How to design and choose materials for wardrobes

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When choosing a wardrobe, the material of the wardrobe is very important, and the quality of the material directly determines the quality of the final finished wardrobe. In terms of environmental protection and health, while being able to bear weight, it must also consider the aesthetics. The selection of materials is not good, the feeling of use is not good, and it is a waste of time and money to re-purchase. So how should you choose? What materials are available for the wardrobe? How to design to maximize the use of storage space in the wardrobe?

modern 3 door wardrobe

1、What are the materials of the wardrobe?

Now let me give you a brief introduction. At present, the materials for custom wardrobes are as follows: particle board, density board, multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood board.

1.   High-density board

high-density board

High-density board is a commonly used man-made board. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, applied with synthetic glue, and pressed under the condition of heating and pressure. The board has uniform density, high strength, and is easier to process.


1) The physical properties are very good, the material is also very uniform, and there is no dehydration problem.

2) The surface of the board has good decorative properties, and materials such as various coatings, paints, veneers, printing paper, PVC, adhesive paper films, melamine impregnated paper and light metal sheets can be covered on MDF.

3) The MDF has good flatness, standard size, firm edges, and no rotten wormholes, etc.

MDF material wardrobe

2. Particle board

particle board

Particle board is to cut wood or other lignocellulosic materials into fragments of a certain size, use fine wood fibers on both sides, and sandwich long wood fibers in the middle, after drying, mix with adhesives, hardeners, waterproofing agents, and press at a certain temperature. A man-made board. It retains the essence of natural wood more, because it is spliced with wood scraps, so it has good stability and uniform material.


1) The particle board is not easy to warp and deform, has good dimensional stability, high strength, and is not easy to bend when hanging heavy clothes.

2) The interior of the particle board is granular in a cross-staggered structure, so the nail holding force is strong, and round nails and screws can be nailed.

3) The surface is smooth, not easy to crack, and mildew proof.

particle board wardrobe

3. Multilayer solid wood board

multilayer solid wood board

The multi-layer solid wood board is made by superimposing multiple layers of thinner boards, bonding them with a strong adhesive, and then processing them at high temperature and high pressure. This kind of wood board is very environmentally friendly, the environmental protection level reaches E1, the strength is very high, and the compressive performance is also very good.


1) The multi-layer solid wood board is formaldehyde-free, and a large amount of indoor use will not cause the formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

2) The production process of multi-layer solid wood board is made by pressing horizontal and vertical layers of veneers. Its adjacent layers of fibers are arranged vertically to each other, which improves the anisotropy defect formed by wood under natural growth conditions. Improved dimensional stability. For a finished wardrobe, it can be used for a long time.

3) Good quality and high-cost performance. Multi-layer solid wood board is a man-made board that is close to solid wood. However, it has better strength, toughness, and larger area than solid wood. It is not easy to deform and crack, and the quality is better.

multilayer solid wood board wardrobe

4. Solid wood board


Solid wood panels do not contain formaldehyde, are more healthy and environmentally friendly, have strong bearing capacity, are safe and stable, and can be used for a long time. However, the cost of solid wood wardrobes is high, so buy them according to your own conditions and needs.


1) Health and environmental protection. Since solid wood wardrobes are generally made of natural wood, too many adhesives and other paints containing chemical substances are less added in the whole production process, so they are more environmentally friendly than other materials in terms of health and environmental protection. Wardrobes are an advantage.

2) Long service life. The whole growth cycle of solid wood is long, the wood texture is tough, and the texture is clear, which makes the solid wood wardrobe more durable than ordinary wood wardrobes in the process of use.

3) Exquisite appearance. The texture presented by the wood itself is a kind of original natural beauty, and then in the process of processing, you can also engrave exquisite patterns and other shapes on the surface according to your requirements.

2、wardrobe interior design

In addition to the material of the wardrobe, the internal structure design is also very important. Clothes throughout the year need to be stored in the wardrobe, but the space of the wardrobe is limited, so how to maximize the use of the storage space of the wardrobe is very important. Many people have no idea about customizing a wardrobe, so they customize it according to the conventional format, without considering their actual storage needs. Obviously, there is a lot of space in the wardrobe. When it is used, it is still not enough, and it is messy after a long time. This is mainly because the internal layout is unreasonable.  Do you know how to properly design the wardrobe layout?

wardrobe interior design

Common wardrobe layouts

Generally, the more common ones in our life are I-shaped, L-shaped corner, embedded three wardrobe styles, and one is U-shaped wardrobe.

