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Whole-House Customization

Do you feel that your apartment have limited space and are difficult to store?

Do you feel that your apartment have dull colors and a depressing atmosphere?

Do you feel that your apartment are hard to reflect your personality and taste?

If you have any of these troubles, then George custom-made whole house is tailor-made for you!

George custom-made whole house can provide you with professional designers, let you participate in the design, according to your clothing habits and storage habits, customize the most suitable cabinets for you and your entire family.

Our Whole-House Services

Whole-House Customization FAQs

Q: What does whole-house customization generally include?

A: whole-house customization generally includes custom-made furniture in the guest dining room such as TV cabinets, sideboards and wine cabinets, card seats, etc. It also includes customizing the whole cabinet including internal accessories one-stop customization in the kitchen space.

Q: What are the benefits of whole-house customization?

A: 1. It can make full use of the interior space and maximize the use value in the limited space. 2. It can create a unified and harmonious style for your home and reflect your personality and taste. 3. It can save you time and energy by providing a one-stop service from design to installation. 4. It can ensure the quality and durability of your furniture and accessories by using professional materials and techniques.

Q: What are the environmental protection standards for whole-house customization?

A: The environmental protection standards for whole-house customization are mainly based on the formaldehyde emission of the boards used for furniture. The national standard E1 and European standard E1 are the main environmental protection level requirements. The lower the formaldehyde emission, the higher the environmental protection level.

Q: How much does whole-house customization cost?

A: The cost of whole-house customization depends on various factors such as design, production ability of furniture, and subjective design。

Q: What is the process of whole-house customization?

A: Step 1: Clarify your needs and budget for whole-house customization. Step 2: Choose a reliable brand and product for whole-house customization. Step 3: Measure the size of your home (initial size) and provide it to the designer. Step 4: Choose a style and color for your furniture and accessories. Step 5: Determine the design plan with the designer and make any changes you want. Step 6: Confirm the final size and sign the contract with the manufacturer. Step 7: Wait for the production and delivery of your customized furniture and accessories. Step 8: Install your customized furniture and accessories with the help of professional workers.

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