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Throw Away Your Messy Kitchen, This is What You Need!

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email For the cabinets installed in the kitchen, the most traditional way is to install drawers or storage places. We usually store some items of our kitchen, such as pots, pans and bowls, in drawers or in storage bins. However, due to the change of usage habits, especially the increase of items in the kitchen, there are new requirements for the storage space of our kitchen cabinets, so there is kitchen basket. Is the cupboard basket really useful? George Cabinetry is a kitchen cabinet company specializing in customization, we will introduce you to the pull basket in a comprehensive way. The subtle application of the basket In many owners’ kitchens, the most troublesome problem is that there is no place to put many large pots and pans, and the kitchenware of small items is mixed together. Seeing the kitchen is placed in disorder, the enthusiasm for cooking is greatly reduced. After you install the basket, you will find that the clean and tidy kitchen is so lovely. All kinds of pots, bowls, spoons, and other items will be put into the multi-layer basket, which will greatly save your kitchen area All kinds of seasoning products are neatly placed in the multifunctional basket, which is convenient and stick out a mile Types and characteristics of basket ①Dishes basket Dishes, bowls and pans must be necessary items in the kitchen. Usually they are scattered on the table. Not only occupy a large place but also pile up layers of ash after a long time. At this

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Here’s How to Choose or Customize a TV Cabinet

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email For the living room, the TV cabinet is an essential artifact for the storage of the entire area. Now when considering installing the TV cabinet, more attention is paid to its storage function. Therefore, even if there is no need to watch TV, it is recommended to keep the TV cabinet. A s a cabinetry manufacturer, George Cabinetry recommends that the design of TV cabinet can choose the appropriate type for layout according to the actual storage needs and space structure of the family! Type Introduciton 1> Basic simple type If you have a separate storage room at home, or live alone, the storage needs are not large, then choose a minimalist TV cabinet can be. “I” type, “II” type or “L” type TV cabinet is a good choice to meet the small capacity of storage needs, while used to display, hide wires. “I” type TV cabinet usage rate is high, simple and easy to match, especially suitable for small living room. As the living room wall is small, the use of “I” shaped TV cabinet can make the living room is not too depressing, the bottom can be suspended to meet the storage function and convenient cleaning. ▼ The “II” type TV cabinet is a set of hanging cabinets above the floor cabinets, which is relatively lightweight, all fitted with cabinet doors to increase decoration, and the hanging cabinets can be used as a display area. ▼ “L” type TV cabinet is also called semi-enclosed TV cabinet, is a combination

3 Minutes for You to Quickly Find the Right Kitchen Range Hood for You

3 Minutes for You to Quickly Find the Right Kitchen Range Hood for You

Share on facebook Share on pinterest Share on email I believe that many people hate the lampblack produced in the kitchen. How to choose a suitable kitchen range hood has become an important lesson. What are the core parameters of the kitchen range hood? How to choose top suction and side suction? There are many other problems. We still haven’t a basic concept about the kitchen range hood. So we hope this article can give you a shopping idea and help you choose a kitchen range hood from a view of cabinetry suppliers. ▲ The type of kitchen range hood: ① Top suction kitchen range hood(European kitchen range hood): The top suction kitchen range hood is above the stove, and most of the lampblack usually moves straight up. With the suction of the kitchen range hood, it can directly smoke away. At present, the top suction kitchen range hood is relatively mature in technology, has a smoke collection structure, and has a better smoke exhaust effect. The negative pressure area is larger than the side suction type, which is especially suitable for families that often stir fry and have large lampblack. In addition, the kitchen of the hotel uses top suction. Compared with other kitchen range hoods, “European” hoods have more prominent advantages in appearance and function. Their appearance is fashionable and impressive. However, if the installation position is unreasonable, it is easy to bump the head when using. ② Side suction kitchen range hood: The side suction kitchen range hood uses the suction of the kitchen range hood to remove the floating lampblack. For a