and the embedding of the card seat into the dining cabinet can superimpose the functions of the restaurant, make the dining hall more spacious, and improve the space utilization rate. It can be said to be decoration, display, storage, Meals are not delayed.

card seat dining cabinet

5. Wine rack and dining cabinet

If you have a lot of alcohol at home, or like to collect red wine, white wine, etc., you can design some wine racks in dining cabinet, which can not only store alcohol, but also enjoy the display. It is very convenient for family and friends to gather at home.

wine rack and dining cabinet

6. Middle hollow dining cabinet

It is also a common production form to make a hollow design in the middle of the dining cabinet. If the hollow place is equipped with an invisible light strip for lighting, it will be more beautiful and practical, and the decorative effect will be better. In fact, the hollow design can not only make the dining cabinet more layered, but also place some handy items and small kitchen appliances, which is very practical.

middle hollow dining cabinet

III. How to choose a dining cabinet

1. According to the style. Each piece of furniture has its own style, such as European style, American style, Chinese style, neoclassical and so on. Each piece of furniture is combined to form a specific style, shaping the home. The selected dining cabinet style should be coordinated with the overall style of the furniture.

2. According to functional requirements. As one of the commonly used furniture in restaurants, in addition to having a strong storage function, the dining cabinet also undertakes the important task of decorating the restaurant and is a practical and beautiful decoration. When purchasing a dining cabinet, you should consider its purpose of use, whether it is simply used for storage or to decorate the restaurant while storing. If it’s just for storage, don’t choose a dining cabinet that is too high. For small-sized families, buying a small dining cabinet can not only save space, but also meet the needs of daily use. If you want to decorate the restaurant with dining cabinets, you can choose higher dining cabinets, because tall dining cabinets are more beautiful and have great appreciation. If a large number of kitchen utensils are to be stored in the dining cabinet, it will be good to choose a dining cabinet with a large capacity, various internal functions and reasonable divisions. If the dining cabinet connects the living room and the dining room and acts as a partition, the display function of the dining cabinet should be the first. The appearance is beautiful and beautiful, and the dining cabinet with carved and graceful lines is the first choice.

dining cabinet with carved

3, According to color matching. Color mobilizes emotions and choosing the color of the dining cabinet depends entirely on the owner’s personal preferences. The color matching of the dining cabinet with the home is similar to the relationship between the style of the furniture and the home.

4, dining cabinet size. Its size must be noted. Generally speaking, the area of the restaurant is not large, so the size of the dining cabinet should be appropriate, neither too large nor too small. A too large dining cabinet will make the restaurant look crowded, and it will not achieve the best decorative effect, but it will make people feel that it is a good match. Inappropriately, too small dining cabinet will make the restaurant appear empty and devoid of content.

5. The material of the dining cabinet. The materials of the dining cabinets are very rich, such as the most common wood-based panels, solid wood, stainless steel, glass, and other materials, which are all commonly used materials when building the dining cabinets. The shape and style of the dining cabinets made of different materials are different. For example, the dining cabinets made of solid wood have fine workmanship, environmental protection, and health. The cabinets will be decorated with some patterns or patterns. The shape is more traditional, and the price is relatively expensive.

solid wood dining cabinet

IV. Maintenance and cleaning of dining cabinets

1. Place insect repellent in the cabinet to prevent moth erosion and cockroaches, etc.

2. If you need to move the furniture, lift the cabinet off the ground and move it to avoid damaging your floor or the bottom of the cabinet.

3. In daily cleaning, just use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface, not hard things to wipe the surface.

4. When encountering difficult-to-clean stains, you can use toothpaste or 30% cleaning dilution to wipe the surface. Do not use acid or alkaline chemicals to directly touch the surface.

modern dining cabinet design

The above is an introduction to the contents of the dining cabinet. I hope it can be helpful to you who want to decorate. Collect these contents in advance and study them, so that you can avoid them when decorating. Thanks for reading.


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