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China Cabinets or Made in USA

Whether it is a cabinet manufacturer from China or the United States, they all have their own different processes and techniques. It is definitely not fair to judge them by their origin alone.


  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Install
  • Manufacturability


  • Typically save 50% or more
  • Made of MDF or plywood
  • Evolving variety of designs
  • Modular packaging, easy to assemble
  • Largest manufacturing country

United States

  • High labor cost
  • Made of particle board
  • Less design variety
  • Cumbersome to install framework
  • Ikea & Ashley Furniture are also making to China

Design Process

6 easy steps to create the kitchen of your dreams. This is a process that we have practiced in cabinets design and production for 16 years.

Advisory Message

We require a basic project description, including approximate dimensions and familiarity with your current home kitchen layout.

Submit Measurement Results

You need to measure your kitchen and draw your floor plan, email your dimensions and floor plan to the designer.

Get Free Quote

After you have confirmed the style of your cabinets and selected a picture of the style, the designer will create a quick quote.

Get Design Proposal

Designers create 2D and 3D drawings of your project based on your kitchen size, style and budget.

Feedback & Modifications

After receiving the renderings, you can put forward your needs and ideas for cabinets and spaces. The designer will take your feedback into account and update the rendering.

Confirm & Pay Deposit

After you confirm that all documents arecorrect and we need 30% deposit to start the production of customized products for cabinets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions about Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Fashionable features will make the shaker cabinet not disappear in a short time! The simplicity of the Shaker cabinets form works with a variety of kitchen styles and needs, whether it's plain white or a more traditional color. Embedded structure will make them look more suitable for modern kitchen development. 

Shaker style cabinets have clean lines, a recessed panel in the middle of a door or drawer, and plenty of storage space. This minimalist aesthetic makes them a great choice for all different kitchen styles.

Exact prices depend on materials, fittings, door styles, and other elements, but because of their minimalist style, with fewer decorative elements, prices typically range from $100 to $1,200 per foot.

The shaker cabinets are made of high-quality wood and natural finishes. They usually have solid wood doors and frames and plywood sides. This is a durable construction that ensures years of service.

Style for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Pearl White Raised Arch Cabinet door
Pearl White Raised Arch Cabinet door
Pearl White Raised Curved Cabinet Door
Pearl White Raised Curved Cabinet Door
Bright White Wall Cabinet Door
Bright White Wall Cabinet Door
winter white custom cabinet door
Winter White
Cabinet Door
Hard Maple Raised Arch Cabinet Door
Hard Maple Raised Arch Cabinet Door
Sebring Maple Smoky Blue Cabinet Door
Sebring Maple Smoky Blue Cabinet Door
Royal Blue Shaker Door
Royal Blue
Shaker Door
Fog Grey Shaker Cabinet Door
Fog Grey Shaker
Cabinet Door
lancaster red oak shaker door
lancaster red oak
shaker door
Pecan Stained Cherry Shaker Cabinet Door
Pecan Stained Cherry Shaker Cabinet Door
kitchen cabinet design
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Powerful designer team, we will render 2-3 excellent 3D space design drawing within 48 hours according to the actual size of the house and the cabinet style pictures we jointly finalized. At the same time we'll provide you with a detailed price list, showcasing all the your discounts. 

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Get a quick estimate for customizing a new kitchen cabinet. Simply enter your exact kitchen layout and we will provide you with a professional quote based on your needs, need help? Our team is always ready to serve you.


Inspired Design

Shaker style cabinets have a uniquely versatile appeal. In crisp matte and crisp white, classic meets modern in the traditional shaker and clean lines of our shaker cabinets.


Meet The Team

Every designer at George Cabinetry is a master of bespoke kitchen design, putting all their hard work and passion into designing a kitchen that fits your needs and aesthetic.



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Small details, great results.Putting everything in order around here, organizing everything for the news that doesn't arrive, anxious! Nothing better than an organized house, right people, all the best. Keep an eye on these stores so you don't miss anything.

Paul-USA Texas

Reviewing the photos on my cell phone, I found these here. This is my second wardrobe from George Cabinety, this one is as good as the other the difference is that it is smaller and super suits me. I can easily communicate with designers about what I want.

Matthew-Canada Toronto

Does it works take care of everything? Yes, but it is very satisfying to have a clean and fragrant house, right loves! The kitchen was general organization, stopped by and left everything with a special touch of cleaning, I just LOVE it.

Anna-South Africa

My new blessed corner, simply in love with every detail. I bought it with George Cabinety fast delivery and on-time assembly, that's why I like them, agility and wonderful.


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