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8 Tips For Buying Good Quality Cabinets

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email Are you still bothered by the poor quality of the cabinets at home now? For example, easy to grow mold, accessories often fall off. And you want to buy new cabinets but are afraid to buy the bad cabinet again? This article will lead you on how to choose cabinets from small accessories to large materials. Ⅰ Plate edge banding The edge of high-quality cabinets is delicate, smooth, good hand feeling, banding line straight, seam delicate, and coated with glue. Brand products use the straight-line edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge banding, end breaking, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc. at once. The pressure of pressing and bonding edge is stable, and the size

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Top 10 Manufacturer of Wardrobes in China: How to build your bedroom

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email After the interior decoration is completed, everyone needs to buy furniture, of which wardrobes are necessities. There are many different materials for wardrobes, and there are also finished wardrobes and custom wardrobes. Of course, you also need to understand the design style, performance, and price of the wardrobe, and consider which brand to choose. Here we will introduce the top 10 wardrobe manufacturer in China. A good manufacturer can save you time and cost while ensuring quality. Ⅰ. Top 10 Wardrobe Manufacturer 1. George Cabinetry Founded: 2006 Brand origin: Foshan Introduction: George Cabinetry was founded in 2006, with 150 employees and a 50-acre manufacturing center, equipped with advanced production equipment, with 16 years of design of integrated kitchen

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How about melamine board cabinets?

Melamine cabinets are a hotspot in the cabinet market in recent years. With good product quality and personalized cabinet design, it has a very good sales market. This article will give you a specific introduction to double-veneer cabinets, what is melamine cabinets? What are the advantages of melamine cabinets? 1.  What is melamine board It is formed by bonding the substrate and the surface. Due to the fire-resistant, wear-resistant, and waterproof soaking treatment, the use effect is the same as that of the composite wood floor. The full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel. If the paper is different in color or texture, it is first saturated with a melamine resin binder, then dried to a certain degree of curing, and


Top 10 Cabinets Manufacturers in China: Choosing Your Cabinet

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email There are currently 2,500 cabinet makers with large-scale production capacity in China, mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, and Guangdong. The cabinet makers in these four places have accounted for 99% of the country’s total. With the development of the domestic cabinet industry, it is also essential for overall cabinet enterprises to find distributors. We have gathered the best 10 chinese cabinet manufacturers for you, raw materials and finished cabinets that meet strict international quality and environmental standards. 10 Famous Chinese Cabinet Manufacturers George Cabinetry Headquarters location: Foshan Introduction: George Cabinetry was established in 2006, so far it has 150 employees and 50 acres of manufacturing center, equipped with advanced production

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Do you know what is quartz stone?

Many people use quartz countertops when decorating their homes. Quartz countertops are very dirt-resistant and easy to clean at home. Marble looking quartz stone among the quartz stones is the most popular one. Next, introduce to you what are the performance and advantages of marble looking quartz stone? How does the application work? 1. Introduction of marble looking quartz stone Marble looking quartz stone is an artificial synthetic stone made of natural quartz minerals (sand or powder) and high molecular polymer (resin) as the main materials, which are vibrated and pressed in a vacuum state. Resin: collar benzene type resin (general purpose type), isophthalic type resin, benzoic acid resin (experimental type) Aggregate: quartz sand, quartz powder Pigments: organic pigments, inorganic pigments Auxiliary: catalyst, curing agent,

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How to make Sintered stone countertops?

Sintered stone is a new typslatee of high-tech artificial stone with rich and delicate texture, beautiful and natural color,Sintered stone is produced by industrial equipment, so the appearance of the same product is highly stable and consistent, and the texture is derived from the texture of natural rock. At present, there are not many popular sintered stone patterns on the market. The color tone is mainly black and white and gray, which is very suitable for cabinet countertops. Next, let’s see what kind of performance sintered stone has as a cabinet countertop! 1.What kind of plate is sintered stone? Sintered stone is made of natural stone and inorganic clay under vacuum sintering at a high temperature of 1200 degrees and a high pressure of 30,000

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How to choose the dining cabinet?

As we all know, the sideboard cupboard is a storage cabinet with storage function in the empty space of the restaurant or on the side of the dining table. It is mainly used to store tableware such as tableware and chopsticks and can also be used for temporary storage of soup and dishes. Dining cabinet is still very useful. Let’s take a look at how to choose dining cabinet correctly. I. The role of the dining cabinet The traditional dining cabinet is just a simple locker and has no other functions. The design is monotonous, and the function is single. The modern dining cabinet placed in the restaurant space has storage function lockers on the side of the dining table, where you can put tableware,

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How To Design Your Kitchen Storage Space

People who like to cook food in the kitchen will definitely spend a lot of energy on renovating the kitchen, because in their daily life, most of their time will be spent figuring out how to make delicious food and decorating the kitchen. necessary. Because they are good at cooking, many people will buy a lot of good-looking kitchen utensils and put them in the kitchen. Even people who don’t like to cook will buy some exquisite kitchen utensils, but we often forget that there is not enough storage space in the kitchen. The storage cabinets in the kitchen are limited when they are renovated, so how to increase the storage space of the kitchen is a very important issue. The preferred solution is to

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Cabinet and door material

In interior decoration, custom cabinets are a very important thing. The price of cabinets is not cheap, and it is not like changing tables and stools when they are not suitable. Therefore, the cabinets must be selected correctly, otherwise the follow-up will be very troublesome. So, do you know how to choose cabinets? To choose a good cabinet, the most basic knowledge of cabinet body, cabinet door and countertop must be understood. If you just don’t understand this, then you can gain a lot of useful knowledge today. Next, George Cabinet will introduce the materials and characteristics of the cabinet body and cabinet door of the cabinet! I. What materials are the cabinets made of? Commonly used cabinet materials are solid wood, multi-layer solid wood,

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Do you know how to choose a kitchen sink?

The sink is something that every household has, and it is also indispensable in daily life. It is important whether the sink is good or not. The sink is mainly used for cleaning items and draining water. It is one of the most frequently used devices in the family, and even our commonly used stoves and electric kettles have to be used below it. Therefore, you need to pay more attention when purchasing it, and you may choose a defective product if you are not careful.        Before buying, you need to know the relevant knowledge of sinks, so do you know how many types of sinks there are? What should I pay attention to when buying a sink? After reading this article you will

How to choose a cabinet functional baskets?

When it comes to cabinet functional baskets, everyone should be familiar with them. Cabinet functional baskets can be seen in most home kitchens. This article will take you to understand the role of cabinet pull baskets in the kitchen and what are the cabinet functional baskets. Pros, what types are there, advice on how to buy them. 1. Types of cabinet functional baskets First, there are two types of baskets: 1) According to the functional baskets function, it is divided into: dish pull basket, seasoning functional baskets, corner pull basket, high cabinet functional baskets and so on. 1. Dish functional baskets The bowl and dish basket can reasonably place bowls, plates, chopsticks, forks, spoons, pots, etc., so that the kitchen objects can be stored in

How to design and choose materials for wardrobes

When choosing a wardrobe, the material of the wardrobe is very important, and the quality of the material directly determines the quality of the final finished wardrobe. In terms of environmental protection and health, while being able to bear weight, it must also consider the aesthetics. The selection of materials is not good, the feeling of use is not good, and it is a waste of time and money to re-purchase. So how should you choose? What materials are available for the wardrobe? How to design to maximize the use of storage space in the wardrobe? 1、What are the materials of the wardrobe? Now let me give you a brief introduction. At present, the materials for custom wardrobes are as follows: particle board, density board,

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