How To Design Your Kitchen Storage Space

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People who like to cook food in the kitchen will definitely spend a lot of energy on renovating the kitchen, because in their daily life, most of their time will be spent figuring out how to make delicious food and decorating the kitchen. necessary. Because they are good at cooking, many people will buy a lot of good-looking kitchen utensils and put them in the kitchen. Even people who don’t like to cook will buy some exquisite kitchen utensils, but we often forget that there is not enough storage space in the kitchen. The storage cabinets in the kitchen are limited when they are renovated, so how to increase the storage space of the kitchen is a very important issue. The preferred solution is to design a kitchen pantry. I believe that many family kitchens will choose to design a storage room in order to increase the storage space, which can save the space of the kitchen and facilitate the storage of food. So how do you need to design a storage room? Where is the design in the kitchen?

solid wood kitchen cabinet

1.  Features of kitchen pantry

The full storage compartment, whether it is electrical appliances, pots and pans, or various snacks, drinks, etc., can all be placed in the storage room. Once the cabinet door is closed, it does not take up space, and you don’t have to take it away. In a few steps, the search is clear at a glance, and there is no need to rummage through boxes, which is very convenient. Things are no longer stacked on the countertops, and the kitchen is kept clean and tidy, and it feels like a good mood to cook.

You can choose not to fill the cabinets inside the folding door and leave a certain space for walking. The advantages of this design are it is convenient to get in and out to take and organize items, and at the same time, it saves a lot of effort and trouble to clean up, and you are not afraid of being out of reach. The partition door of the storage room can choose the folding style. There is no track on the ground. Push it to both sides to maintain the maximum bay. The ventilation effect is better, and there is no obstacle to moving items back and forth, and the satisfaction is 100%.

kitchen pantry-1

2.  Advantages of storage rooms

1. The kitchen pantry can provide a lot of storage space, with shelves installed inside, and drawers can be used to store items.

2. The storage room increases the storage space, and can also make the kitchen neat and clean, and the used appliances can be stored without occupying the position of the countertop.

3. Canned food can also be placed in the storage room, and it is easy to break and dust when placed on the kitchen countertop.

4. Not only the storage space is increased, but also the extra space in the kitchen that cannot be used normally.

3. 10Storage Tips

A pantry doesn’t always need a space in itself; a separate room or a spacious alcove connected to the kitchen. Small pantries look a lot like your regular kitchen shelves but have more space and storage. If you are a small family or live on your own, then you generally don’t need a large stash. They can easily be combined with your existing kitchen shelves by using similar doors and have a swivel turntable at the bottom which makes it even more flexible. You can even dedicate drawers to specific items to keep storage more organized.

Temporary storage with smart drawers can be hidden when not needed.

kitchen pantry-2

Smart pantry design ideas for small spaces that open when needed.

kitchen pantry-3

Many people love this slim sideboard design that slides out easily from the wall. Modern storage units can easily disappear into the neutral backdrop of the kitchen, which makes the slim pantry possible. Small and medium of these units take advantage of the vertical area provided, while others take a method of maximizing the space between two different cabinets. All you need is a suitable slide-out unit, a niche in the workstation, or just a series of wall cabinets that can easily deform. Do a simple remodel in your existing kitchen and you’ll soon have a smart, space-savvy, and affordable pantry.

kitchen pantry-5

This traditional kitchen has a pantry that can be hidden in the wall. Hidden is more space-saving and can increase the utilization of space.

kitchen pantry-6

Pull-out drawers allow you to turn a tiny nook into a pantry.

kitchen pantry-7

Pull-out pantry designs utilize or vertical space without wasting usable area.

Pull-out pantry

The ultra-slim slide-out kitchen makes it easy to organize all your kitchen supplies.

ultra-slim slide-out kitchen

Keep a turntable in your pantry and it will be more efficient.

kitchen pantry-8

A simple shelf can easily be turned into a doorless pantry.

kitchen pantry-9

Turn some kitchen shelves into a pantry for a more organized interior.

kitchen pantry-10

4.    What is needed in the storage room?

1. Sliding door

Like those so-called sliding door moments in life, a sliding door in a kitchen pantry can make even the humble little storage space worth a look. Not only is it stylish and elegant, but simply a perfectly installed sliding door can transform a small space into a visible area that can elevate the pantry a little higher in terms of functionality and overall aesthetics.

2. Shelves

Shelves are the perfect organizer. Keeping your kitchen essentials in neat rows, levels allow even the most disorganized homeowner to create some organization in the kitchen pantry. Plus, a well-designed shelf can act as a beautiful wall to keep all the kitchen clutter out of sight.

3. Fashion Hardware

Just like your accessories, your kitchen hardware can help you add effortless glamour and sparkle to your kitchen pantry. You can choose from metallic pulls and leather hardware. Even delicate cup handles and knobs can come to decorate your pantry. Create a unique stylish vibe in the kitchen aisle.

4. Storage jars

Canning keeps ingredients sorted, and beautiful jars also decorate your pantry, so a few glass jars in a different style or period can give your pantry an instant timeless vibe that will only enhance your pantry space.

5. Sliding Ladder

Ladders are essential in a pantry, especially if you have shelves. Not only does it keep pantry contents accessible and within reach, but it also depends on the type of ladder you choose. It doubles as a unique feature that can turn a space into something that appears to be from a fashion photo page.

kitchen pantry-11

5. Considerations for Designing Kitchen Pantry

3 Things to Consider When Designing a Kitchen Pantry

1. Space

Before creating your kitchen pantry, you need to make sure you have enough space for it. A pantry is a storage space for your groceries and other kitchen essentials for cooking. So, it has to be big enough to hold what you want to put in it.

2. Close to the kitchen

Since the contents of the kitchen pantry are necessary to prepare food, it cannot be so far from the kitchen or food preparation area that it defeats the purpose of even having a kitchen or food preparation area.

3. Design

A kitchen pantry is only acceptable if it meets three main criteria: convenience, accessibility, and visibility. If your kitchen pantry is to be as functional as expected, it pays to design it so that when you start working in the kitchen, everything inside is easily seen and within reach.

kitchen pantry design

6.  Here are some tips for kitchen storage:

1. When planning the storage space, the frequency of use of the items should be considered, and the more frequently used items should be placed in a conspicuous and convenient place.

2. In order to take care of the convenience of collection, try to use overlapping, erecting, hanging or drawer methods, or place items on the kitchen shelf.

3. Wet items such as rags must be wrung out before being put away; damp items should be dried immediately, otherwise the utensils are prone to mold.

4. Canned or sealed food is best placed in a cabinet. Do not stack more than two cans at a time. Condiments should also be placed in conspicuous places.

5. For commonly used cooking utensils, long-handled cooking pots can be hung on the hooks of cabinet racks or placed in shallow drawers, while heavier pots are best placed in cabinet racks below the waist height.

6. Cutlery should be placed close to the serving and eating area, but not too far from the sink.

7. Glassware must be stored on a transparent shelf for safety and convenience reasons. Plates are best placed upright on the shelf, and then arranged according to their size.

8. Garbage bags and packaging bags can be placed near food preparation areas and food storage areas.

9. If beverages and wine do not need refrigeration, they can be placed in a cabinet to be neat and beautiful, and wine bottles must be placed flat in a place deep and away from sunlight.

In addition to your own design, you can also choose to customize. Find a professional to help you design. You put forward your needs and the designer will help you design a perfect storage room according to your needs and the space of the kitchen.

So, the above is about how to increase the storage space of the kitchen and the skills of designing the storage room. George Cabinetry wish you can have a good storage room. Thank you for reading.


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