Laundry cupboards UV Lacquer with particle board-GL-006

Laundry cupboards UV Lacquer with particle board-GL-006

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Product details

Doors materials:
UV lacquer with particle board
Carcass materials:
Melamine with Particle board / Plywood
Quartz stone / Marble looking quartz stone / Sintered Stone
Chinese DTC soft closing/Austria Blum soft closing
Customer Requirement
Customized Size
6 years
Producing day:
25-40 days
1 Set



The Pros of Lacquer Cabinets :

  • Lacquer cabinets provide a tough surface for your home.
  • Re-coating is a possibility with lacquer cabinets.
  • It works with any type of cabinets.
  • There are three finish options from which to choose with lacquer cabinets.
  • Lacquer cabinets look attractive in most spaces.






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