Several reasons of choosing multi-layer solid wood panels for custom cabinets

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Customized furniture has become a trend. In terms of aesthetics, space utilization, workmanship, design, etc., customized furniture is better than a master, so more and more clients choose customized furniture, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets, beds, cabinets, etc. can be customized. Customized furniture also has changed from particle board to plywood. Why are more and more consumers choosing multi-layer overall cabinets?

multi-layer overall cabinets
  • Physical properties of multi-layer boards

Due to the production process, multi-layer boards needs to arrange the layers of veneers horizontally and vertically, and then carry out glue coating and pressure production, which fully ensures that the horizontal and vertical force of the wood board is more uniform and increases the strength and stability of the wood board. Therefore multi-layer boards will not be bent or deformed after the cabinet is made. After all, the cabinet is for cooking, so strength is also very important. If when chopping a sparerib or something, the cabinet will fall apart and crack, which would be too embarrassing. In addition, the multi-layer board itself has a very good nail holding power. The hinge hardware is convenient and firm to install, and it is durable. What is the hesitation of such a cabinet board?

physical properties of multi-layer boards
  • Waterproof performance of multi-layer boards

The multi-layer board is pressed through multiple processes. Many people like to compare it with particle board. In fact, if it is to be made into a cabinet, the multi-layer board will be better, the grade is second only to solid wood. Especially in the kitchen, where the water vapor is too heavy, waterproof and moisture-proof must be the top priority in the selection of boards.

The multi-layer board has a good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. It will not expand & contract due to the influence of moisture, and the expansion coefficient is very low.

The most important thing about the board of the whole cabinet is its waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The multi-layer board that has undergone strict production is far ahead in terms of waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance.

waterproof performance of multi-layer boards

The multi-layer board of George cabinetry, was boiled for eight hours and the glue still remains. Such a multi-layer board cabinet, even if there is water leakage, blisters, etc. in life, the cabinet can still be used normally, and there will be no quality problems occur.

  • Environmental protection level of multi-layer boards

It is necessary to mention multi-layer boards when talking about environmental protection. Many friends already know about the raw materials of multi-layer boards and particle boards, under the same adhesive and production environment factors, the environmental protection level of multi-layer boards is higher than that of particle boards. The multi-layer board after using formaldehyde-free glue has achieved the ultimate in wood board in terms of environmental protection. Cabinets are very important in the diet of home life, so environmental protection is also a necessary consideration for cabinets.

The multi-layer board of George cabinetry strives to minimize the formaldehyde content to ensure the health of home life.

environmental protection level of multi-layer boards
  • The durability of multi-layer boards

Generally speaking, the service life of one piece of furniture is more than ten years or even longer. For the service life of the cabinet, consumers certainly hope that it will be longer. Therefore, the multi-layer board is to meet the needs of consumers. Just imagine how the cabinets will be after a few years if the wood panels become moldy, or the wood deteriorates. Therefore, the choice of multi-layer boards for cabinets perfectly solves this problem.

  • After-sales problems of multi-layer boards

The structure of the cabinet is well known to many people. Once the cabinet has any problems or needs to be replaced, what should we do to solve it? There is a good solution for multi-layer board cabinets, because the physical properties of multi-layer boards are excellent, and the product has strong nail holding power. Even if it needs to be disassembled and repaired, or reassembled, it will not have any impact on the overall cabinet quality. On the other hand, inferior wood panels will be loose as a whole and cannot be assembled again.

brown multi-layer boards cabinet

high-quality multi-layer kitchen cabinet

Is multi-layer board good for cabinets? Advantages and disadvantages of using multi-layer boards as cabinets:

  1. Multi-layer board is a kind of wood-based board made of crisscross multi-layer plywood through cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, curing and other processes. It will not easy to deform and has strong compression resistance. For high-quality multi-layer boards, pure plant environmentally friendly glue is used in the production process of boards, and the formaldehyde content is reduced to the lowest possible level. Therefore, multi-layer boards are more environmentally friendly and healthier than plywood. Its unique quality based on the unique production process and raw material selection of the multi-layer board determined.
  2. The structure of multi-layer board is stable, moisture-proof, light, easy to move, and it’s not as hard to process as solid wood, cannot be disassembled and assembled again, so it is not easy to be affected by the environment. The disadvantage of multi-layer board is that its production cost is higher than that of density board, so its price is also higher than that of density board. But every penny counts.
  3. multi-layer boards need to be painted after making a wardrobe, which is not environmentally friendly, but after buying multi-layer ecological paint free boards, the problem also be solved.
  4. Both multi-layer board and particle board are the main boards of cabinets. Generally, multi-layer boards have the characteristics of not being deformed and good performance in adjusting indoor temperature and humidity. Generally, the solid wood veneer material of the surface layer has the texture and feel of natural real wood, so it is more selective. Its disadvantage is that the production cost is higher than MDF, so the price is relatively higher. The multi-layer board needs to be painted after being used as a wardrobe, which is not environmentally friendly.

Do you have an answer now for why we choose multi-layer boards when buying cabinets? The multi-layer board cabinet of George cabinet is a choice that will not regret any matter in material, structure or environmental protection performance. Coupled with George cabinet’s considerate pre-sale, in sale and after-sales service, you will definitely buy a cabinet suitable for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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