modern white kitchen cabinets PVC with HDF-GK-032

modern white kitchen cabinets-001
modern white kitchen cabinets-001
modern white kitchen cabinets-011
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Product details

Doors materials:
PVC with HDF
Carcass materials:
Melamine with Particle board / Plywood
Marble looking quartz stone / Sintered Stone
Chinese DTC soft closing/Austria Blum soft closing
Customer Requirement
Customized Size
6 years
Producing day:
25-40 days
1 Set


The Pros of PVC kitchen cabinets:

  • Lightweight for easy transport and installation.
  • More economical than wood cabinets.
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Resists rotting, corrosion, and pests.


The wood grain cabinet makes home feel elegance,
with a quartz stone countertop island,
retro and fashionable


Particleboard/MDF/Plywood available

Quartz Stone Countertop

Easy to clean, environmentally friendly,
sturdy, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, rich in color

Bar Counter Design

Also provide a bar design, you can eat directly in the kitchen, easy to clean up and wash dishes

Multi-compartment storage on the upper level

Spare ingredients and dry goods can be placed to prevent creepy crawlies

Sink and Faucet

Made of the same material as the countertop,
better appearance and easier to clean
Provide faucet with anti-rust material,
you don’t have to worry about the appearance


Layout Design

The cooking area is the center of the design,
and the cutting area and the hand washing area are nearby, which is convenient for picking up ingredients and washing hands

① Storage area

③ Cutting area

② Washing area

④ Cooking area


Provide multiple design options, if you are not satisfied with the design, you can ask for
a redesign until you are satisfied


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