Kid Wardrobe Essentials and Room Decor Tips

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Children learn a lot from their surroundings. They learn better when they see various colors, feel different textures, and understand new ideas. So, how you design your child’s wardrobe is very important for their room.

Wardrobes for kids hold clothes, toys, games, and books. All these help your child to learn and grow. It is good if your child can reach everything in the wardrobe easily.

Now, what types of kids’ wardrobe designs are popular? And what should you consider before you choose one? Let’s explore these questions.


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  • The design is key when you buy or make a wardrobe. If the room has a theme, your wardrobe should match the theme’s colors and style.
  • Choose calming or bright colors based on your child’s personality.
Kid Wardrobe design
  • Size is important. The wardrobe must fit in the available space.
  • Consider storage needs. If your child doesn’t have other places for toys and games, the wardrobe should also have room for these items.

    What else should you consider before buying?

    Safety and Easy Use

    • Make sure your child can easily reach all shelves and drawers.
    • Safety is crucial. Choose wardrobes without sharp edges and with a smooth finish to prevent injury.

    Storage Solutions

    • Children tend to collect small items. Pull-out drawers, baskets, and cubbies are perfect for storing these treasures.
    • Having specific drawers or baskets for toys makes it easier for them to tidy up after playing.
    • Consider shelves for books; they would be a great addition to their room.
    • Install hooks on the doors for hanging bags, water bottles, and other small items.
    • If several children share the wardrobe, you can distinguish their spaces with different colors or fun posters.

    Add Drawers and Low Shelves

    Encourage your kids to learn organization early on. Use low-level storage like smooth drawers or cubby holes with soft-closing features. This will motivate them to arrange their clothes. As they grow, these spaces can be used for out-of-season clothing or accessories like hats and shoes.

    kid wardrobe design 02

    Use Drawer Organizers

    Children’s rooms can get messy quickly. You’ll find dirt and mess in unexpected places! As a result, kids may change outfits several times a day. To stay prepared, stock up on extra underwear, socks, and T-shirts.

    Drawer organizers are an excellent solution for active kids. Create separate sections for socks, underwear, and other essentials to make it easy for them to find what they need.

    Low-Level Hanging Rods

    For your child’s growth, consider installing hanging rods in rows rather than just one. These rods should be positioned at a low height, allowing your kids to hang their jackets and coats easily. This clever arrangement maximizes the vertical space inside the wardrobe. As your kids grow, you can relocate the rods to a higher position for their convenience.

    Use Storage Baskets for Wardrobe Clutter

    Kids tend to gather a surprising amount of stuff in a short time. And no, you can’t just throw away their treasures unless you want a major tantrum.

    To maintain your sanity, consider using storage boxes or baskets. Your kids can keep their particular items in these containers; you won’t have to see the clutter.

    Safety Lighting to Avoid Accidents

    Lighting is a crucial aspect of a kid’s wardrobe. To avoid accidents and stumbling in the dark, think about installing LED lights. You can opt for motion sensor lights that are energy-efficient or colorful lights that bring a touch of excitement to the wardrobe.

    Roll Up T-Shirts for Easy Organization

    Roll Up T-Shirts for Easy Organization

    T-shirts are essential for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Keeping them neatly stacked can be a challenge. An excellent solution is to include pull-out trays in your child’s wardrobe.

    Simply roll up the t-shirts neatly and place them in the trays to make it easy for your child to find the color they want to wear. The same approach works well for undergarments and socks.

    Storage for Less-Used Items

    Woolens and rainwear can take up space when not in use. While your child might struggle to reach higher shelves, it’s OK for you. Use the top shelves to store items you won’t need shortly.

    What’s the great thing about this kid’s wardrobe design? It frees up additional space for the ever-growing collection of clothes you couldn’t resist buying because they were “so cute”!

    With the internal storage concerns below, let’s explore how to create the perfect atmosphere for your child’s room.

    Right Vibe for Your Kid’s Room

    When decorating your child’s room, you can explore various styles without being limited to bright colors and themes. Interestingly, a calm white color can also enhance your design. You can use shades of blue or grey for an accent wall with wallpaper.

    Extend the white shade to the furniture pieces, creating a cool and stylish atmosphere in the room. If you wish to introduce more colors to the theme, you have various options from the color spectrum, and they will complement the white beautifully.

    kid wardrobe design 02

    Themed Room Decoration

    You’re only young once, and it can be fun to embrace your child’s preferences. To decorate with a theme, you have a few choices. To keep it simple, select a color from the main theme and use it to cover or paint the wardrobe.

    Another option is to add stenciled patterns to your child’s wardrobe design for a princess theme or use funky posters for a teenager’s touch.

    Kids have rich imaginations. A room that looks neat and a wardrobe kept in order teach them about responsibility and independence. They learn to choose their own clothes, which might lead to unusual outfit choices for big events. Pleasing everyone is often challenging!


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