1) In-line and built-in wardrobes: Most bedrooms use this type of wardrobe. One cabinet to the top can make full use of the vertical space. The top cabinet can store bedding and seasonal items, and the lower cabinet can store daily clothes. Embedding the wardrobe, strictly speaking, is a type of I-shaped. The great advantage of embedding the wardrobe in the wall is that it does not occupy additional bedroom area, and the appearance is also high.

In-line and built-in wardrobe

2) L-shaped corner: If the home is not the kind of square and square, and there are more beams and columns than other families, choosing this L-shaped wardrobe can effectively cover and save space, and the appearance is also good. In a small and compact apartment, if there are obvious vacancies or irregular spaces in the apartment structure, L-shaped wardrobes can be customized to improve space utilization.

3) U-shaped wardrobe: This type of wardrobe is more suitable for a separate room, which can be used for storage and clothes. It is powerful and easy to use. It can be considered for the decoration of large apartments.

U-shaped wardrobe

The internal layout is not well designed, common problems that occur:

①The wardrobe is not enough, just hang a few clothes and it will be full

②When the door is opened, the clothes always fall down

③Find a piece of clothes and rummage through countless pieces

④There are too many things, the cabinet door is not closed tightly\The sliding door is laborious

⑤The cabinets are not partitioned, and the clothes can never be found where to put them.

According to actual life experience, if you want to increase the storage capacity of the wardrobe, you must do the following:

1. Use the golden storage method to reasonably partition

A reasonable wardrobe layout should be based on the principle of three partitions of the wardrobe, and divide the areas that are commonly used, not commonly used, and frequently used. You don’t need to bend down or lift your arms, and you can easily take things while standing.

wardrobe storage

2. Increase the suspension area, and the height is reasonable

Whether it is a short coat or a long coat, it is easy to find by hanging it, without rummaging through the clothes, and the subsequent storage is also simple. You can also set up trousers hanging area separately. The long coat area, the short coat area, and the hanging trousers area are designed separately, and the long coat area can be reserved more area, because in autumn and winter, long windbreakers, coats, and down jackets still occupy a lot of space.

wardrobe suspension area

1. The height of the long clothes area is suitable between 130cm-150cm. Too high will cause waste of bottom space. If you stack other clothes, it will only become more and more messy in the end.

2. The height of the short coat area is between 90-100cm. Generally speaking, a 50cm-wide hanging rod can hang 20 shirts, 30 T-shirts, and 3-4 winter coats. It can be based on the actual width of the wardrobe area and your clothing conditions. Set an appropriate width.

3.The height of the trousers’ hanging area is about 70cm, and the storage capacity of the trousers is different depending on the trousers rack.

3. Appropriately increase the drawer

The utilization rate of the drawer is very high. For relatively light clothes, such as T-shirts, it can be rolled up and stored without wrinkling and saving space. Private items such as underwear, pajamas, socks, and small clothes will not be seen in the drawer. Generally, wardrobes At least four drawers are enough. Pulling baskets and drawers have similar functions, but you can see the internal situation and find things more convenient, but it does not protect privacy, you can choose according to your own needs. The depth of the wardrobe is generally about 60cm, and the height of the drawer is 15-20cm. If the drawer is too deep, it is easy to mess up the clothes. If it is full, it is not easy to take it out.

appropriately increase the drawer

4. Reduce the clapboard

If you really like stacking, and there are not many hanging clothes, you can choose a storage box. The partition is not suitable for stacking clothes, and it is easy to turn over. It is very suitable for storing bedding, bags, etc. Roll up sheets, quilts, bath towels, etc. into columns and put them in the storage box. It is recommended that the height of the partition layer be different, for example, a certain layer is dedicated to small objects, and a certain layer is dedicated to enlarged objects. This will maximize the use of space.

white wardrobe

The above is the selection of custom wardrobe materials and the entire content of the interior design of the wardrobe. When choosing a wardrobe, choose and design it according to your habits and needs. I believe you can buy an ideal wardrobe. Thanks for reading!


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