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The Thing You Need to Know about Kitchen Type and Layout

(Source: types of kitchen layout can determine the speed and convenience of your cooking. If the kitchen design layout is unreasonable, it will be inconvenient during the cooking process, so the layout of the kitchen is very important. Do you have any concept of kitchen cabinet layout? Which type of kitchen layout is both reasonable and practical? After reading this article, you will know more. First, many people will struggle with whether to choose a closed kitchen or an open kitchen. What is the difference between these two? What are the different advantages? I. Enclosed Kitchen A closed kitchen is to separate the kitchen and the dining room with a partition, turning the kitchen into a separate space, which can relatively isolate the kitchen fumes without affecting other spaces in the home.Advantages ①Isolate soot stains The enclosed kitchen can block oil fumes well and keep other rooms clean. There is usually a lot of cooking fumes in the kitchen. If it is not well blocked, the smell will drift to the living room and other rooms, and it is more troublesome to clean.  Closed kitchen avoids this. ②Cleanliness In addition to cooking, the kitchen should also store some utensils, pots and pans and the like. If it is an open kitchen, these things must be neatly arranged, otherwise the whole house will look messy. However, the closed kitchen is relatively private and not easy to appear messy. ③Different styles Because the closed kitchen is separated by a door, it is easier to match the overall style. The kitchen can also

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Did the Way You Maintain the Cabinet Corret?

Cabinet as the furniture occupies a large area of the kitchen, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to maintain it, otherwise the life of the cabinet will drop sharply. And if not cleaned in time or on time, it will lead to grease and dirt deposits, requiring more time and effort to clean. Timed Cleaning The obviously best way is to wipe down the cabinets after cooking. However, if you don’t feel the need to wipe down the entire cabinet, you can simply wipe down the used areas and then do a full cleaning 2-3 days later. This will effectively ensure that grease and dirt are cleaned. In addition to cooking, it might also leave some dirt on the cabinets during daily life, such as cutting fruits. So once you find a stain residue, you need to clean it as soon as possible to avoid using other chemicals to get rid of it later. Intermittent Maintenance Clean your cabinets thoroughly at least three or four times a year. Throw away unwanted spices, etc., and sell small appliances that have only been used 1 or 2 times. Besides, clean the shelves and both sides of the door using a mild cleaner and microfiber cloth. If the cabinetry has intricate crevices that are hard to reach with a towel like in a raised-panel design, you can use a clean toothbrush. Special Cleaning Way for Wood Cabinet Because of the different materials of the cabinet, the cleaning of the door panel is also different. The lacquer cabinet and molded cabinet have

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Would You Like to Put Shaker Cabinet in Your Kitchen?

If you recently have plans to renovate your kitchen or purchase kitchen-related furniture, you will find shaker style cabinets very popular. Its universal style suits country cottages, traditional residences and contemporary homes. The beauty of the shaker kitchen is its simple, no-frills design, and without elaborate or fuss decorations, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a simple design. What is the Shaker Cabinet? The Shaker Cabinet was created thanks to the Shaker religious community. The popular ornate decorations at the time were considered sinful by the Shakers because they obscured or hid the true nature of what was underneath. As a result, Shaker-style furniture was simple and unadorned, highlighting the beauty of the materials and craftsmanship.  Instead of using expensive imported woods, which could even be perceived as showy, the Shakers used woods often found on their land, like pine, maple, ash, birch and cherry are found everywhere in the eastern United States, allowing them to perfect their modest and expertly designed pieces.  The beauty of the wood and the quality of the craftsmanship have made Shaker style furniture highly sought after in the United States. (Source: This style is characterized by clean lines with a recessed center panel and square indentations. This makes the center completely flat and unadorned, celebrating the ultimate simplicity. With a lack of fussy design elements, shaker cabinets fit each kitchen style from traditional to contemporary – they are truly timeless. Why Shaker Cabinet is So Popular? Simple lines – Make it multifunctional and can be matched with various hardware and home